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Delmegar 08-09-2011 05:02 PM

(OPEN RP)The Dark Phoenix Reborn
((This RP is straight forward. Two brothers (Delmegar and Ordimar, my characters.) and their band of mercenaries recreate an order that founded by their father, Magnus. The Dark Phoenix, formally soldiers sword against Noxus, now fight for themselves and for Valoran.

That is until on a routine contract they discover a plot that goes deep into the League and marks them as enemies of the land.

Also, the story starts off in a city called Krizar. A city that was until recently in disrepair and is now being rebuilt by the Dark Phoenix. The population is small but filled with good people; most of whom are mercenaries, hunters or other adventurers. There are some bars and a small port which is currently being repaired.))



"For the League?" The Amaron brothers were colored dubious. That was plain in their speech. "The League has never required the assistance of mercenaries before. Least of all a rough neck group such as ourselves." Ordimar told the League Summoner.

The Summoner, sat across from their stone table in his traditional robes, nodded. "Yes, we are aware how it looks. Frankly, we are surprised ourselves that we are asking for assistance. With events occurring as of late; the war in Kalamanda, death of Boram Darkwill, disappearance of Prince Jarvan IV. The League is doing its best to find out what is happening and make sure an all out war doesn't break out."

Delmegar removed his kicked up feet from the table and laughed. "Summoner, that already happened. The point is, why have us do it? Surely, you can do without just one Summoner, or two. It's usually protection, or killing that us mercenaries are paid for. Have Ezreal go find this trinket of yours."

Ordimar nudged his younger brother, knowing how rash and rude he can be. "Shut up, Del. The Summoner's require our aid and I'm sure they're willing to pay?"

The mage understood all too well. The hint was about as subtle as a boulder falling on your head. "Yes, well, I've been told to bring you this. And, also, to tell you that whatever you find in old Uristan will be for you to keep. Other than our 'trinket' we are paying you to find." He hoisted a large satchel, dropped it on the table. The Amaron brothers lept to their feet as gold poured from it onto their laps and feet.

"Bloody hell, this for some artifact! Tell your master we will start immediately." Ordimar reached down, grabbing a fist full of coin. "****. This is enough to retire off of. All of us."

Delmegar was still suspicious of the contract. It was clear to him by his brothers reaction that they already accepted. And once his older brother set his mind to something, it was going to happen with or without him.

Ovalusc1 08-09-2011 06:14 PM

((My character: http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/867))
"I couldn't help but overhear," said Melzemar, stepping from the shadows, "that the great League of Legends lost an artifact. May I join you in your hunt? I am a powerful mage."

ultradash1 08-09-2011 06:28 PM

((hey, the whole gang is here :) my usual, http://summoners.shurelia.com/profiles/755))

Kir was watching from behind the group leader, he raised an eyebrow when the summoner spilled the bag of gold on the ground, that must take a large chunk out of the league's account, this must be one powerful artifact. Quietly he stepped out of the shadows. "Well, well, that must be one heck of an artifact to be willing to pay that much for it, if you don't mind, i would care to join you on this quest, for a share of the gold, and any artifacts that may be put to better use with me, will you let me?"

Necromonger 08-09-2011 07:26 PM

((Hmmm. I'd like to join... but I'm torn between a few factors - characters we need vs characters I'd like to play, serious characters vs. anime-ish characters, male vs. female, and of course low-powered rookies vs. high-powered archdemons of desire... seeing as everyone is automatically the most powerful, the greatest, the most feared, the legendary, etc etc.... sorry, but I came from the time period from when character powers were regulated so they couldn't be as OP as League champs. I know someone who claims he took veigar's ultimate and laughed. see what I mean? :)) ))

((PS: I'm known among rp'ers as being a Character Factory. :D ))

Sarkan of Arkham 08-09-2011 07:59 PM

((Like Necro, I would definitely be in for this, if ot weren't for the fact that the only character I have that I'm comfortable with (OK fine he's my only character period) is preoccupied at the moment. And to be honest, most of my character ideas suck. I'llario is probably the only one I've ever drawn up that doesn't suffer from any overbearing cliches or other obstacles to a good, complex character. Plus he doesn't like summoners, so I can't see him doing a job for them unless they gave him a REALLY good incentive.

@ Necro that doesn't include me, does it? I really tried to bring in a character that wasn't too overbearing, just unique))

Necromonger 08-09-2011 08:10 PM

((No Sarkan. I'm just referring to the godmoding that happened before. Somebody made a character that was, effectively, stronger than Jax in fighting skill and more powerful than Ryze in magic, and tougher than Fully stacked Cho- in one character.))

Sarkan of Arkham 08-09-2011 08:20 PM

((OK just making sure. I thought it may have been going too far at first in his profile to imply that he was good enough to be a League champ (Eve tier, mind you. to put it in perspective, think of it like trying to play anivia, veigar, or lux with vayne or sion's mana progression), even if he did ultimately fail his judgement. Dang it these forums need a PM system.))

Necromonger 08-09-2011 08:32 PM

((So... I'm boiling down to two characters. I would love to play either, and this time I'll avoid my habit of duos, so I don't RP with myself [Yes, such awkwardness has also happened] or maybe they'd go nicely together as the muses of the Dark Pheonix? ))




((Feedback would be nice... otherwise I just flip a coin.))

Ovalusc1 08-09-2011 09:55 PM

((just pick whichever one you feel you will have more fun with))

ultradash1 08-09-2011 10:05 PM

((hey sarkan, you know this could just take place in a time later than the other Rp you are doing, im doing one right now too, so is oval and so is del))

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