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Moneypenny 08-24-2011 02:20 PM

New Skins and Talon Bundles in the Upcoming Patch
A mysterious presence has materialized in at the League of Legends today. And alongside this shadowy figure, we've also spotted a few imposing renditions of some of your favorite champions, armored up and battle ready for the Field of Justice.

Reduced IP Prices on Classic Champions

As part of our continued commitment to bringing you more affordable options to round out your champion lineup, this past Friday we reduced the IP prices on even more of our classic champions from 3150IP to 1350IP. If you haven't yet picked up Jax, Teemo, and Warwick, there's never been a better time to purchase and unlock these old standbys!

New Skins

If you're ready to cry havoc and charge headlong into battle and are looking for some new gear to match your demeanor, you should take a moment to check out the new skins we just added to the League of Legends Store. Demolisher Nunu is armored up and prepared to come crashing into any battlefield situation. Dragonslayer Vayne, on the other hand, is ready to make a trophy out of even the most well prepared of draconic beasts. And with this new addition to her arsenal, we'll be reducing the price on Aristocrat Vayne from 975 RP to 520 RP!

Talon Bundles

Talon, the Blade's Shadow, has arrived at the League of Legends. Silent and deadly, Talon stands ready to cut a swath through the enemies of Noxus! As an agile assassin, this mysterious champion possesses the ability to dart in and out of combat, leaving a trail of blades of carnage in his wake.

If into a bit of rough-and-tumble, the imposing Renegade Talon will probably remind you why you're one of those strong independent types. Alternatively, if you're into a bit something that's a bit more formal, but no less intimidating; you may want to check out Crimson Elite Talon.

Renegade Talon Bundle

If you're ready to rough it, you'll be pleased to hear that you can save 50% on the Renegade Talon skin when you purchase the skin and champion together in the Renegade Talon Bundle.
- Talon Champion + Renegade Talon (normally 1495 RP) will be only 1235 RP

Talon Double Bundle

Naturally, if you want to be prepared to terrify your guests at any occasion, casual or formal, you can pick up both Renegade Talon and Crimson Elite Talon for 50% off when you purchase Talon and both his skins together in the Talon Double Bundle.
- Talon Champion + Renegade Talon + Crimson Elite Talon (normally 2470 RP) will be only 1722 RP

As usual, these great champion bundles will vanish faster than the Blade Rogue himself at the end of the weekend following the patch! Don't miss out on your chance to pick up these awesome skins at their reduced prices. When the patch goes live head on over to the Bundles tab of the League of Legends Store and take advantage of these fantastic deals!

See you out there on the Field of Justice!

Guxz 08-24-2011 02:21 PM

Love the new Vayne skin!

Crappey 08-24-2011 02:22 PM

Uh...you mean this patch.

Brokenmirror 08-24-2011 02:24 PM

Looks like spawn..

Berlitz 08-24-2011 02:24 PM

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Wow. I'm actually really impressed with the Vayne skin. I was afraid it was going to turn out like Jarvan's.


Everytime I say something on these forums I get downvoted. Wah!

Edit#2: Also the LoL Community hates Snooki.Noted.

Dunkelzahn 08-24-2011 02:24 PM

reducing a vayne skin's RP price


MA OakSage 08-24-2011 02:25 PM

dragon vayne is so cool looking

Deathboot 08-24-2011 02:25 PM


OriginZ 08-24-2011 02:27 PM

Dayum. Sorry that dragonslayer vayne skin is amazing.

DaDoomsdayKiller 08-24-2011 02:29 PM

what about unchained alistar?

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