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InmoniXian 10-06-2011 08:11 PM

Speedy Janna, or support in dominion in general
Howdy folks, been playing some Dominion lately and at first , well I was horrible, but it seems I've found a build that really works for me so I figured I'd share it since at first I thought there wasn't any room in Dominion for supporting builds and of course it never hurts to get some extra eyes for help optimizing particularly with later game items.

Generally I prioritize Zephyr, Howling Gale, Monsoon with Eye of the storm last, in standard play Eye of the storm has always been a favorite of mine and the main thing that drew me to Janna in the first place ,but I find I'm rarely around teammates too much in Dominion.

Items I start off with Boots of Mobility, followed by Priscilla's blessing and Force of nature, after this I've been playing around with items, generally focusing on armor or magic resist depending on the opposite teams composition, though I've been debating if it may be better to build on some Tenacity in some situations . also I was thinking that Boots of swiftness may be better than mobility, but I find most of the time I'm out of combat anyway. Anyone who's tried a build like that I'd love to hear some opinions on.

Runes..... well I'm horrible with runes right now lol I have none at all for this build and just some damaging ones from long ago, that's probably where I'll focus on upgrading once gain access to the higher tiered ones as I don't feel like wasting IP on the lower ones and I've been doing good with this build without them so far.

oh yes, I suppose it would be good for me to mention the general strat I use is to simple be ninjaing around the back sneaking in as many caps as I can, even if I only shut down theirs it takes them out of the combat to come back and reset it up and deal with me , and generally I have 2 or 3 champs chasing me around at any time, so I figure keeping them out of the battle is doing my share as it lets the rest easily push

I'd love to have any suggestions for supporting roles that work well in Dominion as I've always been more of a support player , well except for my stint of melting faces with Kog maw that was entertaining as well.

First post of mine so hopefully this is in the right section, I was originally going to put it in the strat section apologies if it should be there instead

larkhill 10-06-2011 08:13 PM

i dont get why people play support in dominion. the carry's run around too much to follow them all game and by yourself, u can only stall until someone else helps u.

but hey... if it works for u, stick to it.

InmoniXian 10-06-2011 08:16 PM

I think that is probably the reason I haven't really liked the other supports , janna is really the only one built for the "all your base are belong to us" rambo style of play I use in dominion, If I'm defending it's because we're either way ahead or I just feel like holding up as many of the enemy champs as I can for as long as I can trying to waste their time on a single point I just took

ActionButlerGO 10-06-2011 08:20 PM

Support champs take a lot of **** from carry champs on Dominion. There is a lot of "****ing noob, u suk" thrown at you. It's almost as if, if you aren't actively running around the map trying to kill things, you clearly aren't helping.

Never mind that it took at least two enemies to kill me at any given time when I was playing as Moakai last week.

Never mind that I stunned Poppy, shielded you - twice, drew the turret fire, and you STILL couldn't kill Poppy - who was at half health to begin with - when I played Morg today.

Never mind that I actually defend our points and, if I die, it's because there is an enemy left both injured AND not guarding someplace else on the map.

You're right, it's all my fault.

InmoniXian 10-06-2011 08:26 PM

I never did understand all the smack talk, I end up putting people on ignore nowadays with the first insult, I don't argue with folks at all , half the time it's within the first min or two of the game and they are already raging about something silly, like how dare I not play their build

rumples 10-06-2011 08:50 PM

they either hide behind you or plow headfirst into the enemy team and blame you when your shield doesnt save them.

KommunistKevin 10-06-2011 09:27 PM

No offense but supports are useless

The other team with two damage dealers will pound through your pathetic shields and weak heals and kill both of you. Supports are great on SR, where a support could prevent harassment during the laning phase by shielding you at the right times, but a weak shield is not going to do anything inn a full out brawl.

And backdooring is a HORRIBLE strategy because it doesn't work as your secret dom elo begins to increase, people start camping the movespeed points after they take 3 towers, if you try to backdoor without stepping on the movespeed point they will chase you down with the movespeed buff and kill you.

KommunistKevin 10-06-2011 09:34 PM

Taric is the only support worth having, if built correctly with items like Nashors and wits end, sheen he is pretty difficult to take down 1v1 and can hold his won in a 2 v 2 fight. In a 1 v 1 fight and attackspeed items his heal comes up every second and he can spam his stun and radiance gives him a MASSIVE steriod to do tons of damage

InmoniXian 10-07-2011 01:38 AM

I gotta disagree, I think you are drastically overestimating your ability to kill a speedy tank janna build, theres a few heros that have managed to stick to me pretty well, but that move speed buff is not THAT big , and nice thing about the center paths is they are thin enough that it is rather hard to juke my tornado, and if you are dodging to the side to avoid that, then you aren't chasing me and I get away anyway,

Either way I'm not saying it's perfect but I think you have an unrealistic view of just how much damage you are putting out

FetisPuncher 10-07-2011 01:46 AM

I play Sona regularly, and I contribute just as much as any other champ out there; at times more than your traditional carry. Majority of my games I played Sona and usually get the reaction of some random folk rage QQ because i picked a support. But at the end of the game where I usually rank 1st with most kills and least deaths, you don't hear those people talking soo much anymore.. they just go on with their pathetic lives, forgetting anything ever happened.

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