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Fatty Al 06-14-2011 07:11 AM

Things the Tribunal NEEDS
Okay, so theres a bunch of threads out there of what to add, but I have done pretty much the max amount of cases since the Tribunal was available, and have thought of a few things that are needed.

Please read through these, I spent a lot of time thinking of these and how to explain them.

1. Game Type: Ranked/Normal/Co-op/Custom. We need to know what type of game it is. We will be harsher on ranked games being that you are expected to do sorta well, and not troll. Don't join a ranked game if you need to leave. People care about ELO and it can be shown in the Tribunal. Regular games can be a little more lenient. Co-op would be useful just to know in case something arises like that (these will most likely be rare). There are a lot of reports I have seen for what I think are custom games, but I can't be sure. For example, I think for one I was reviewing an ARAM game, and one person was reported for farming side lanes. I would like to make sure this one is custom before I punish.

2. All Players Scores: It would be so helpful to see the other players scores (with their champion pick and items). In many cases, people are reported for verbal abuse, but everyone has games where you get a feeder and nobody is happy. If someone gets reported for calling someone a feeder (and taking that path to worse things), then I would like to see if that person was indeed feeding. If they are feeding, then I will be more lenient. A good way to implement this would be to not include the player names, but replace them with the champion selection at every place. It is surprising that Riot let the player names (other than the one on trial) to be shown. I think it would be tons more useful to have the champion names instead of the summoner names.

3. Scores over time: What do you do when you get an AFK report, but the person is chatting away. Do you really know they are sitting in their base AFK because one or two people say so? You can't be sure of that. Would it be possible to get a graph of kills, deaths, assists, creeps killed, damage done? It would essentially be a curve with different colors (one color for each stat). This way we could tell if someone was indeed AFK or if people were just saying it. This could be implemented into need 2, being that it would be best if we could get charts like this for every player (maybe in a pulldown menu or something).

4. Leaves, Kills, and Tower Kills in Chat Log: This is going off of number 3, but within context. It would be extremely helpful to have these in chat, to get an idea of what is going on. Based off what has been said before it could include "Teemo (in green for ally) has slain Malphite (in red for enemy)" or something to that extent. At the moment it is extremely hard to piece together games if the chat isn't that great. We almost need verbal abuse now to pick up what is going on in game...

5. Premade Status: Who was premade, who was solo. This one is less important, but can play a large part. I have too many times (both in Tribunal and in game) seen a premade of 3 or 4 report their pub-nub for feeding if they do bad. There is nothing we can really do at the moment in the Tribunal now, being that we just see 4 reports for feeding and that they did bad. This would look like feeding even if they didn't try to feed, but just had a bad game.

This is all I have thought of at the moment, but I really hope Riot sees this and can implement some of it. I truly believe it is in the communities best interest to get this information when reviewing cases.

Postypost 06-14-2011 07:14 AM

check out:

there is a similar list, add yours:)

Fatty Al 06-14-2011 07:28 AM


Originally Posted by Postypost (Hozzászólás 9919436)
check out:

there is a similar list, add yours:)

Added mine pretty directly, didn't follow the numbering, but it is sorta the same with a little more description.

Synthesse 06-14-2011 12:28 PM

I agree - game type is super important, because trolling in a ranked game holds more significance/severity than trolling in a custom game.

LordZZX 06-14-2011 11:04 PM


NOVA Resonant 06-14-2011 11:21 PM

Wow, great list. One quick button I would like to add is an easy button for and offensive name in the tribunal. I haven't really had many but it's kind of a waste of time to sit there when the person has an offensive name. Generally the people with offensive names really don't take the game seriously so it makes it that much faster for a quick ban.

One last thing is a filter for the chat so we can filter out some of the chat from other teams or from the team of the reported.

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