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CupcakeTrap 09-25-2011 03:54 PM

Feature Idea: Record of Damage Dealt/Received
  • deleted +++-marked second version; ugly. Replaced with font-scaling suggestion.
  • added bullet-point feature list.

I'm still pretty noob, and I often don't know how much damage of which type (magic/physical) I'm taking from whom until I look at Death Recap. I guess there are numbers that appear, too, but they're hard to catch in the fray.

It would be nice to have some window you can press a key to open that gives a text readout of damage (and healing) done over time.


5:29 - VEIGAR - hit YOU for 842 magic damage (Primordial Burst)
5:31 - VEIGAR - hit YOU for 63 physical damage (basic attack)
5:31 - YOU - hit VEIGAR for 14 magic damage (Thornmail)
5:32 - YOU - hit MAOKAI for 143 physical damage (basic attack)
5:32 - YOU - hit MAOKAI for 143 physical damage (basic attack)
5:33 - YOU - hit MAOKAI for 143 physical damage (basic attack)

The above isn't all that pretty, but it shows the essential information:

Essential Information
  • Characters' names
  • Whether - you damaged them, they damaged you, you healed them, they healed you
  • Amount of damage (heal, etc.)
  • Type of damage (if applicable)
  • When it happened
  • (Might overcrowd?) Damage reduction, e.g. 5:29 - VEIGAR - hit YOU for 842 magic damage (Primordial Burst) [Pre-reduction damage: 1340]

as for formatting:

Display features
  • Pop-open window (like the scoreboard)
  • Reports only damage involving champions or neutral monsters.
  • Displays some fixed number of lines (say, the last 500 instances of damage).
  • Scales font size with amount of damage. (more damage healed or dealt = bigger font)
  • Color-coded by physical/magic/true.
  • Option to save the entire thing to a file on the disk after the game.

The main goal: make it possible to get this kind of information without either pen-and-paper number-crunching or stupid custom game experiments. (Death recap provides some of this, but only damage done to you and only if you get killed.) Making this information more accessible:

(1) sates players' curiosity
(in that horrible flash of AoE damage that I barely survived, was most of it Tibbers or was it Fiddle? When Akali dashed up to me and whacked off half my health meter...how much of that was her auto-attack and how much was abilities that look like autoattacks?)

(2) improves game balance by making it easier to develop strategy
(some have argued, for instance, that people overestimate Thornmail, and it's actually only returning a negligible amount of damage to the enemy. It might also, for instance, make it clearer how much those Sorc Boots actually changed your damage output: wow, suddenly I'm doing 800 damage instead of 500; maybe this champ isn't UP after all)

Beaumains 09-28-2011 05:15 AM

I like this idea (the first version much better). It probably shouldn't buffer more than the last 10 seconds of damage though, as that can be A LOT of ticks. Maybe it should be a fixed number of ticks, regardless of the time (say, the last 20 instances).

At the very least, perhaps they should change the color of the damage dealt from red (say to blue) for magic damage, so you at least know what you're taking on the fly. Often times you'll die, but won't see the bulk of the damage done to you if too much time lapses (e.g. Karth ult could kill you long after Jarvan eats 2/3 of your health).

CupcakeTrap 09-29-2011 12:05 PM


Honestly, I can't even really see the red numbers as-is. It's a lot of text streaming by. But yeah, it would at least provide something.

Hey, here's an idea: scale font size with amount of damage healed or dealt. You might also scale on-screen duration a bit.

The one thing I regularly manage to see is the +gold text. It pops up so bright and obvious. It seems like a big blue 652 would make sense when you get blasted by Summon Tibbers.

Speaking of a lot of text, though, you make a good point. I would think something like the past 500 lines. If it were unlimited, I suppose it might eventually start actually degrading performance. But 500 lines of text ... surely that wouldn't consume much memory.

I think fixed number of lines is better than timespan; a lot of times you don't have occasion to check damage within 10 seconds of it being done. I'm thinking more like, "okay, let me find that skirmish we had."

Related: perhaps limit this to champions and neutral monsters? Wouldn't want to see 10 pages of Purple Caster Minion spam.

Updated proposal:
  • Have a window you can pop open (like Scoreboard) that shows damage dealt/healed.
  • It should report only damage involving champions or neutral monsters.
  • It should display some fixed number of lines (say, the last 500 instances of damage).
  • It should scale font size with amount of damage. (more damage healed or dealt = bigger font)
  • Color-code by physical/magic/true.

CupcakeTrap 10-02-2011 03:50 PM

Reds - would this be hard to implement? It seems like the data's already there, given that the system can generate death recaps.

Just today, I got pounced on in lane and barely escaped. Since my champ didn't die, I had no idea which of the two of them it was who was doing the most damage (or if they were doing about the same), and if I should consider armor or MR to mitigate the damage.

FallibleCanine 10-16-2011 11:37 AM

This will let us see how little damage Irelia does with Gunblade, now. Or something.

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