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Average Gatsby 06-30-2011 09:27 PM

Art Spotlight - Leona, the Radiant Dawn
There are some days when it can feel like there’s nothing new under the sun. It’s at times like these when a good artist can truly be a guiding light in the darkness. This is why we feel especially lucky to have our very own Katie DeSousa, who just happens to be a shining example for artists everywhere!

Please enjoy this high speed rendition from Katie as she sheds some light on Leona, the Radiant Dawn.

AoOni 06-30-2011 09:27 PM


WarTornPanda 06-30-2011 09:27 PM

Do want.

Nocturnes 06-30-2011 09:28 PM

Truly radiant...

Kudos to the art team. This is fantastic.

AlphaPhoenix 06-30-2011 09:28 PM

Hard to believe she's from the same place as pantheon.

EDIT: Is it me, or is Riot taking a different approach to champion art with the nearing release of season two?

LastProvidence 06-30-2011 09:29 PM

I'm pretty excited for a sword and board tank.

But armored high heels do not belong on a knight :/

Lizerus 06-30-2011 09:29 PM

Is there going to be a July 4th skin for her?

YoungUnicorn 06-30-2011 09:29 PM

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Pretty stoked on her. The shape of her dress reminds me of The Penguin, lol.

OnionThief 06-30-2011 09:30 PM

Taric got a new skin?

hiddeneagle 06-30-2011 09:31 PM

it works now at least

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