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Kazric 06-26-2011 01:45 PM

The secret of playing Yorick, by request
I) Runes:
Set A : Generic Yorick DPS(aka the phreak build)
Armor penetration(Purplz)
Armor penetration(red)
Magic Resist(blue)
Set B: Offensive Mastery Variation.
Flat hp(Purplz)
Armor penetration(red)
Mana Regeneration(yellow)
Magic Resist(blue)
There are only 2 builds I would even consider going with yorick, 11-0-19 or 9-0-21.
The 11-0-19 build is exactly as phreak used in his champion spotlight and centers around the utilty aspects for mana regeneration and cdr and the offensive for a slight dps increase.

The alternative I would only reccomend with Set B runes.

III) Skills and Summoner spells:
Yoricks abilities are all useful despite what a lot of people say.
Q) Speed buff, damage, ghoul
W)Slow, damage, ghoul
E)Heal, damage, ghoul
R) Clone Ghoul
Always take Flash and Exhaust. Both are necessary for Yorick for two reasons. Yorick does not have an escape mechanism, so exhaust and flash can each be used as one, aswell as both being able to be used to score extra damage(flash+ Q for the killing blow, or exhaust while W is up to double the slow effect and score more damage.)

The skill order that I reccomend varies. Depending on both if you're in a solo or duo lane and who you are laning against. In almost all cases I would reccomend Q first. This will give you the ability to farm well as it resets the cooldown on your basic melee attack and does bonus damage.

In almost all scenarios you should take W second. This will close the range gap with the slow, and allow you to begin harassing via ranged spells.

Taking E at level 3 provides enough healing for you to stay in lane at all times and farm and adds a little bit of harassment to your ranged arsenal of spells(Now W and E)

From 1-11 I strongly reccomend the following skill order
1-Q 2-W 3-E 4-W 5- W 6-R 7-W 8-Q 9-W 10-E 11-R
From after this point you should place your skills as you need them, if you need more burst Q is better, if you need more harass or healing E is better.

IV Play style:

Yorick excels at harassing early game. Essentially you need to farm creeps until level 4 and then begin to change your spell focus to enemy champions. At 4 you should have two ranks of W which will allow you to slow and dps, and 1 rank of E which is a subtle extra bit of damage and healing. The goal in playing yorick is to win in the early game so that you arent just a slowbot late game. The way to do this is to synch all of your spells effectively and scrap back and forth for kills or force the enemies to back so that you are free to farm. Open with W, this will apply the slow and put a ghoul on them. Follow W immediately with E, this puts a second ghoul out and slightly damages the opponent. Now that the enemy has 2 ghouls wacking them and a slow debuff, immediately go in for the Q. If you are able to stay and wack on them some more rinse and repeat, do it and continue to keep doing it, however if you get all three of your attacks off and the enemy is putting equal damage on you, or is not going to be able to be killed or forced to waste summoner abilities take the damage you have dealt as a victory, wait for cooldowns and do it all over again. By doing this you can slowly ware a target down and eventually get them where you want them to combo them again for the kill.

Yoricks ultimate has 2 main uses, to generate an extra carry at the start of a fight or to revive a carry for extra damage if the carry is to die early. It is almost always pointless to use it on a tank because the degeneration rate still will only let him last ten seconds. The only alternative use would be a revenge kill. To use it on someone so that their death is not in vain.

V) Items:
Always start with dorans blade. Because Yorick is reliant on farm and his 3 damage abilities scale off either damage or bonus damage the dorans blade is the ideal starting item.

Stay in lane and farm a tear of the godess. Now that you have this item you shouldnt have too much of a problem with mana. Now you are free to farm and harass as much as you please.

After you have your tear, you need boots(mercury treads always) and to finish off manamune. Depending on how the lane is going for you either back to get boots and then again for manamune or hold off and get it all at once.
(Manamune accounts for over half of yoricks end game manapool which is necessary, provides slight regen, and provides great bonus damage synching with a trinity force)

The next item you need to get is your phage. Phage will give you bonus hp, a third slow, and extra damage.

After phage you need to get a sheen. Sheen increases your mana pool slightly and gives a great bonus damage increase on your Q ability(similiar reason as to why nasus gets sheen).

Finish your trinity force and then build an atmas impaler and spirit visage in the order in which you need them(atmas for dps increase and armor(opposing teams carry>caster) or spirit visage for MR HP and Heal(opposing teams caster > carry). These two items will effectively increase your health, healing, damage, armor, magic resist, and give bonus to cooldown reduction.
Your last item will generally be situational depening on what you think you need but some generic reccomended are :
Sunfire cape, Aegis of the Legion, Shurelias Reverie.
TL: DR items
1) Manamune
2)Merc Treads
5)Spirit Visage
6) Situational

In conclusion I find yorick to be an awesome champion, very enjoyable, and despite all the flame you will get for playing him a great asset to the team. My last two games as yorick have been victories in the 1400 elo bracket with scores of : 9-3-13 and 16-5-6.

I am posting this by request of several people and hope this provides some help to summoners struggling to find purpose to our new favorite graveyard dweller.

edit: I am always open to questions and look forward to some feedback.

smoking dad 06-26-2011 01:50 PM

Awesome Guide.

Pep Legend 08-08-2011 11:09 AM

Yorick's ultimate can also be used on your tank to make a meat shield to hold tower aggro while you dive them or take turret with no minions. Remember his ultimate counts as a champion to the turret so it will keep attacking it even if you hit another champion... Has gotten me many towers.

Will the Llama 12-09-2012 01:37 PM


Originally Posted by Pep Legend (Hozzászólás 12581734)
Yorick's ultimate can also be used on your tank to make a meat shield to hold tower aggro while you dive them or take turret with no minions. Remember his ultimate counts as a champion to the turret so it will keep attacking it even if you hit another champion... Has gotten me many towers.

That's one of the ways I use his ult( It's extremely useful in my opinion), During the laning phase, if you ever have a chance( a smart chance, not over extending and being stupid) lvl 6 or higher, ult yourself and take that turret out

also If you're solotoping against another solotop and you have to engage, your ult will give you that edge in the 1v1 game

Will the Llama 12-09-2012 01:40 PM

Also(I forgot to mention this in my post) I would also recommend building a Frozen heart

great mana bost to syngerize with the manamune, plus the armor is great too

jalhalla 12-09-2012 08:38 PM

hmmm i would max your e first it has range does the most damage and gives yorick high sustain not only that but when maxed has basically no cool down if they're not focusing as soon as its gone you can cast another and spam you heal they die. i also buld boots first then tear then boots to mercury treads and then manumane. ideally i want to end with atmogs muramana and frozen mallet. trinity is good as your w also scales ap and then i like bt. muramana is ridiculous with his e

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