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Crevox 08-12-2011 12:09 AM

@Riot: Current Bugs
These are the current bugs in League of Legends. I'll try to keep it up to date.

3mptylord has a list of things that are not bugs here.

PVP.net Platform
  • Friends that have recently logged on often show up as level 0 with a default summoner portrait and stay that way until their status changes. In addition, there are many reports of friends that are online just not showing up in the list at all.
  • Rarely, players are assigned a skin that they do not own. (Reference 1 2 3)
  • Janna's store icon is still using her old icon.
  • If you view another summoner's profile, go to the shop and back to the profile page, it will show your profile, but retain the name in the text box. This prevents you from reviewing the other summoner's profile page again (enter does not work on the name, it thinks you're viewing theirs) until you view another summoner's page and then back.
  • Ignoring someone in-game does not persist into the end-game lobby, and ignoring people in the end-game lobby does not persist.
  • If you ignore someone in the PVP.net client, you'll still hear the "ping" noise in a chat-room with them when they speak.
  • Reports of the client and/or chat crashing if you attempt to ignore someone through the friends list.
  • Sometimes (more often for some than others) players will show up as "declined" when invited to a game even though they accepted. They will be in the chat and can talk, but when the queue pops and champion select comes, they are not in the game.
  • Purchasing tier 3 runes requires level 21 instead of level 20.

  • Dash-to-target abilities are causing the champion to become immobile for the duration of the ability if the caster loses vision of the target (fog of war, dead target) (Alpha Strike). In addition, there have been reports of this occurring on random jungle enemies (Wukong Nimbus Strike), without the vision loss.
  • There seems to be a bug with disables in general since the Skarner patch. Most disables often have a ~1 second window on victims where they can still move/use abilities/attack (fear, Rammus taunt, Malzahar ultimate, Ashe ultimate, etc). (Reference 1 2)
  • If you get knocked up into the air while doing a dash-to-target ability (Warwick for example) you get sent very high up and are suppressed for ~6 seconds.
  • There are reports are keybindings resetting every game after the Skarner patch (specifically the ; key changing to ]).
  • Many users are having issues with the mouse not functioning properly inside the League of Legends game client. They can type, they can move the mouse, but clicking does nothing.
  • There are reports of champions occasionally suddenly stopping movement if they are running on a long path. [UNCONFIRMED]
  • Upon death from Ignite, occasionally the particle will remain on your champion even after you revive, and for the rest of the game if you are not re-ignited.
  • Knock up effects such as Wukong's ultimate occasionally send the victim very high into the sky, preventing the champion from moving for a long time.
  • Death Recaps are largely inaccurate and do not fully provide the correct information.
  • The "Ultimate Ready" column on the scoreboard in game does not function properly. It only displays your ultimate status and all of your team as "no."
  • Occasionally, the blips on the health gauge for champions do not update and you will see less blips than they actually have.
  • The particle for the Dragon/Lizard's missile is sometimes seen going across the map at champions. Note that this does not inflict damage. (Video)
  • If the Dragon is attacking a champion and the champion dies from other champions, the Dragon may continue to attack the champion's dead body. (Video)
  • If your team has 3/5 surrender votes and the enemy team breaks your nexus, if you haven't voted, you can type /surrender to cause the nexus to explode a second time (the surrender window will reappear and register your vote, calling for surrender).
  • If you use the reconnect menu in-game to reconnect to a match, it will leave dummy, uninteractable minions fighting each other wherever they were when you disconnected. They remain for the rest of the match or until you restart your game.
  • Multiple reports of unreliability with the fear mechanic. Reports state that feared champions (with fear icon above head) occasionally still auto-attack and use abilities while feared.
  • If you reconnect to a game, item icons have a high chance of switching around, causing much confusion.
  • On the Twisted Treeline map, If you die at the inhib towers and attempt to move just as it happens, when you respawn pathing will take you straight through the walls back to where you were killed. If you right click at any time during or after this happening you will be teleported back to the fountain. Everyone can see this. (Video)
  • Many champion skill shots are completely invisible when used from the brush (Mundo's axe throw).
  • Occasionally, a champion's health bar stops updating and remains at full, no matter what damage you take. This is only a display issue, as you can and will still die. If it occurs on a champion with a resource other than mana, their resource bar will also always read 0. Known champions affected are Rumble, Mordekaiser, Amumu. (Video)
  • Inconsistency with many "instant auto-attack for more damage" skills on towers. Wukong, Nasus, and Blitzcrank skills work on towers, but Yorick for example does not.


  • Discipline of Force does not deal additional damage to towers, but it does to inhibitors and the nexus. [INTENDED?]

  • Triumphant Roar (his heal) is not granting assists on allied champion kills.

  • Bandage Toss can carry him to Ashe's ultimate arrow. [UNCONFIRMED]
  • Reports of Bandage Toss going through Banshee's Veil. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Occasionally when Anivia transforms into her egg form using her passive, the game and server will freeze until she rebirths, allowing her to get to safety. This seems to happen due to passive trigger from Ignite or Brand's passive. (Video)
  • Occasionally after killing Anivia's egg, she will respawn back in base with both the grayed out egg buff and the normal egg buff, allowing her to rebirth again immediately without waiting for the cooldown. This may be due to death from Ignite. (Video)

  • Both Power Fist and Rocket Grab ignore spell shields.
  • Pulling a feared target to you can crash the game.

  • Headshot will not trigger on auto-attack if Caitlyn is silenced. [INTENDED?]

  • Petrifying Gaze will occasionally cast behind her if used right after a flash. There is also some unreliability on the stun versus slow mechanic.
  • Twin Fang has inconsistent synergy with other champion poison (Singed, Teemo) not always providing the cooldown reset. [INTENDED?] [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Valkyrie's fire effect does not show at all for the blue team. It does not matter which team uses it, the blue team cannot see the fire.

  • Malice and Spite is not refreshing when a nearby enemy champion dies unless she takes part in the kill.

  • The Dark Wind instant kill bug has returned, and Dark Wind may instantly kill enemy champions. Exact conditions not known.
  • Dark Wind's silence goes through Morgana's Black Shield. [INTENDED?]

  • When using Idol of Durand, if Sivir is in range and her spell shield is active, it will cancel nearly instantly after use and break the shield, regardless of how many champions are nearby. (Reference) [UNCONFIRMED]

  • If you activate Decisive Strike, Garen becomes unable to attack the enemy Nexus until it fades.

  • Jarvan can place multiple rock formations during his ultimate by using the ultimate again quickly in midair, or using a flag directly after the ultimate and using the Q to go to it. This has also occurred due to a Singed toss (rock formation appears, Singed immediately throws, another appears on landing from throw). (Video)
  • Occasionally, Jarvan's ultimate will appear at his current location rather than at the location of his target.
  • Champions can sometimes walk through Jarvan's rock formation. (Video)

  • If you leap strike with two stacks of his ultimate, it will not trigger until the fourth attack (hit, hit, leap strike, hit, hit(TRIGGER)).
  • Reported unreliability of his automatic auto-attack after leap striking a target. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • The activated Mantra buff is consumed upon using a summoner ability.
  • Occasionally, the particle for Heavenly Wave will go in one direction and the actual spell effect (damage) will go in another. The particle just goes in the wrong direction.
  • The Spirit Bond laser has unreliability for enemy champions if they are very close to Karma. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Ignite on Karthus could cause a glitch that will grant the enemy team two kills and him two deaths.
  • Wall of Pain does not consume Banshee's Veil and still protects against the slow. [INTENDED?]

  • Nether Blade does not inflict additional magic damage on towers, but it does on inhibitors and the nexus. [INTENDED?
  • When you smart cast Kassadin's ultimate and shoot a Force Pulse right after it, the pulse will always target an area behind Kassadin.

  • If you use Shunpo on a target at the same time as they use Flash, you will Shunpo to their current position and instantly afterwards to their new position, dealing damage twice. (Video)
  • Reports of her ultimate not attacking people that are clearly in range. Possibly too close, or went out of range/back in and still not targeting them. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Occasionally unable to move during passive, possibly due to death from knockback ability (Vayne).
  • The tooltip for the bonus damage of Kog'maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage erroneously states that it inflicts bonus physical damage instead of magical. This can be seen in the death recap.
  • Reports of Kog'maw's passive granting two kills to the enemy team (once on death, another on explosion). Appears to occur due to damage-over-time effects (Brand, Ignite, poison, etc). (Reference 2)
  • Void Ooze does not proc spell shields. [UNCONFIRMED]

Lee Sin
  • In the PVP.net client, Safeguard's description states it restores half of the energy cost on shield break; this is not true anymore.
  • If Lee Sin uses Resonating Strike or Dragon's Rage on a champion that is currently dashing to a target (example Maokai's Twisted Advance) he may become stuck in the air for several seconds.
  • Standing too close to a target will cause Sonic Wave to go through the target.
  • If Lee Sin is snared (rooted), he cannot shield himself due to it being a movement ability (even though he does not need to move to self-cast it). [INTENDED?]

  • If you do not have your camera on Leona and she uses her Eclipse, you will not see the shield effect when you move her camera toward her. You will see the explosion radiate from her, but the shield was never there.
  • Reports of Leona having issues automatically attacking enemies after using Zenith Blade. [UNCONFIRMED]
  • Leona's Eclipse is causing her to become immune to certain effects (Twisted Fate's gold card stun). [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Reported glitchyness of ultimate that could allow champions to use abilities to get out of the ultimate early (Tristana jump, Rammus powerball not affected and keeps moving). [UNCONFIRMED]

Master Yi
  • Upon using Alpha Strike, if the target moves out of vision or dies before it executes, Yi will be immobile for the duration of the Alpha Strike.
  • On his Chosen skin, his HP bar is too close to his body. (Picture)

  • Cannot generate shield off of Yorick's ghouls. [INTENDED?]

  • Soul Shackles' second hit (the stun) does not always trigger properly, even though champions are in range. (Video 2)
  • The Sinful Succulence Morgana skin has a model display error. Her skirt does not go all the way around, and is transparent.
  • Reports of The Blade Mistress Morgana skin causing disconnections in matches. In addition, it suffers from a similar model display error. (Picture)

  • The ultimate is removing Banshee's Veil shields while not protecting against the vision. [INTENDED?]

  • If you use Orianna's Q (Command Attack) while the ball is out on the position of the ball with an enemy unit on it, the ball will disappear. The buff will be gone and the only way to restore the ball is by using Q again. It will reappear from Orianna and go to the targeted position.
  • Using Orianna's Command: Attack directly on a spell shield (Sivir) causes the shield to break before the ball is in flight, and then causes the champion to take damage from the ball. If cast past the enemy champion, it properly blocks the damage. (Video)
  • In the death recap, the icon for Orianna's passive damage is Katarina's passive.

  • If Pantheon uses Aegis of Zeonia just as an enemy champion recalls, he will jump all the way into their base and die to the fountain.
  • Multiple reports of Certain Death not granting critical strike chance to Spear Shot. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Heroic Charge's wall slam will not trigger if the target is knocked-up when they hit a wall (Alistar's Pulverize, Wukong's ultimate, etc).
  • Poppy is not auto-attacking the target of Heroic Charge after use. This may be due to activating Devastating Blow.
  • If Poppy uses Flash during a Heroic Charge, she becomes unable to auto-attack enemies at all until she charges again.
  • Occasionally, enemies will get stunned from Heroic Charge without a wall when there are many minions/champions around.

  • If you are knocked back during Slice and Dice (Vayne's knockback, probably others too) you are unable to use abilities until you are knocked back again.

  • Arcane Mastery grants cooldown reduction on spell initiate and not on spell finish. If you cast Overload, and then use another spell right before the Overload kills the target, the target will die while the cast bar for the second skill is going. This grants you the cooldown reduction from Arcane Mastery without expending the mana. [INTENDED?]
  • Spell Flux does not bounce to other targets if blocked by a spell shield. This is inconsistent with other bouncing effects such as Katarina's Bouncing Blades, or Fiddlesticks' Dark Wind. [INTENDED?]

  • Jack in the Box is revealed by normal vision wards. In addition, the enemy can see the spawn particles for it in a brush when they have no vision of the brush.
  • Jack in the Box has vision glitches. For example, sometimes a player could walk into a JitB in the jungle and when the fear wears off the "vision" is removed while still showing a removed fog of war.
  • Stealthed champions can see Jack in the Boxes, and get permanent sight of them afterwards.
  • Jack in the Box does not always attack the closest target, causing unreliable jungling. (Video)
  • Upon using Deceive, enemies can see the smoke particle effect even if Shaco is in fog of war.
  • If you cast Two-Shiv and the enemy walks out of vision (brush, fog of war) the Two-Shiv disappears and they don't take damage.

  • Telling Singed to auto-follow and use Fling is unreliable. He will often get close enough to use it, but then just stop and do nothing.

  • Upon using Skarner's E ability, "Fracture," the cast bar labels the ability "Essence Flux."
  • If you use Impale just as a champion recalls or teleports away, Skarner will pull them from across the map back to him. (Video @ 0:40)
  • The particle effect on Crystal Slash doesn't match the actual radius.
  • Reports of Fracture being visible through fog of war.
  • Occasionally when you use Impale, Skarner will auto-attack himself, which can result in a suicide (no kill given to anyone). (Video)
  • If Skarner uses Impale on a champion activating stealth, they can go invisible while being suppressed, breaking out of the impale and getting away.
  • Reports of Impale only doing the secondary damage (when it ends) at level 1 of the ability. [UNCONFIRMED]

  • Using Sona's Aria of Perseverance sometimes causes her to inflict less damage to enemies with auto-attacks and Hymn of Valor. The debuff of the passive is applying to her.
  • If Sona is silenced, she cannot use her Power Chord when she auto-attacks. [INTENDED?]

  • Using Infuse on an ally can occasionally cause Soraka to auto-attack her ally. (Video)

  • There are inconsistencies with Teemo's blinding dart. Vayne was changed to not get silver bolt stacks while blinded, but other effects for other champions are still functioning while blinded (Ashe Frost Shot, Cho'Gath Vorpal Spikes, Kog'Maw's Bio-Arcane Barrage, Teemo's Toxic Shot, Vayne's Tumble bonus). [INTENDED?]

  • Something can cause Tryndamere to die during his ultimate (Ignite?). (Video) (Replay)

  • On the third auto-attack (when her silver rings trigger for true damage), she does not gain any lifesteal from the auto-attack because it counts as an ability.[INTENDED?] (Video)

  • Nimbus Strike occasionally freezes Wukong's animation and forces him immobile for the duration of Nimbus Strike.
  • Wukong's clone will slightly rotate upon spawn, making it quite obvious that it is a decoy.

  • Killing a champion that has the Vengeance buff active with Ignite can prevent them from rebirthing.

  • Quicksilver Sash is not removing many effects properly (example Mordekaiser's ultimate).
  • Guardian Angel buff occasionally lingers even after selling the item.
  • Sight Wards occasionally stop working for the rest of the match (rare issue, r3d log error here).

  • Soraka's Starfall debuff states a maximum of 20 stacks, even though it was changed to 10 in the Talon patch.
  • Blitzcrank tips state that Wit's End can help you against his passive, but Wit's End no longer burns mana.
  • Gangplank tips still reference his old passive.
  • In Mordekaiser's story tab in the PVP.net client, it incorrectly spells his name as "Mordeakiser." In addition, a part of it states "a lingering questions."
  • In Maokai's story tab in the PVP.net client, there is a grammatical error in the sentence "He abhorred the existence was that thrust upon him; he felt it was a corruption of nature." "That" and "was" need to be switched.

Rushuna Tendo 08-12-2011 12:11 AM

Karma's mantra is being consumed by summoner abilities very easy to test add it to the list!

Crevox 08-12-2011 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Rushuna Tendo (Hozzászólás 12788703)
Karma's mantra is being consumed by summoner abilities very easy to test add it to the list!

Done! Thank you!

Rushuna Tendo 08-12-2011 12:15 AM


Originally Posted by Crevox (Hozzászólás 12788775)
Done! Thank you!

No , Thank you i main karma and this bug is just game breaking i want it in every thread!

Inphinitii 08-12-2011 01:20 AM

This needs to be seen.
Some of these are ridiculous.

For Shaco , you should just link the 25+ bugs thread.

Durian101 08-12-2011 02:16 AM

In total over 600mb of updates in 3 installations, *patcher is broken, downloads old patches*, and I'm still unable to play.

:( 3 days after the patch and I'm still getting:
Loader downloads old patches over and over
Client version 1.40.17 is rejected by server

I have 4 leaves, yet Riot is responsible for every one.

These people are terribly useless. I'm sorry, but the commodity of bugs, especially game breaking ones in this game is ridiculous. How can a company with so many players function so poorly. Keep missing out on first win of the day IP, because of stupid bugs. >_<"

BlobPower 08-12-2011 04:11 AM

Is the Orianna spell shield bug still there?

Also, riot should look over all skills and determine if the target of the skill should become target of the next auto attack or not. Poppy rushes into people and then attacks the next minion, while Soraka restores mana on allies and then attacks them?

Hookatore 08-12-2011 04:16 AM

Heres another bug about ignoring people


Hookatore 08-12-2011 04:17 AM

I also found out

In Blitzcrank "tips section" it says that wits end can help you remove his passive

That is wrong, since wits end no longer removes mana

Hookatore 08-12-2011 04:23 AM


Here is a bug with Master Yi's Chosen skin

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