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icemephit 06-01-2011 11:02 PM

looking for opinions of kog'maw builds
So right now i'm trying to decide between these two different builds for kog'maw the first is a physical damage oriented build
zerker boots
frozen mallet

the second is more of an on hit build with a bit of physical
wits end

with the first build i'd use a full AS rune page, and the second would be neerly full as but have 5 ap per level glyphs so that his bio arcane got an extra % (using the ap/lvl summoner talent as well as the ap from malady)

what im wondering is, which of these builds do you think would have a greater damage output/mobility/utility? I understand that they are glass canon build so survivability is low, but which would have greater output? The first build suffers from lack of armor pen but the second build suffers from low hits.....any opinions?

TL;DR: looking for build advice

Warrrrax 06-02-2011 05:52 AM

Physical builds are kind of a waste on Kog. Sure he has 750 range for a brief time, but no AS booster and no escape. You mine as well play Trist with that loadout.

Instead Kog has heavy magical damage. Magic damage DOES NOT CRIT, so PD is OUT, as is other crit boosters. The 6% barrage is magical damage, along with his ult, puke, bloodrazor dmg, etc.

So, I build like so: FLASH and whatever else.
red magic pen runes, and whatever else. AS is good as is MP5. 9-0-21.

Meki Pendant and 2 pots. max Puke Carpet.
upgrade to CHALICE asap for spam all game long.
get SORC BOOTS as this boosts your damage all game long.

Now, focus on AS and on-hit damage.
Malady - heavy AS, some dmg, magic resist shredder.
Bloodrazor - heavy damage.

Frozen Mallet - as needed for Snare and survivability.

Then Wits End which puts you at over 100 resist and armor, adds more on-hit dmg, and AS.

Lorifel 06-02-2011 06:27 AM

I guess Kog (after the recent patch) is a rare example of a champion being able to gain benefits from Archangel's Staff + Manamune combo.
74 AD at lvl 18 (from maxed Manamune) = +37 damage for your Ultimate
126 AP at lvl 18 (from Archangel's Staff) = another +37 damage for your Ultimate
2700 mana pool and 32 MP/5 regen to spam all day long
0 survivability (but who needs it on Kog seriously?)

Some items with MPen would be highly welcome though.

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