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Dragonwarrior444 07-08-2011 05:32 PM

Giving away $50 worth of RP!
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Alright, so I have $50+ on my paypal account, going to buy two $25 Riot Point cards.

Want to get one?
  • Post a number 1-500.
  • Only one post per hour.
  • One number allowed in a post.
  • Failure to follow the above rules will result in a disqualification.

I will be using Random.org to find the number, whoever gets the number first wins, or whoever is the closest after 501 replies, hoping everybody will post one number.

Yes, I will scan through every page, I will use CTRL + F to quickly find my number if it's on a page, don't worry :]

Thanks for almost 2k replies! This went on a lot longer than I thought! If this gets to ~100 upvotes I'll do another one of these soon, thanks for playing everybody! ;D

Will give away some more RPZ next week! ;D

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