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Delmegar 08-17-2011 09:28 AM

((SERIOUS OPEN RP - APPLY)) Conquering Valoran
((Alright, ladies and gentlemen, this RP is something far different then the usual. This one is going to take place all over Valoran from Demacia, to the Howling Marsh to the infamous, and mysterious Shadow Isles. Also, their will be a moderation on characters.

Characters are to grow or offer satisfactory reasoning why they're so powerful so early. Several NPC's that are allied will naturally be stronger, as they are older and wiser. Enemies will be moderately more powerful as we grow. For the most part. So their will be a form of leveling progress where the main people start at level one and grow as time goes on either naturally, through battle, reading, training, or other acceptable methods.

Participants must abide by the profile listed below and show how they level their character up. With each level they can learn skills, or place a point into their passive skills such as sword skill or archery. Learning skills like abilities is much harder to do. Also, characters will need gold and things.

For my main character, he will use gold for equipment but also to fund his missions and pay allies. Along the way, we will meet many people who will be allies, enemies, contractors, and other things. This includes Champions, Summoners, warriors we have created ourselves. So, its a very open RP.


"Have you decided on your future, Anion?" A large warrior with long, wavy brown hair and a thick beard asked. He was clad in gray steel plate with a shield slung over his shoulder and sword at his belt.

When students of Duvos, an academy meant to trains tudents from all over Valoran, graduated. They were permitted to stay at Duvos to train future warriors and mages, set out into a normal life, or aid in other ways. The choice was theirs. In actuality, few of the students actually remained at Duvos because the training and life their was so difficult.

Sadly, the place was somewhat of a haven for many and they didn't even realize it. Few were immediately accepted into the world because they had were somewhat shielded from the outside world most of, if not all their lives.

"No, I still am not used to the idea that I'll be graduating." Anion said, raising an iron broad sword to his side. "But why would I stay? Their is a whole world out there.."

Gregor, his foster father and master of arms at Duvoc Academy was a brutal trainer and warrior. But he found his heart warmed to Anion, who he adopted several years ago. Still, the two often butted heads because Anion harbored resentment about his families murder when he was a child.

"The world is dangerous and unforgiving, Ani. But it is also filled with beautiful wonders, vast bodies of water, strange creatures both pleasant and murderous." Gregor paced to the side, facing Anion the entire time. "Denying yourself from ever seeing that world is unfair. Yet I won't lie to you. Many of our students who choose to go become mad, and somewhat spiteful. As hard as life is here, it is harder out there."

The two moved to engage one another, blades drawn as they did every day for the passed several years. Gregor knew Anion was gifted with a sword. So much so, that he was able to use the rare gift of Sword Arts. Just as they reached one another and their blades met:

An animated voice covered the grounds of Duvos and the Academy itself. The voice was of Reagis, the Masters right hand man and Guardian. "Students, today is your last day as such. Today, at dusk, you are to be graduated into adulthood and your lives will be yours. We have given you the means to survive and we will miss many of you, should you choose to go. Come to the Graduation Hall at Dusk in your given uniforms. That is all."

((You are students of Duvos, or otherwise. My character will personally become a mercenary for the Duvos Academy, and for any others who wish to employ him. He will of course, have to earn a reputation to do so. Apply with your unique shurelia character bio and join in.

SmileyDemon 08-17-2011 10:52 AM

(( http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/947 is this ok?))

Delmegar 08-17-2011 10:54 AM

((no, at this point I have no intention of having the Void be any part of this thread. Maybe later on, depending how well it takes off. But monsters, enemies, are okay Smiley.))

SmileyDemon 08-17-2011 11:00 AM

(( I wouldn't consider it having anything to do with the void other then its place of birth. Your guy or someone else could find it or something taking it along with you. As it would learn from whoever is around it. I acually was hoping this wouldn't involve the void))

Delmegar 08-17-2011 11:08 AM

((okay, that's fine then as long as it isn't some horrendous Void creature. Lately I've seen to much of the Void, and i'm not interested in it))

freAK47 08-17-2011 11:20 AM

((Is it alright if i include jake into this? http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/739 You know him. Maybe right after he comes alive and he comes here to learn.))

Delmegar 08-17-2011 11:32 AM

((yes, but find credible entrances for them both. which you don't necessarily have to do right now. also, alter his profile to be like mine. Also, we are going to bump into multiple other people through out the thread. I myself am going to run into the Amaron brothers, and other people I've made.))

Delmegar 08-17-2011 11:50 AM

Anion enters his room on the second floor of east building where he shares a room with his best friend, Nios.

"What do you think will happen during the Graduation Ceremony?" Nios questioned as he lay back on his bed, feet kicked up on a chair. "I've heard several stories but truthfully. No one speaks much about the process. It's strange."

Anion had to agree that of the few people that stayed after graduation. None of them really had the same experience to share with the others. "Not sure. I expect it to be dull, truthfully. It will be Master Doralus, Reagis, some of the teachers and a bunch of students all dressed up."

A knock comes to the door.

"Yes?" Anion said, nonchalantly, and genuinely disinterested. Guests were rare at Duvos, even though it was a well funded Academy that every city-state had interests in.

A slim man entered, carrying a rod of some sort, wearing robes of black and green. The man is old, and edgy. Something seemed to have startled him. Either that or he was just naturally afraid of everything.

"I come seeking the graduating students Anion and Nios. Are you they?" The edgy man asked.

The two younger students nodded, unsure of who or what the man wanted.

"Good, I am Alar, a representative of Noxus. I've come before any other representatives, I hope?" Anion heard of Noxus before. From what he was told it was a city to the east of Valoran, some distance away from the Dovus Academy where great warriors and mages resided and often brought war to other city-states. This was the first either boy met anyone from their, much less a representative interested in them.

"No, I mean, yes. We haven't met anyone else." Nios said. "We don't have visitors often. My own family stopped coming after my second year here."

The edge man in black and green seemed uninterested in Nios story. Other than him being the first to speak with them, he didn't care. "Fascinating, young Nios. Anyway. I am here because we have been told of your... skills. My masters wish me to offer you and others positions in the Noxian Military where you will both be made officers."

((waiting for others to join in and make themselves known before the graduation ceremony and things.))

freAK47 08-17-2011 12:51 PM

((i think im going to make another guy, ex-minion, that might run into Jake later.

how long does a student need to be there before they can graduate?))

Birdy51 08-17-2011 01:08 PM


Focus on the enemy.

Nemo closed his eyes, letting a calm wash over him. In his mind's eye, the world seemed slow. Sounds in the distance seemed to drift away into the atmosphere. Beneath his feet, the wooden platform seemed to be far away . This would be his last practice with Westwick. Across from him, was his mentor, an elderly old fart with a glowing bald head and white curled mustasche. Wrinkles covered his aged form, disguising his agility.

"Fraaawh!" His eyes shot open. The old man, flipped the ceramic disk in his hand, whipping it at breakneck speeds at Nemo. The apprentice dodges low, the disk going high as it sails above his head.

Nemo grins slyly, lifting his eyes to Westwick. Only three platforms seperated him from his mentor's platform. This was going to be easy. "I thought you were still good at this old man!"

Westwick only laughs in return, a smile arching across his face as he shouts beyond the divide. "I'm not done yet punk, come and get me!"

The younger gets a running start, leaping the chasm to the first platform. It tilts beneath his feet, threatening to dump the young man. He gets low, finding his center on the platform. His gaze returns to the old man, who had taken advantage of the brief moment of insecurity. A second ceramic disk screamed as it flew through the air. Nemo was'nt about to stick arround to dodge it this time. He leaps from his position to the second platform. The disk exploded into shards when it struck the platform, knocking it off it's pedestool.

Nemo gritted his teeth. It was time to end this exercise. He stays on the second platform for but a moment. Carrying his previous momentum he lands nimbly upon the third base, as yet another disc flew past him, nearly clipping him in the side.

Confidence building, he taunts his mentor. "I'm guessing this your off day or something?" Another disc flew past in response.

"It's not over yet pup!"

One last platform... A bead of sweat built upon Nemo's forehead. Success was in sight. Another disc flung from Westwick snapped Nemo's thoughts. Here was his chance. Nemo audaciously leapt from the third platform. This was it. In one swift motion, his dagger was drawn. Victory.

Nemo grabbed his mentor, placing the dagger at his throat, a smile infiltrating his countanence. "Gotcha!"

"Tell me... Just what are you going to do with your life if you can't remember to watch your back?" With a fluid motion, Westwick flicked his hand back. Nemo tried to dodge the attack, but it was too late. The last disc had wire attatched. With one motion of Westwicks hand, the disc went back on a return trip, striking his student in the shoulder. The dagger clattered out of Nemo's hand.

An animated voice covered the grounds of Duvos and the Academy itself. The voice was of Reagis, the Masters right hand man and Guardian. "Students, today is your last day as such. Today, at dusk, you are to be graduated into adulthood and your lives will be yours. We have given you the means to survive and we will miss many of you, should you choose to go. Come to the Graduation Hall at Dusk in your given uniforms. That is all."

Westwick grinned from ear to ear. "I hope you are ready Nemo. It has been a joy teaching you." The old man extended his hand to the younger, lifting him off the ground. "Report to your room, and for once, avoid causing a ruckus. This day is important for everyone graduating, including you. I wish you the best Nemo."

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