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brashorc 07-06-2011 07:26 AM

Yorik a serious debate
Alright, from what I have read and seen: Yorik is considered the weakest champion right now. To that end, I believe it is because everyone starts off with the same track of skills with out varing the skill order along with the items to better the champion. I know this sounds mean and I dont intend for it to be mean, it is just from experience of playing against and with this champion that everyone seems to follow the same skill set.

Now on to what has worked well enough for me when I tried out Yorik during this free week.
I jungled with him, starting with e and picking up w and focusing on maxing e>w>q, with picking one point in q as this is all you really need and taking r when I can. I started at little golems moved to wraiths and then picked up wolves. At this point I had to go back or try for a gank. After heading back, I took blue and went for a gank.
Ganking: Yoriks skills with w and e have considerible range and their base damage increases rather well with leveling them. So to gank, lead in with the slow from w and then hit them with e and then you should be in range for your q and then spam your skills. Unless they escape with a summoner ability or your teammates are not paying attention, then you can get a kill.
Alright to explain skills, your q adds damage to your base attack, not alot, but it adds damage to your base attack. Making leveling this skill near useless as building up any items with attack damage increases the damage more then leveling which is not true for the other skills. That is why you level them up first, so that they are still viable damage dealing skills.
Your ult is kind of useless unless you are turret diving a weaken champion, then you ult yourself before you die and get the kill and attack the turret.

Now, I would like some advice and constructive critism on this build format that I have found some success with.

Blurry420 07-06-2011 07:59 AM

I'm too noob to criticize but I wish Q spawned the speed ghoul on activation and that he didn't need magic pen since he doesn't benefit from AP. What is your item build?

Kamzgdx 07-06-2011 08:21 AM

I've played Yorrick since he's free. And I must say, he does not suck. Out of all the new heroes, I'd say he isn't as strong, but he definitely doesn't suck
My only real complaint is his ghouls 20% life loss per second. It's really unnecessary and if anything, that's what's gimping him.

they should remove the 20% life and just make them die after 5 seconds. Losing 20% max life just makes it that much easier for enemy champs to kill them.

I build him as a range caster with pure damage items (after getting Manamune and boots of lucid). Then the rest is built accordingly, gearing to AD, armour of sorts if needed.
I don't even play him as a bruiser.

I simple case w and e, (R on the strongest ally champ, if not myself) and then use q on target enemy. Really good burst damage, and then I hit and run trying to repeat the skill order.

Kamzgdx 07-06-2011 08:23 AM

oh.. and Sheen. Can't forget sheen

Gamshi 07-06-2011 08:25 AM


Originally Posted by brashorc (Hozzászólás 10948973)
Alright, from what I have read and seen: Yorik is considered the weakest champion right now.

eve says you are wrong

Pyroxite 07-06-2011 08:27 AM


Originally Posted by brashorc (Hozzászólás 10948973)
Now, I would like some advice and constructive critism on this build format that I have found some success with.

The fact that you can't get blue or red buff without some major help from teammates just proves what a weak jungler he is. The champ in general has fun mechanics but you have to be considerably more fed than your opponents to do well, which is basically the definition of an UP champ.

Raziel256 07-06-2011 08:28 AM

Too many posts about people claming that they can play Yorick fine. That is Great that you can, I have seen many champs be used amazingly by many people. This however doesnt excuse the fact that Yorick is UP he has the POTENTIAL to be great but at the moment hes hindered by poor mana ghouls suck and so on.

Dragon Charlz 07-06-2011 08:29 AM

Eve is better, don't even joke. I've played Eve since nerf and won. Yorrick not the case. Every time he's on my team we lose, because it is 4v5 automatically because he's absolutely useless. He doesn't support since his ult is uncontrollable and silly, doesn't damage because he's gotta get way to close, can't tank because he's got nothing that lets him do so... how is he NOT the worst champion in the game? It didn't take an Elementz tier list to tell me that. I felt it from playing him. I own darn near the whole cast of characters. He IS the worst. Karma is better than that...

Jacewen 07-06-2011 08:42 AM

they could have really made him cool but dropped the ball imo. He requires too many stats to build for one. I play him during free week and try to go HP/AD and ppl are assuming im a tank for some reason. I think they need to change his ult. Or his minions and that would help tremendously. Give his minions a zombie infect mechanic where if a champ or minion dies while under the effect it resurrects as a minion of the same type for yorrick. I think that would be cool. Personally I have had NO problems soloing dragon early game or getting blue so I dont know what your talking about there. I think his ratios are fine. Its his spells that need tweaking. Give them time i think hell be fine. He is fun to play he just under preforms.

brashorc 07-06-2011 08:50 AM

Alright item build was latern, +3 boots, masumune to cover mana. From there, I built up some defensive items, like hextech to boost up my surviviblity and basically played a tanky dps.
For the guy who said you need help from teammates for the buffs: No, I did not need help. I had to go back as I was out of pots for healing and did not have enough mana to spam skills to take him down. After going back, I could get it just fine bymyself.

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