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AIM7Sparrow 03-26-2010 02:56 AM

[Guide] Being "Viable": So You Think You're Smart?

Saving the mods trouble and closing thread on my own.

My apologies to everyone who was offended by my thread, however, my views on the issue remain unchanged. In hindsight, I realize the tone of the original thread took away from what I intended, which was simply to elevate the standard of posts on this forum. I see now that the way I presented my issue only contributed to it.

Again, no hard feelings towards anyone. This was my own doing and I can accept that. Kindly do not bump this thread either. Editting posts will suffice if anyone has anything to be said to me; I will check it.

donnyRocks 03-26-2010 03:24 AM

too long didnt read.

but man I can't wait for Gentleman Chogath's skin, amirite guys?

Eppa 03-26-2010 03:35 AM


Originally Posted by kaidonico (Hozzászólás 902840)
too long didnt read.

but man I can't wait for Gentleman Chogath's skin, amirite guys?

I agree.

El Techno 03-26-2010 03:39 AM

Got 'em.

Churchy 03-26-2010 03:41 AM

I read a few paragraphs in but it reminded me too much of my own guide I just wrote a few minutes ago. I want to make sweet passionate love to you for that and then strangle you after violently raping your mother and/or sister in front of you.
Want to touch sea monsters?

Der Cutze 03-26-2010 04:13 AM

so, which champs do you consider most viable in mid-elo?

Necrax 03-26-2010 04:14 AM

i guess +1 is viable here...

BrünoTheßőőtiful 03-26-2010 04:40 AM

Wow, very stupid thread for someone claiming to be so smart. Firstly, what do you want to discuss on guides and strategy forums, if not guides and strategy. Secondly, you say nobody learns anything from these forums..... Quite clearly wrong, I never knew you could flash mid-ultimate as pantheon for example. And finally, this is YOUR problem not ours, if you cant stand the sight of the word viable, then dont come on the forums. Problem solved. Instead of moaning about a pet peeve just play with your team and enjoy the game.

Only Fiddle Mid 03-26-2010 05:42 AM

Made a few corrections, I think it flows a bit better overall now. +1!


Imagine the following scenario if you please. It's Thursderp afternoon. You've just gotten home after a long day of Derp and Derping Derp. Being the derp derp that you are, you've had to correct your teachers on the numerous amounts of derp they habitually do not make during class. I mean, seriously, how much of a derp can you be, Gosh. After all, not everyone sits in the back row like you do, it might be hard for them to tell. So anyways, you grab your medication from your mom whom you live with still after 35 years, hop into your stool, log onto the LoL forums and scroll through the latest buzz in the Guides and Strategy section. THE STORY ENDS HERE. Sniperness is pleased at what you find and he will explain it to you.

The Solution:

Top Thread Topics:
New Shaco Viable?
Guide: How to be a good player
Omfg awesome combo Tiamat + Wit's End
Guide: Kassadin: Discussing the over-discussed
Best 2-person combos in game

Seem like bad threads, yes? No. Sure, people ignore them, but I'm willing to bet my computer that most of you who see those threads instantly think something like:

C. F5
D. Now where did I put my medication again...
E. Insert your genitals here
F. All of the above

And by the way my computer is powerful; I'm the guy with the 2 nanosecond loading time so if I'm right about this I could care less. Take my computer so I can steal another one.

Celebration 1:

Now, why are these threads giving me hardons (and the rest of those who are too brave to not post anything) so much. Because, frankly, we become aroused at the fact that you're trying to be this thoughtful, oh look at me I can't use my brain, I don't know how to use the word "viable" after seeing other people use it, fellow derp LoL thinker. You say that you're fake and that you really don't want to learn and discuss? I call truth sir and you must spend an eternity serving as part of my bondage crew, (yeah I'm the rainman, *****. Obese, derp, cute, and have a sea monkey in my pants.)

You wanna know if Shaco is viable? Go make a thread about it you smart man. Don't try him out and you better not tell me if he's viable. Btw, continue saying the word "viable." Yes, you are smart because you can say it. Yes, you are masking your true question, which is: Do you like spam? And yes, you're giving Snipes a lot of hardons and Snipes has took his viagra but not his meds and will soon explode all over Vesuvius and onto his clan-mates for no reason and will get banned from his vent and cry. (And then find you and touch you while you sleep over the course of a year, and I'm an Derpity Derp in training so actually I probably could make that happen seeings as I do it every night to my Indian roommate can so call me if you are interested)

Celebration 2:

So you're just one of those sad-and-emo kids, I'm here to cry to others, why not spread a little derp around to sadden everyones' games, crying-emo derping man kind of guy? Well I suck my thumb at you and spit at your genitals because I do it too. You want to post "10 Tips to sucking on a hotdog?" (haha puns, get it? LoLer! ^.^), well chances are everyone learned a lot from that whole thread. And if they didn't, they won't remember to use it next time and/or would have learned it anyways on their own cuz HOLY **** OTHER PEOPLE HAVE DERP DERP DISEASE AND CAN DERP TOO!! All-in-all, it's just a pleasure on everyone's eyes when they see the 15th thread about tips and tricks of this game. (Psst, here's a little hint: ADKJASDLKSDFLKSER woops sorry my meds are defiantly needed.) So go out and make threads about it.

Celebration 3:

Food combos sound great on paper but take that **** to the food network and even then, adsklesd83ur DERP DERP DERPIDTY DERP DERP DERP HERP DERP oh **** I REALLY NEED MY MEDS. We've all thought about food combos in hopes of having people +1 our delicious bacon. Chances are it's something new. Chocolate + Bacon? Yes it's never been thought of before you suggested it, come up with more stuff already!

Celebration 4:

We need anymore Kassadin guides for the love of God. We need more people asking if DPS Kassadin is viable. KEEP SAYING VIABLE! ARGHRAGE! MEDICATION PLEASE HOLY DERP!

Celebration 5:

You get the point. Keep giving me hardons.


Save the whales. When you come home to play LoL, all you need to is tilt your head to the side, smile and drool a little, and press QWER really fast, I do it all the time!

Also, not too sure at how the feedback will be, but give it your best shot! I'm expecting fabulous responses and they certainly are erotic. HAHAHAHA! Derp.

<insert generic shout-outs of people that pretend to be my friend because I have none in real life here>

CommisarCain 03-26-2010 05:55 AM

Meh. For a smart guy you sure sound dumb. Youn know what they say...walks like a duck....

Gentleman cho is gonna be pure win.

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