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JhonB 03-17-2010 06:21 AM

Hybrid jax - what runes?
OK, so for a hybrid jax (guinsoo, triforce, nashors) what runes would u get to benefit u most? Also masteries?

I'm thinkin:
red: armor pen / magic pen / attack speed?
yellow: dodge obviously
blue: flat cdr / cdr/lvl / flat mr / mr/lvl / mp5?
quints: same as red / flat hp?

I'm just askin this bcos theres AP and AD builds out there but i couldn't really find a nice hybrid guide.
Also, what can you do against rly bad harrass early game? I mean like a really nasty zilean plantin bombs on u 24/7 or something like that. With an AD jax you could get some life steal to compensate but afaik early regen items are a waste on jax.

Any help is appreciated.

Doktordeath 03-17-2010 08:56 AM

i`d say the only way to handle with harrassment in early game like the timenoob is to just **** them with your mate. Jax is incredible strong in early (imo), especcailly agianst mega-harassment zilean with manareg instead of lifereg^^

ichi the killer 03-17-2010 09:21 AM

A good friend of mine uses and he has a lot of success with his hybrid jax:

red: armor pen
yellow: dodge
blue: flat cdr
quints: dodge again

Dodge is the key here since it gives you a nice bonus early game. And dodge is kinda hard and pricy to stack. I've tried it and it works like a charm. Only prob: mana! You'll have to grab golem buff or a mana regen item.

JhonB 03-18-2010 01:12 AM

Thx for the input. Just hit lvl 20 yesterday so finally i can buy some lvl3 runes :)

Razzee 03-18-2010 01:36 AM

red: attack speed
yellow: dodge
blue: cdr/lvl
quints: flat hp

yeah, you can stack dodge, but you'll often find yourself with a cd on counterattack, so you dodged and cant stun. attackspeeds increases your dps a lot, more ulti procs and more normal attacks, armor pen just push your normal attacks, and magic pen your spells including your ulti proc.
on masteries 21/9/0
archaic knowledge and nimbleness are key
thats how i play him

Klaste 03-18-2010 01:52 AM

I do pretty well with Jax. However, of all champions, I don't think he really needs CDR. Anyone benefits from it, of course, but.. his abilities are all so short it doesn't make a huge difference. Especially since a large portion of his damage comes from autoattacking.

Personally I go similar to these other guys..

Marks: Attack Speed
Seals: Dodge
Glyphs: Mana/5/level (Allows me to spam his moves without ever needing to go back for mana, or be empty. Makes a huge difference early/mid game. /level balances with flat at level 4.)

Quints: Dodge

I go AS on runes and zerkers boots, that way with guinsoo that's all the AS I need. With this many dodge runes, and the 2% dodge from masteries, and the 10-18% from counterstrike, you really don't need more; after ~23-30% dodge, 25% attack speed makes a bigger difference than ~10% more (due to the way dodge stacks, tabi wont give you a flat 11%).

Also, I know you didn't ask for this advice; but for a hybrid Jax, it's awesome to get an atma's impaler right after guinsoo, then get a health elixer right after that. Check my post on how Atma's synergizes with Jax's passive:


Klaste 03-18-2010 02:28 AM

Also, about the harassment, especially zilean; I like to hang back until a minion or something procs counter strike, then use W, Q, then E, then either back off or push depending on his/your hit points. He will drop a bomb on you, maybe two, but dont let the bombs make you back off before they go off; Act like the damage is already done, and make him pay for it. Just back off once they go off so he can't get you with more.

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