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greenerpastures 10-14-2011 05:32 PM

post your postgame ranked solo queue rants here
greenerpastures: so lets review the game
greenerpastures: idiot team hands out fb for no reason trying to steal wraiths after i told them to back
greenerpastures: i kill singed top in milliseconds
greenerpastures: shaco and talon camp me from level 2-5
greenerpastures: literally.
greenerpastures: i go back once
greenerpastures: come back, and then sona and singed sit on me and towerdive me, don't kill me, but i have to back. malphite doesn't come top to hold tower and it dies
greenerpastures: somehow, leona and ez manage to die 5 times bot in that timespan
greenerpastures: with top lane constantly double and tripled

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