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Andromansis 03-25-2010 11:19 PM

Comparing Demigod to League of Legends
Now a lot of you have come straight from DoTA to LoL, and complain about things like denies, jukes, tangos, deltas, micros, lady gaga, flying purple monkies, the republican party, and the unrealistic portrayal of what a healthy female body image is in the american media (do you like chicks that look like Fiddlesticks?),

but, I surmise that comparing LoL to Demigod is a much fairer comparison.
First off, Demigod and LoL are both third generation variants of DoTA. Aeon of Strife being the first generation, and DoTA being the second generation, whereas Demigod and LoL were both inspired by this music video, with its hot swedish chicks, effeminate males, catchy beats, and awesome lan party action.

So lets start comparing gameplay elements.

1: Character selection
Demigod had 8, count them, 8 champions available at launch. Later, somebody cracked the two extra champions that were locked away in the game files. You could build these champions 100 different ways though.
League of Legends is creeping up on 50 champions, most of which have at least 20 or so viable builds.

2: Stand Alone Clients
Demigod's client is in DirectX Over9000. It has rediculously good graphics if you computer can run it.
League of Legends has a coherent art direction, and a relatively light graphical processor load. Takes about as much physical memory to run as Demigod though.
The DEMO for Demigod is like... 600 megabytes for the installer. LoL's client installer is like 400 megs.

3: Optional Map Objectives : Neutral Creeps VS King of The Hill towers
In League of Legends, we have stuff like THE DRAGON, The Golem, The Lizard, Baron, some weird dogs that give you a 15% movement speed buff.
In Demigod, they had king of the hill towers which did similar things. You'd capture a tower, and it would buff your team. Stuff like HP, Damage, more minions, secret shop.

4: Commander Type Champions and entourage minions VS Tibbers
Demigod, while only having 8 champions available, was especially interesting as you could play as a commander champion. Commander champions got slots for summoning tokens, and usually had one ability that would spawn entourage minions. You could control the entourage minions in much the same way as you can control Tibbers in LoL, but you had a whole entourage of them.
You could get priests that follow you around and heal you and your minions, siege gunners, some other stuff. Basically it made the game pretty awesome to play.

5: Maps
At launch, Demigod had 6 or 7 maps. These maps, in and of themselves, were fully modelled 3D objects in the game engine. Here is a good example of what a map's proform looks like.
The size of these maps ranged from about the size of twisted treeline to about double the size of summoner's rift. Game size ranged from 2v2 to 6v6 I believe. Could also do 1v1. Each of the maps had a beautiful background and had a great atmosphere.
In League of Legends, I am so sick of Summoner's Rift.
Both game had static map elements, with 0 dynamic map elements. The maps are never different from game to game.

6: Super Minions VS Priests, Angels, Catapulasaurus and Giants
Now... a lot of people complain about snowballing. Both being momentum based strategy games, and the fact that its not that difficult to swing the momentum around and use it against your opponent (read: the art of war, book of five rings, and judo instruction), I'd say that lot of people are a bunch of sissies.
Personally, I'd say that the gated way Demigod handles the minions is pretty slick, and I like it.

7: Items
Demigod's Items VS League Of Legend's items

8: But what can I get for free, cause I enjoy free things and want to check out Demigod before I troll your thread:
I'd say league of legends wins out in this category, but the demo for demigod is still a lot of fun and completely worth the time to check out and play a couple of games.

I probably missed a whole bunch of categories, but meh. I'm tired of typing.

JunkRamen 03-25-2010 11:20 PM


20 or so viable builds

Sinistral 03-25-2010 11:23 PM

Your point being?

No, seriously, are you going anywhere with this?

Comparing apples with oranges.

Andromansis 03-25-2010 11:25 PM

Except its not Apples and Oranges,
its Red Delicious Apples VS. Granny Smith Apples.

Sinistral 03-25-2010 11:32 PM

Wellllll, no.

Demigod has never really taken off.

Nobal Kain 03-25-2010 11:34 PM

You must not know much about Demigod because for months now there have been 10 playable characters. No one 'broke the code to unlock them'. GPG made them and added them for free. All you need to do is log in an online game and they will be downloaded. They where never 'hidden' in the game and took them forever to make and put out.

Also besides them both being based of DoTa they have little in common play style wise. You can't really compare them, and no one really cares to. Demigod for the most part is dead.

If you think LOL matchmaking needs work you should have been there for Demigods first few months. I have no clue how it is now since I pretty much stopped playing it after getting into LOL's Beta.

Andromansis 03-25-2010 11:34 PM

So maybe a better comparison would be Red Delicious Apples VS Those Pear-Apple Hybrids that they only grow in japan so they're expensive as all get out but still juicy and delicious and made of win.

Emergencia 03-25-2010 11:38 PM

The game has 10 champions? Really? I get bored with 50 champions, I can't even think of how much it would suck with 10.

03-25-2010 11:42 PM

They both have a very different play.

Even if you feed Jax for an hour, he probably won't win a 5v1. If you feed the Unclean Beast for an hour, I can tell you he will ****ing solo your entire team on your fountain (which doesn't have a doomsday laser on it).

I like Demigod because it has so many skill options in the game. If you pick a hero, you aren't forced to play him 1 of 2 ways, you can make him a few different ways.

On that point, Demigod has summoner generals (half of them are summoners, half are 'assassins') which I love. Mainly because you gotta make some tough decisions in char select. If your team is all assassins, you are gonna do very strongly at early game, but come end game, you can be overwhelmed by the enemies massive armies they can summon. This is similar to LoL but generally all heroes get better as the game go on, not many peter off into MORE uselessness at the end game.

With that said, LoL has a lot more items, and maybe 1-3 different ways to play most champions. But there are so many more champions, and they pretty much fill the same roll as building your Demigod champion in a different way.

How ever Demigod does have a ton of maps (compared to LoL) all of which are a lot of fun. And the first thing I noticed about LoL, coming from Demigod, was a lack of flags to capture. And I was like, wtf am I meant to do until I can start taking down towers? Which is where, for me, LoL is vastly different. In Demigod you can pretty much focus on getting the occaisional gank, and pulling down all the flags all over the map, you don't have to rely on creeps for exp and gold. So it's a bit harder to shut you down.

If you judge a game by graphics, then Demigod wins hands down. It beats LoL with a crowbar then cuts it's face off. I installed Demigod for the first time on my good computer, and I was seriously like >.> :O It looks amazing, but, I generally am not that fussed over graphics.

LoL on the other hand forces you into lanes and to play directly against your opponent.

I prefer LoL because it's been designed around matchmaking and online play. Whereas I gotta go join a custom game in Demigod, and I hate that. I really do love Demigod, it's just so much fun, but I'd choose LoL over it.


Dafe 03-25-2010 11:42 PM

demigod got liek 20 ability to chosse from... that was so awsome... you can be the sniper focussing on defence and range... or go staight assasin type... or be the big golem (cant remember his name) who get ****ing damage and spawn turret everywhere or go Defense and be a tank...

they had so many way to customise hero... so yeah 10 hero... but with all those compinaison its like having 30 hero...

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