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asdz 04-30-2010 07:46 AM

What does Nasus actually do well ?
Nasus is one of the heroes that caught my attention, with quite interesting skills on the paper.
However after some time spent with him, and testing various guides I can't figure out, what is his purpose. I'm lvl 28 , and I rarely see this hero on the battlefield , and I have never witnessed any player that actually did something useful with this hero...

There are many ways to build him but in general it's most likely tank or dps.

Tank seems to me kind of bs on him, since he has barely any skills to support such a role. Plus his dps is even a bigger bs if we build him this way, so every team can hapily ignore this scary looking egyptian rat. Comparing it to a real tank like mordekaiser, or rammus this one is just a funny imitation of such a hero.

The DPS build is what I at least consider a bit more fit for this hero, however he is still barely a threat here... The thing is that Nasus , without items that improve his surviveabilty is extremely fragile. And to actually deal any dmg he has to be in melee range which means he can be nuked in half a second.
In many guides it is stated that his SS is a great source of dmg and makes nasus a killing machine.... So first of it all depends on how are we doing with the SS stacks , and if the enemy is decent he will give us a hard time lvling it up. Plus in the mid-end game there's way to much going on and you will most likely stop leveling it at any noticeable rate.
Plus even with Sheen and some +100 dmg from ss, this guy will hit for like...500 crit ? If he crits that is... Thats by no means serious dmg for a hero that is fragile, has no escape mechanism and has to engage in melee. Ofcourse if uber farmed he can actually be a threat, but who isn't ?

Please share your thoughts and tips , and btw all my observations about nasus , are without any runes that would be good for this hero.

Krald 04-30-2010 08:02 AM

you are theorizing too much. Go tank build, and simply be the best pusher in the game. With 2 sunfire capes+ your ult, your team almost always will win teamfights, and you can literally defend any and every push. Wither wrecks enemy carries and makes them awful in fights.

Don't focus on damage with him unless you want to lose to be honest.

roninsm 04-30-2010 08:02 AM

Nasus can tank well. DPS doesn't work well above low levels of play because Nasus is very easy to stun and kill if not itemized as a tank.

I guarantee you that if you build with tank items (doesn't really matter what, just get situational stuff) and the other team ignores you, you will tear them to pieces in team fights. If they do focus you, your carries can just take them down while they waste time killing you. Plus, wither is one of the best anti carry spells in the game. It completely shuts down their DPS and ability to escape. Then you hit them with SS for a large chunk of their health. Also, Spirit Fire lowers armor in AOE, so your entire team hits harder.

SS is I think an ability that is often overestimated. It does do a big chunk of damage if farmed up, but it's not really necessary. The other three skills are all much more valuable in team fights.

Not sure if you've seen it already, but this might help, particularly the section at the very end:


Kajitii 04-30-2010 08:05 AM

I've had great success with tank Nasus for some reason.

What makes Nasus a tank:
--Ult gives him extra HP (+600).
--AoE does devastating damage in a team fight (5% of their max HP or 240, whichever is lower). Supplement this with Spirit Fire, since it reduces armor.
--AoE and the "OMG I'M ON STEROIDS" business makes him an attractive target.
--AoE converts damage done into bonus damage for Nasus.
--Bonus damage makes your attacks hit much harder, which gets you more survivability from your lifesteal passive.

Having said that, Nasus is NOT an initiator! He is more of an off-tank, since without his ult, he can't really do the job of a tank in a team fight. CCs also ruin him quite a bit.

As for DPS Nasus... I've never built him that way since every team I've played where I went Nasus, they decided I would tank >_> Again though, he can't be CCed or he's screwed.

Xano74 04-30-2010 08:08 AM

Nasus is one of those champions who can be a variety of roles. He can be DPS by building up siphon strike, a tank by his lifesteal and ult, or a mage with spirit fire.

I used to play Nasus a LOT back when I first started playing and he is an AMAZING pusher. Max out spirit fire and your enemy will be pushed to the edge of their turret the entire game. Even heimdinger will not be able to do anything because you can spirit fire his turrets and kill them quickly.

With his ult, he also has amazing surviability. My favorite style for him is mage/cooldown reduction. This way your ult is up more quickly, steals more life, and you can spam siphon strike a LOT.

He is an underappreciated character really. I have seen terrible Nasus and I've seen Nasus tank 3 players and kill them all. Keep testing out builds, its the best way to learn.

RoflTroll 04-30-2010 08:09 AM

You said you've spent some time on him, but you don't seem to realize that the extra damage from SS can't crit, so I stopped reading there.

roninsm 04-30-2010 08:11 AM


Originally Posted by Kajitii (Hozzászólás 1168238)
--AoE does devastating damage in a team fight (5% of their max HP or 240, whichever is higher). Supplement this with Spirit Fire, since it reduces armor and MR.

Incorrect. It does 5% max HP/second or 240/sec, whichever is LOWER.

And spirit fire lowers only armor, not MR.

Kajitii 04-30-2010 08:14 AM


Originally Posted by roninsm (Hozzászólás 1168279)
Incorrect. It does 5% max HP/second or 240/sec, whichever is LOWER.

And spirit fire lowers only armor, not MR.

Dam, operational phailure lol

I stand corrected on the second point.

Karnikula 04-30-2010 08:44 AM

nasus is just harder to play than other heroes

he's all about zone controlling

also: farm his Q up it deals tons of damage

edit: not getting any defensive items will get you killed quickly if you're nasus, no matter how good you can play

Hyfe 04-30-2010 09:10 AM

Farms like a boss. Pushes like a boss. Teamrapes like a boss.

DPS Nasus will only work in low ELO.

Merc, Aegis, Sheen->TriForce, situational tank items.

Farm your lane and level SS. Get geared. Come pushing time you are the big bad wolf. Let the initiators initiate, drop SF in the middle of the action, ULT, wither and SS the carry. If your team has some CC enjoy demolishing the entire enemy team.

You are probably having trouble coming to terms with the fact that he is not a carry or a 1v1 pwn machine. He's a team wrecker. His abilities (wither, SF, ult) are geared towards helping your team beat the enemy team. Your K/D should look like 5/5/20 with a few tower kills.

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