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Rinoa 05-29-2011 10:43 AM

CLG vs RS discussion thread
All 3 games complete, CLG wins 2-1 and is going to Dreamhack!


Keep the discussion here :)

coolgy 05-29-2011 10:43 AM

WW pick inc for RS.

Imaqtpie 05-29-2011 10:43 AM

**** you

Creach 05-29-2011 10:43 AM

Oh really? - i think we can see everything on the Riot Stream!

Old Man Trouble 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

Denied qtpie.

GL RS! (1-1)

Picklesnshakes1 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

Reserved for later commentary. I will be updating this post as the game progresses. We'll see how my amateur predictions go.

Pre-game: CLG appears to have a far-superior team composition. 4 straight CC champions with 1 (Vayne) minor CC. Rock Solid has only Taric and WW to rely on for consistent CC, with Karthus (slow) and Irelia (situational stun/slow) filling minor CC roles. In terms of damage dealing capabilities, RS has a slight advantage in raw DPS, but the beefy nature of CLG's lineup appears to mitigate that advantage severely.

It's likely we'll see AP Alistar, hybrid Cho and tank Amumu. Anivia is a resilient caster with her egg, which leaves only Vayne as the clear focus target. This could provide an advantage to RS, as CLG will have 3 worthy primary targets to choose from-- Karthus, WW, and Miss Fortune. Being able to definitively know who to attack first in a team fight provides seconds of lead-time and allows a coherent strategy throughout the course of the game. It will be up to CLG to keep Vayne protected as she is their main source of sustained DPS and will undoubtedly be the whipping post for most of RS' fury.


Random Pre-Game Questions:
1. Will RS use Taric in a roaming capacity as we have seen in other matches recently? Answer- NO
2. Will Warwick build survivability in order to maintain a stronger team presence in fights? Or will he grab attack speed items along with Madreds and pursue a %HP DPS route to counter CLG's HP-heavy team? Answer- He built hybrid
3. Same for CLG's Anivia. Will she build into straight AP in an attempt to nuke-out the relatively low-HP of the RS squad, or will we see a hybird (lol) build more suited for lane pushing and tower dives? Answer- Heavy AP with Banshees

Unrelated (But still immensely important) Question
1. Anybody else remember the computer game that came inside boxes of Captain Crunch (Crunchberries) back in the 90's? Great game. Loved my crunchling.

Early Game Observations
1. SaintVicious grabs top golems before creep spawn to gain a level advantage before laning phase.
2. First blood grabbed by Anivia ~4 minutes.
3. Karthus will need some help from WW in order to combat Anivia's superior range. Haven't seen it happen yet.
4. Phreak is much better at sticking to the action. :D

Mid-Game Observations
1. We are starting to see the disadvantages of letting Cho'Gath farm and become immune to all forms of harassment.
2. While I was typing this I missed the RS ace of CLG 22 minutes in. I am starting to see the disadvantages of keeping a twitter-esque post of this match.
3. Underdog RS looking very strong despite pre-game predictions of having an errant team composition.
4. Karthus proves his worth as a champion 27 minutes in, scoring a double--near quadruple kill before CLG aced RS.
5. A quick Baron kill by RS at 29 minutes shows an advantage of having a heavy-DPS team composition. 5 second Baron=Results

End-Game Observations
1. CLG has a hard time picking a worthy focus target. Irelia is too tough, WW has Lifesteal, and Karthus has his aura/6 seconds of post-humous usefulness.
2. RS proves with their team composition that you don't have to build a traditional 2+ tank arrangement to win in tournaments.


Pre-Game Questions
1. Having seen how RS builds their team and plays, will we see some new moves from the CLG squad who, in the past, have maintained a pretty traditional roster? Answer- CLG radically altered their lineup.
2. Will we see a level 1 teamfight this game? Both teams seemed cautious, but RS is coming into this round with increased confidence. Perhaps they'll be bold. Answer- No. Both teams assumed defensive positions but neither initiated.
3. Why does Lee-Sin keep getting banned? Who's the superstar with him? Answer- Apparently one player on RS is a great counter-jungler with Lee Sin
4. CLG suffered last game as a result of their low overall CS farm. Will CLG stay in the lane more this round, or will they keep with their jungle+roamer setup? Answer- They abandoned the roamer strategy and instead focused on creep farming.
5. If RS wins the match overall--propelling them to Dreamhack--will we see another thread from HotShotGG? Answer- They didn't win so I don't know.
6. Wow! What a team composition for CLG. I guess that's not really a question... Answer- No it is not.

Early Game Observations
1. No idea what to expect from CLG. Not only is the champion arrangement different, but the players themselves are outside their traditional roles-- Chauster playing support in particular.
2. No roaming from CLG, but rather from RS.
3. First blood by HotShotGG and SaintVicious at 5:20.
4. Despite commentator suppositions, health potions do not provide the user with lifesteal.

Mid-Game Observations
1. A great exchange top tower between Swain/Nunu and WW/Irelia. All looked well and good for RS until Annie showed up and popped Da Bear.
2. 62,000 people don't have anything better to do with their weekend. Myself included.
3. Interesting to see HotShot mainly play champions whose strategies involve lots of creep farming. Last game Cho, this game Swain. Outside of tournaments he's a big Nidalee/Malz fan.

Late-Game Observations
1. CLG shows how to win a team fight. Lots of maneuverability and properly-timed flashes. Spread incoming damage amongst the entire team and don't chase lost targets while on the offensive.
2. At this point, it appears as if we will see a game 3. RS simply couldn't anticipate the team composition and vastly different playstyle of CLG. RS stayed static while CLG adapted around them.


Based on the team compositions, I anticipate a victory for RS. Alas I have some errands to run so I won't be able to watch and make comments. Can't wait to come back and see the results.

MetalGearLuigi 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

All hail CLG!

Spellbreakz 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

in before clg picks janna

Edit: i failed, kill me

Edit 2: I call a swain ban for game 3

Edit 3: Yay i was right this time! Kill me anyway.

JJD 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

eh, after this fiasco, i just wish CLG would qualify..

Bigcrits 05-29-2011 10:44 AM

Lee Sin, the Banned Monk

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