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KeVoN xD 03-19-2010 05:46 PM

nivia`s frosbite
5 seconds cooldown for his main nuke is much, i suggest to reduce it to 4. With anivia its nearly imposible to land a second frostbite because of it short range, plus they always run before and it s5 seconds cooldown, + im nearly always with a good 20% cdr.

RHINO Mk II 03-19-2010 08:13 PM

Please stop trying to get your main buffed. She is fairly balanced now. Get CDR. Have a 3 second nuke.

Anhi 03-19-2010 08:29 PM

You have two slows, a stun and a wall. If you can't cc some one for five secs try working a different play style out.

Also, your flash frost deals more damage (no joke), has a slow and stuns your target, with one spell. Bust out the skill shot for max kills dude :D

Tarnen 03-19-2010 08:52 PM

will people STOP complaining about anivia...she's FINE if you can handle her, then DON'T play her! She IS the most difficult champ to play so get tough.

KeVoN xD 03-19-2010 11:48 PM

Men you dont understand, i have tried other caster like karthus ryze and annie, in case of arthus he has a sustained dps not a great brust, but in case of annie and ryze they can blow al your life in a combo, In the case of anivia your combo usually does 1/2 their hp and a little more plus you get out of mana so easy. look at annie she charge her stun go tibers that like 3 seconds anivia`s ult, wich is a LOT cause there are little change that any player will stay more than that in the storm, plus she can double inci, plus another aoe, using her shield she can go for another stun then easly. In ryze case there is not much to say, all of you know that he can blow all your life or all yours team lifes in one nuke with his ult. So if you dont play anivia please dont bother anwering this treadh cause i have tryied many casters and anivia is the most funniest one but the most unrelaiable one, cause they have to be stupid to stay in his storm while you charge your second frost bite. Plus 50% of the time they just flash and your frostbite is lost in the time (for the ones who doesnt know you lose your mana and they dont get hurt) Stop syaing she has 2 slows, cause one is a skilshot with is the slowest one in the game + she get OOM really fast., so her item build is like nearly always the same..

Difficuklt to play? i dont think so, any experienced player can play her well, if you know the game its easy to pick a new champion and do relative well with him and after nearly 3 matches i can say im doing really good with him. But i have nearly 220 played game with i tryed many champions, i fought againt many differents champion so i think i can say what i say with securance.

plus i think if many people complain about her then it isnt about difficult or not, cause i dont think that many peoples are bad players or can`t handle an slow skilshot..
Its like saying "if many people don`t like what obama is doing its because they dont understand politics"

sry for my english again


RHINO Mk II 03-20-2010 12:53 AM

If you can't figure out how to use her effectively, I strongly suggest you choose another champion. Riot is not going to buff her directly any time soon.

Craixis 03-20-2010 01:01 AM

Anivia is one of the most difficult casters to master, but she can be extremely fun to play. If done right, you can use Frost Bite with Flash Frost to have it deal double damage (if a target is suffering from Frost, your Frost Bite deals double damage, meaning you should only use Frost Bite if the enemy is in your ult, or has been hit with Flash Frost, if you catch em with the stun, even better.)

She's got insane control in team fights, vs characters like Annie or Ryze who rely strictly on how much damage they can do in X (being their snare/stun) time, or Karthas, who more or less relies heavily on how well placed a Lay Waste is (its an easy skill to avoid, but used with a slow it can be one of the deadliest harrass spells in the game.)

Anivia's not great because she deals epic damage, she's a great champion because she can wreck house if you know how to place your wall, ult, and aim your Flash Frost (which sets up for a Frost Bite...)

Anhi 03-20-2010 01:14 AM

Anivia is extremely reliable to me. I think you might be confused in your english. No offence.

Skill shots work in phases. At first you'll go against opponents who know nothing about your skill shot and get caught blindsided by it. Then there's a phase where they know about your skill shot and kind of how to avoided it. Then there's the phase after that where they expect your skill shot to do certain things and anticipate it. And then their's the phase after that.

If you are having trouble landing your skill shots its either a) you're not practiced enough with them, or b) your moving into a new phase where your opponents avoidence is much greater than your skill shot targeting.

The best players don't just use their skill shots when they are convienant or when they see an opening, but they make situations where their skill will land no matter what. In a way, they force thier opponets into making a bad a descion therefore landing their skill.

An easy way to see this is if you use your wall. You place it in a fleeing opponents path. it diverts them around a far edge. You know where they must travel, and they do too, but if they don't go you will eat them anyways. They are trapped. All you have is time. Extrapolate that idea out to other situations and you can see how anivia isn't underpowered but most often under played.

Your oom problem will clear up once you start landing more skill shots too. You'll have less wasted mana so you won't feel OOM all the time. And you need to use clairty :)

AND a slow skill shot doesn't mean its bad. If you play corki, yeah it will seem like your ff isn't even moving. But that means you can do other things with your shot that other champs can't. Its not weaker, its just different.

Anhi 03-20-2010 01:17 AM

another pro tip kevon is to not keep your ult on. use it for its chill effect and then turn that sucker off. it has a low cd and will be up again before you know it. You get reall good when you bounce between chilling your opponent with ff and storm while the other is on cd to always be dealing insane burst :)

KeVoN xD 03-20-2010 08:43 AM

You aregoing to other sides, i have never complained about placing his skillshot + it exploding with q again.. i have played anivia as i told before, and i know that i have two turn off his storm plus if chilled frostbite = double damage.

Im just complaining about the 5 secondscooldown that nearly 90%of the time it makes imposibble to land a second frostbite with chilled efect, our just witouht it.

I use combos like r>e>q>w and the e(frost bite) just isnt at time to land it again.
Or q>e>r>w the same happens nearly always, the cooldown dont let me land that frostbite in time, they run or they chilled effect go off

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