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Jai Huynh 04-13-2010 04:47 PM

[Guide]Shaco, the killer of Squishies! (With Commentary Video
Introduction and about Myself (Player)
Hello, i am Jai and I absolutely love playing DPS melee or Ranged. I can't stand playing Tanks or most mages for reasons unknown, but I will start to make guides that explain my Game play style and how I play using which characters that best suites me.

Just a heads up. This is my Guide to my Build to my Style. If you wanna QQ or Bash, do it somewhere else. I am not the best player in the world, so don't rage at any mistakes.

Shaco is my most played Melee DPS character. This Demon Jester has a lot of tricks up his sleeves. Deceive, Jack in the Box, Two-shiv Poison and Hallucinate are his 4 skills he will be using through his career at League of Legends.

I am not sure about any nerfs, buffs, and deficits about this character, but at the moment (as of April 13th)...

His Deceive has been nerfed in combination with Two-Shiv Poison as when you cast the TSP skill, you will be visible and revealed. So don't run up to them thinking they don't see you after you cast TSP.

Deficits/Broken stuff
Shaco's Deceive has been broken for a long period of time (not sure if its a nerf, but it's really bad) where you cast the skill but it only flashes you to the location, but your not invisible (Sometimes, it doesn't even flash you to your cursor. It just makes orange smoke). Watch out for this, it gets me killed all game! D:

Skills And Summoner Skills

Shaco's three main skills are Deceive (Flash-Stealth), Jack in the Box (Trap-Fear-Burst) and Two-Shiv poison (Burst, initiate, Nuke, Last hit, Homing).

Backstab [Passive]

Shaco deals 25% bonus damage when striking from behind
My view on this skill : I think this skill is not as good as most of the other Passives it could potentially have, but none the less, hit them in the back with 200 damage while in deceive, gain a boat load of damage added.
Deveive [Active]

Shaco stealths himself instantly and teleports to target location, his next attack auto crits for bonus damage.
My view on this skill : A nice skill indeed. Flash and Stealth with bonus Critical damage. I like it! This skill makes up Shaco's Deadly lurker/assassin name. Without this, hes just another squishy damage dealer..
Jack in the Box [Active]

Shaco creates an animated Jack-in-the-Box at target location, which will wait, stealthed, to fear nearby units and attack them when some come nearby.
My view on this skill : This skill is pretty useless if you are being a DPS Shaco. Jack in the Box (Jitb) relies on Ability Power, such that we don't need. But it is good to get some burst damage (if you are setting up a gank in the forest), fear them (early fight advantage) and to "scout" (put them everywhere, when one goes off, you see them!)
Two-Shiv Poison [Passive + Active]

Shaco's shivs passively poison targets on hit, giving them a miss chance and slowing them. He can throw his shivs to deal damage and poison the target.
My view on this skill : This skill is my favorite out of all skills. Nuke/Burst damage + Slow and chance of Blind? Whoa! Toss it, run! Toss it, run! Low HP? Deceive in for the kill (:
Hallucinate [Active]

Shaco creats an illusion of himself near him, which can attack nearby enemies. Upon death, it explodes, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
My view on this skill : What more can you ask for? Diversion, damage taker, skill loadout puppet, EXPLODING ON DEATH!? aww yee. "It's like a mini-terrorist!". Basicly, it will take a nuker's loadout without you dying, it will deal damage on death, it will distract the stupids! Yay!
Skill build + How they work with each other
Level 1. JitB (If you want to early Golem*) -or- Two-Shiv Poison
Level 2. Two-Shiv Poison -or- Deceive (Deceived if you got Two-Shiv Poison first)
Level 3. Two-Shiv Poison
Level 4. Deceive -or- JitB (You should have Lv1. Deceive, Lv1. Jitb, Lv2 Two-Shiv Poison)
Level 5. Two-Shiv Poison (You should have Lv1. Deceive, Lv1. Jitb, Lv3 Two-Shiv Poison)
Level 6. Hallucinate (Because a puppet will help you escape.. Your DPS, not AP~)
Level 7. Two-Shiv Poison
Level 8. Deceive (You should have Lv2. Deceive, Lv1. Jitb, Lv4 Two-Shiv Poison)
Level 9. Two-Shiv Poison
Level 10. Deceive
Level 11. Deceive
Level 12. Deceive (You should have Lv5. Deceive, Lv1. Jitb, Lv5 Two-Shiv Poison, Lv1. Hallucinate)
Level 13. Hallucinate
Level 14. JitB
Level 15. JitB
Level 16. Hallucinate
Level 17. JitB
Level 18. JitB

The reason Jack in the Box is last is because it isn't the most useful skill for DPS Shaco, but it isn't exactly helpful if you leave it at level 0. So get a point into JitB and use it like Wards!

Summoner Skills

Must :


Your champion moves 34% (46% with Mastery) faster for 14 seconds.
Why?... Simply because you want to be faster than fleeing DPS champions. If you can catch one at half bar, Free kill. But its also a must for getting OUT of battle. Deceive out of tight spots, start ghost and get out of there!. 600+ movespeed with Ghost and boots of Swiftness.
Optional but Recommended :

Blinds the target (100% miss chance) and slows its Movement Speed by 40% for 3 seconds (without the Mastery).
Why?.. Whats better than being a little faster than a fleeing Champion? A slowed, 100% miss one! Guarantees you the kill and you take minimal damage!
Ignite (My personal favorite)

Ignite is a damage over time spell that targets a single champion, dealing 50 damage plus 25 damage per level over 5 seconds and reduces the target's healing and regeneration by 50%. This damage is not lowered by armor or magic resistance.
Why?.. Because this is useful for Early game kills. Ganking DPS with Low HP... Ignite is perfect for the job. Fleeing? Cast it before they get away! Throw a knife while your at it :3
(Will update later)

Items :

Trinity Force
Boots of Switfness
Last Whisper
Infinity Edge
Wit's end

I had a good match that was dragging on and Seized this opportunity to record a few minutes of gameplay footage. This is very late game where I could chop down 2k HP in 3 slashes. If you ever get to this stage, oh man. the fun has just begun![/QUOTE]Harass (Throw your nuke and run!)
Simple, throw knife and step back!
If you can't do it without dying, Deceive, throw knife and run!
Repeat and Harass till two or one bar of HP. Then go in for the kill. Deceive and run to their back then start. Make sure you SLASH first, then throw the knife! Double slow is better than single.

Backstab/Burst DPS (I'm right behind yewww)
This is a late game tactic. Very similar to Ganking, this is Solo ganking and you target ONLY enemy DPS champions. With the Sheen and the Last Whisper, you will be able to take out DPS champions in 5-7 hits. With ignite, even 4.

Diversion (Let me show you my Twin who explodes into knives!)
This is a good tactic for most situations. As long as you don't run into a mob of 3-5 champions, then it'll be more-so effective! It will work especially good against Disablers and Nukers as they will unload everything on the clone before you strike them! This is how it works! Invisible next to them, Use your Hallucination (Press R beside them, or in front of them. This will spawn your Twin clone right beside you, but they will only see the Clone. Why? Ah, so you would like to know! Something called "Casting while invisible" will keep you invisible. The only thing that will reveal you is the Two-Shiv poison, as it deals direct damage from you to the target. The Clone and the JitB deals indirect damage therefor it wont reveal you. If your lucky, the nuker will unload it on the clone, then you strike them from by surprise! this way, Ryze or Veigar or even Morgana wouldn't be able to disable you! Even Ashe with her Pesky Ultimate Arrow might poke your Clone. Good way to make the enemy waste their skills! :3
(Will update later)

Item build!

Just to Clarify, I am a DPS Shaco, not AP Shaco. Please don't bash my starting Ability tome just cause it adds AP.. kthnxbai

Original Item Build for my Shaco.

My item build is as follows from the start of the game to end.

1. Ability tome + x1 Health Potion (435+35 Gold)
2. Mana Crystal (Or Sheen if you can) (ManaCrystal 400 Gold) (Sheen 825 without Mana Crystal, 525 with Mana Crystal)
3. Sheen (Skip if you got it in step two)
4. Boots of Swiftness (I use it for movement, change at will)
5. Longsword -or- Recurve bow -or- Last Whisper (If you have enough for Last Whisper, get that first. If not, get Recurve bow, If not that either, get the Longsword. Last whisper is used for Armor Penetration, attack speed and extra 20 damage. Very good against any characters.)
6. Sword of the Occolt (If your getting kills often) -or- Ingreds for Infinity Edge
7. Anything that adds DAMAGE or ATTACK SPEED. (often some would pick out LIFESTEAL, but it is useless late game or 5v5 team fights mainly because they deal damage too fast for you to regen with only 15-35% Lifesteal power.)

Feedback Item Build for my Shaco.

1. Long Sword (415 Gold. Get potions if you feel insecure)
2. Long Sword (415 Gold. Get Brutilizer)
3. Brutilizer
4. Boots (Which ever you feel best suited for your situation)
5. Last Whisper or Recurve bow or Long Sword (Get the next if you can't get the first)
6. Sword of the Occolt (if your getting kills) or B.F. Sword (For Infinity Edge OR Black Clever)
7. Infinity Edge OR Black Clever
8. Which ever you did not get above
9. Anything you want. Usually, I get more damage or a Phantom Dancer.

Espionage 04-13-2010 05:24 PM

My POV of a shaco player that, AP shaco goes down quicker than a AD with lifesteal faster. In early game when your opponent's hp is still below 1.5k, AP damage is more significant. In mid/late games, AD deal a load more damage. One thing i notice about shaco is, he is a backstabber that should not engage in teamfights for the 1st 4-5s when the most painful nukes are being casted. He is the person who pick off low hp opponents when they are retreating. With the new haunting guise, AP build maybe be slightly better in the late game.

Jai Huynh 04-13-2010 06:50 PM


That is pretty true. AP Shaco is much more powerful early game cause his dagger ratio is 1:1 I believe... but getting just the Ability tome is enough AP for the beginning. His Two-Shiv poison is deadly on its own and adding 20 damage is a big boost early game. If your laning with ranged champion, harassing just got so much better for your knife. If you lane with maybe a Nidalee, Ryze, Veigar, or any other ranged champion, getting one of them down to half early game is pretty scary for them. If your brave enough, go for first blood. Ghost into the grass, Pop out with deceive and hit them in the back. Thats about one bar of HP early game xD. Another Two-Shiv is half-whole bar. A stab in the back and ignite would get you early first blood/reg kill. Puts you in a good position cause early Sheen = Run around and gank more DPS Squishies x3

Plus, DPS (AD) Shaco is alittle weaker than AP Shaco in the beginning, but Late game.. AP Shaco can only jungle gank with his Nukes in a Box D: (I have to admit, my first few AP Shaco games were enjoyable with those Boxes xD)

SD Kakashi 04-13-2010 07:00 PM

Your skill build is very similar to mine, I also go AD.
It would be interesting if you could share what rune/masterie combo you run your shaco on.

The guide is simple and good. :)

Jai Huynh 04-13-2010 07:06 PM


Originally Posted by SD Kakashi (Hozzászólás 1035289)
Your skill build is very similar to mine, I also go AD.
It would be interesting if you could share what rune/masterie combo you run your shaco on.

The guide is simple and good. :)

Hmm.. Right now, my Rune is Simply Mana (I believe I get 100 bonus mana at start), Attack Speed (6%) and Critical Chance (15%). This is not a complete rune book as I do not have all my slots filled up and I do not have any Quintessences.

My mastery is simply 9/0/21. 9 for the Ignite mastery, cooldown and extra critical chance, 21 for the cooldown, ghost mastery and... Something else I dont quite remember. If you want, add me on my MSN or simply add me ingame! I have my commentary and my User on the left side (:

MSN : Kevin84265@hotmail.com

Naphtal 04-13-2010 09:36 PM

i'll be frank, this can be considered as an average AD Shaco build. the fact that you aim for sheen and DPS shows that you have an idea of what Shaco is capable of buy have yet to truly find out what is really effective. dont get me wrong, attack, damage, attackspeed and power are pretty much invaluable for any Shaco to pull of a kill. however you seem to have failed to realize that Sheen is actually one of the worst items on Shaco. here are some of the reasons

1. going for ability tome rather than crystal condems you to having to scrape up the bottom of what little mana pool you have especially in early game. +20 AP is pointless if you can only cast 2shiv and box a small number of times. you say you have the golem buff? what if the enemy anticipates this and gank you at the golem area? what if you die at level 1 -2 due to a tough nuker lane because you dont have decieve yet? what if the enemy dominates the lane and hinders you from farming long enough to waste your buff? many things can happen in lane especially in higher ELO.
2. by buying tome you condem yourself yourself to +20 AP and 200hp, losing a potential 200mana from crystal and 400hp from potions. you wont last in lane that long given the fact that shaco's HP is relatively small.
3. Sheen does not give a significant amount of damage boost and utility as compared to getting a brutalizer or some other damage item. 80% of you base damage isnt that much as compared to 25 damage and 15 armor pen. not to mention you have to wait 3secs for it be given a chance to proc again. it wont help in killing minions unless you somehow find some magical way to fire off a spell every 3 secs without hindering your mana.
4. If and when you manage to get to level 6 you practically tell everyone on the opposing team "hit me i can deal 80% more damage on my next attack" whenever you use hallucinate since sheen gives out that red glow effect on your character. you pretty much destroy any chance of you creating chaos and hesitation w/in the enemy ranks once your character glows the obvious sheen glow and gets focuse fired to death.
5. Sheen doesn't benefit your image at all. your image deals 75%(i think) of your damage. sheen does not give any damage to your image as compared to some other damage or aspd item. it wont help you break towers or kill dragon at level 6.

There are more reasons but i'd rather not state more. since i assume you get the idea. your guide also neglects any form of def/hp/survivability item. yes, shaco can go invis and teleport away. however this does not remove the fact that he is one of the softest characters in LoL often lagging back a good 1000hp as compared to tanks. the are times when your decieve is in cooldown and you are forced to duke it out with the enemy DPS. you will need some way to keep you alive. GA is a good choice in this case, since your image also benefits from the resu.

in summary i suggest you reconsider your item build to be more well rounded and consider other posibilities, rather than a single "must keep dealing damage while they beat down my paper hp" idea.

Jai Huynh 04-14-2010 03:54 AM

@ Naphtal

Hm.. Early game, 20 Damage is more beneficial than you think. Yes, mana crystal does give a huge MP boost, but when you get the Golem buff, you regen every last bit of Mana after every Two-shiv Poison.

You mentioned something about getting ganked while at golem buff. I usually have a teammate stand gaurd there. In most cases, your trying to stack JitB for the golem. If the enemy champion walks by, let him eat your JitB. You should have enough to take down 2k HP early game before Golem spawns anyways.

About the Sheen. Don't underestimate that item. It may be a tad useless early game.. but when your attack builds up late game (Such as 200 damage With half your item build), with Deceive and an automatic Critical strike with a damage modifier with your Passive.. Plus 80%. That's a pretty big attack jump.

I'm considering Shaco as a Tank DPS (Warmogs, Leviathan, Atma's Impaler.. all those good stuff) and making a video from that. Considering Tanks later game deal mass damage from Auto attack.

If you want to make use of the Sheen, best way is to Deceive, hit them, knife, hit them, jitb anywhere, hit them and Hallucinate, and kill them. It's that easy to take full advantage of the Sheen.

Espionage 04-14-2010 06:43 PM

@ Naphtal : Please read my post on how to engage using shaco, it's not the best but against 3 people with 500hp left while you only have 1500 hp. They will be slowly picked off 1 by 1. If they turn against you, just ulti and pop a jack in a box.

CS RaiL 04-15-2010 02:12 AM


Jai Huynh 04-15-2010 04:47 AM

@ Espionage : You can initiate with 1.5k HP (Im pretty sure at level 18, you should have a base of about 1.8k HP with Shaco. Use runes to your advantage. Maybe get a Warmogs armor when you complete your item build of choice.)

If you feel like your dying too many times, skip the infinity edge and get the warmogs before it. an extra 1.3k HP wont hurt. Besides, your gunna need to build up your Warmogs with minion kills (Minion kills = Money, Warmogs HP)

@CS RalL : Gtfo. Why you linking us to a different guide? Seriously, Give an explanation Pl000x D:<

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