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McAwesome2 06-14-2011 10:33 AM

One game per case?
I've had this happen twice now. The case I get to review only has one game attatched to it and only 3 people reported the person in this game. Why does something like this even make it into th tribunal?

Pyroxite 06-14-2011 10:45 AM

Because the backlog of people awaiting judgment who were reported in like ten separate games is getting shorter. And currently there is no system I'm aware of that limits which players go into the Tribunal, it's just anyone who has been reported. I think.

leacky 06-14-2011 12:33 PM

Personally I am looking forward to having to judge a player on 1-3 games regularly. When there are 5+ games I feel the need to look through everything and sometimes that clouds my judgement.

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