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Larias 05-10-2010 06:14 PM

Champion Stats FAQ
Credit goes to Stumpster for compiling this.

II. Stats

Q: How does cooldown reduction work?

A: Cooldown reduction works additively. If you have a 9% cooldown reduction from masteries, and a 10% cooldown reduction from Stinger (an item ingame) you will have a 19% cooldown reduction. However, cooldown reduction HARDCAPS at 40%. This means that you cannot get more than 40% cooldown reduction.

Q: How does dodge work?

A: The best way to show how dodge works is an example, let's say you have 10% dodge in your runes.

10% dodge.

You grab Ninja Tabi, which gives 12% dodge.

12% dodge +
(88 * .1) = 8.8% dodge (100% chance to be hit - 12% dodge = 88. 10% from runes)

For a total of 20.8% dodge. (Note that the 88 comes from the percent remaining from the previous dodge percentages have been calculated.)

You then get Phantom Dancer, which gives 20% dodge. [NOTE: PD no longer gives Dodge]

20% dodge +
(80 * .12) = 9.6% dodge + (100% chance to be hit - 20% dodge = 80. Tabi is 12% dodge)
(70.4 * .1) = 7.04% dodge (100% chance to be hit - 29.6% dodge = 70.4 10% from runes)

For a total of 36.74% dodge.

Q: Can you dodge spells?

A: You cannot dodge most spells. The only way to not receive damage from spells is to be spell immune from one of these:

- Banshee's Veil (blocks one spell every 30 seconds)
- Sivir's Spell Shield
- Morgana's Black Shield
- Judicator's Invulnerabilty (note that unlike the others, while this one blocks spell damage, anything secondary like a slow would still happen)
-Using the Summoner Spell Flash as the projectile is flying at you

However, there is a subtype of spells called "Skill Shots." These are spells that go in a certain direction. If you move out of the way before they reach you, they will go sailing past you and miss. Be warned: most skillshots are stronger than "regular" spells, and you do not want to be caught in them.

A couple examples of skill shots:

- Anivia's "Flash Frost"
- Ezreal's "Mystic Shot"
- Ashe's "Enchanted Crystal Arrow"
- Morgana's "Dark Binding"

There are also two "spells" that can be dodged, because they are considered "physical" spells or based off of auto attacks. Your dodge chance on your sheet gives you a chance to dodge these spells:

Twisted Fate's "Pick A Card"
Gangplank's "Parrrley"

Q: How does lifesteal work? (Credit to Ezreal)

A: Lifesteal IS affected by armor. If you hit for 100, they have 20% reduction, you hit for 80, you have 10% lifesteal you gain 8 hp. Lifesteal stacks additively and doesn't have a hardcap. This means that you could get over 100% lifesteal.

Q: How does armor and magic resistance work? (Credit to Garek for framing it better than I could.)

Every 1 armor means the damage it takes to kill you is extended by 1% of your hitpoints. At 100 armor, it takes 100% more damage to kill you, ie it requires double damage, ie you're taking half-damage. At 300 armor you're taking 25% damage, etc.

Magic resistance works in the exact same fashion, except it does so against spells only. There is no overlap between armor and magic resistance at all. (Ex. Having 500 Armor would have no impact on spells, having 500 Magic Resistance would have no impact on physical attacks)

Q: What order is armor penetration/MR penetration applied in? (Credit to TiberiusAudley)

A: From top to bottom

Armor/MR Reduction (Black Cleaver, Abyssal Scepter)
Flat/Linear Armor/MR Penetration (Brutalizer, Haunting Guise)
% Based Armor/MR Penetration (Last Whisper, Void Staff)

Q: Can you reduce armor or magic resistance below 0?

A: Yes, although the only things that can reduce below 0 is Armor/MR Reduction. Both percentage and flat penetration do not have an effect after they get to 0 armor/MR.

Q: Are there any other caps that I should know about?

A: Attack speed is capped at 2.5 attacks a second.

Q: Where can I see all of these stats?

A: When you are in-game, there are four stats at the bottom (Attack, Ability Power, Movement Speed, Armor). To see other, less common, statistics like Dodge or Magic Resistance, press 'C'.

Bregan 05-10-2010 06:15 PM

flash does prevent any projectile in the air (must be in the air already) from hitting you.

Larias 05-10-2010 07:04 PM


Originally Posted by Bregan (Hozzászólás 1255444)
flash does prevent any projectile in the air (must be in the air already) from hitting you.

Updated! Thank you.

iYaphet 05-10-2010 07:08 PM

in b4 Larias gets all the credit like always. Officially done with this game now.

PrayingMantis 05-10-2010 07:40 PM

geez vishnu, this is meant to consolidate the forums and direct newbies to one spot to help "limit" the general discussion/TR forums

Dracorya 05-10-2010 08:27 PM

You should add that, well that comes to mind, that TF's gold card and Gangplank's Parrley are spells that can be "dodged."

Shinshady 05-10-2010 08:38 PM

Going on with what Bregan said, not all spells can be dodged with flash though such as moves that bounce off of you such as Fiddle's dark wind or Ryze's spell flux

Larias 05-10-2010 08:43 PM

Thanks for the advice guys! Updated :)

Worstcase 05-10-2010 08:52 PM

Maybe describe multiplicative and additive. I dunno if this belongs in this section though.

Edit: Maybe a quick description on Champion innate passives. Also how they change as you level up.
Example - Nasus's lifesteal % increases by 5% starting at 10% every 6 levels past level 1, or at level 7 and 13.

colloquial 05-10-2010 09:47 PM

It feels completely unnecessary to point this out since it doesn't really matter but Ninja Tabi's give 12 percent dodge now from the 11 they gave when the old guide was written. Doesn't actually change anything, but it would be nice to have everything accurate.

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