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Business 08-30-2009 12:25 PM

Item Key Bindings?
Can the game interface cope with user made key bindings? I'm thinking 1,2,3 to be used for the item slots, and make items moveable in their given slots. Not a big deal, but, would help. Also, if people want to change QWER ability bindings, maybe let that be available, I've heard complaining about the finger positioning for QWER and AS for summoner abilities (although I'm fine with them).

Just a suggestions =) Love them personally, but, more options = more happy.

maxterdexter 08-30-2009 06:32 PM

The A and S caused me trouble the first day (AKA yesterday), but I'm ok now.

About the items, I haven't read in great detail the effects, but there are casteables besides the consumables?

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