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Tamat 07-15-2011 06:39 PM

Summoner Showcase – Issue #37 – Song Parodies
Hello, summoners! It’s another week, which means another episode of the Summoner Showcase to bring you your weekly dose of community content!

Here are this week’s Showcase submissions!

Graphite Galore!

NAUO shows us how it’s done with a time-lapsed video series showing off his graphite drawings. If you enjoy our Art Spotlight series, you’ll definitely want to check out all of his gorgeous work!

Darth Veigar

Apparently when Obi Wan told Vader that he was, “only a master of evil,” in Episode IV he left out the “tiny.”

Like a Gragas

Gluglug is at it again with another LoL themed parody, this time dedicated to your favorite drink swilling, needlessly large champion of the League.

Keep Feeding

Ember Isolte brings in another song parody with

Epic Cosplay

AveryTingWong and Jennaaaayyy show us how fashionable some of our champions can be with these fantastic Lux and Miss Fortune costumes!

Close Encounters of the Yordle Kind

If you love yordles and outer space, you’re certainly going to want to give this fan made survival shooter featuring UFO Corki a try!

That about wraps up this week! Remember to send your submissions to Summoner_Showcase@RiotGames.com!

We’ll see you next week!

Slymerz 07-15-2011 06:41 PM

that Corki game ... i must have

ahh Nikasaur we always knew you were a FEEDER (nice shirt)

SonicTheHedgedawg 07-15-2011 06:44 PM

keep em coming . . . TAMAT!?!?!

where's Nikasaur!?!

Cyclone A 07-15-2011 06:44 PM

She killed my wood

Mrlucky77 07-15-2011 06:47 PM

Glad to see more Glugug songs.

That graphite is so epic as well.

unoriginal namer 07-15-2011 06:54 PM

feeder shirt was funny, (especially considering her performance during co-op vs ai)

warpedhacker 07-15-2011 06:58 PM


Mok 07-15-2011 06:59 PM

I just knew it. she's a feeder. we need to report her or .. aww .. tribunal is down for maintenance. what a coincidinky.

Legendairy Cow 07-15-2011 07:01 PM

So much parody lately

Cuix 07-15-2011 07:04 PM

inb4 "make the Darth Veigar skin"

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