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donkykong13 03-14-2010 11:43 AM

Master Yi Build
What build should i use for Master Yi? Attack?

Zero47 03-14-2010 12:47 PM

Master Yi is pretty easy to build. Go with DPS, that means some attack speed, some attack damage, some critical chance. You will probably want to use a Infinity's Edge (for two reasons, one it's a cost efficient way of increasing DPS if you have enough critical chance, two focusing on criticals gives you burst damage which is nice for ganking). Something you want to consider is that your Highlander ultimate gives a huge attack speed bonus, but attack speed caps at 2.5, so don't go buying too much attack speed items. Once you get better at LoL and better at Master Yi you will notice that sometimes a different item than your standard build works (such as a Banshee's veil if you're getting stunned alot).

Long story short, I'd just experiment with a few item builds (you can find premades one in the topic Complete List of all Guides). And don't be afraid to stray from that item build if you think other items are better for the situation.

Silster 03-18-2010 09:33 AM

+ crit damge runes
mostly offensive masteries

I'd go with Vampiric Scepter as the first buy, helps for staying in the lane long enough to buy the next items and not have to waste a point in meditate unless things get hairy.

Then Executioner's Calling, seems every team has numerous champions counting on lifesteal or heals to stay alive or stay in the lane longer and the added crit + lifesteal is great for yi anyway

Then Berzerker's Greaves for attack & movement speed

Then Zeal on the way to phantom dancer or Infinity Edge depending on what kinda cash you can muster early

After those I usually go for a Phage on the way to frozen mallet, or head for bloodthirster or Last whisper or Banshee's Veil depending on what I need to drop the enemy champs. Or if your already owning fairly well, grab a green potion and go to town mucking hero's and you'll pay for it in no time.

I take Alpha strike first to help keep minions off tower, rake in gold, and harass champs, alternate heavy with wuju style and avoid meditation until I need it or start getting the blue creep buff so I actually have the mana to use it and not be OOM when I need to pop highlander. Push the tower in whatever lane I'm in and once I get some breathing room I head out to jungle, drop the creeps to get the buffs, drop the dragon so team-mates have 1 less complaint about jungle yi not helping (+130g to all). Try to drop into lanes while jungling to help push or hopefully drop an enemy champ that's gotten too far away from his tower.

I'd recommend cleanse for sure since yi has no defense against stun/snare/BLINDNESS of his own...and I'm still trying to decide between Rally and Teleport. Teleport is great for tower pushing and saving teammates, but rally has saved me numerous times....even against another yi that out lvl'd me and had both creep buffs (which I thoroughly enjoyed after owning him), but then again I don't know if he was wise enough to take an Executioner's Calling to slow my healing from lifesteal.

Anyway, there's my 2 bits for what they're worth. Good Luck, Have Fun, and don't let other ppl get to you. I've been called a great yi as often as a terrible yi...I consistantly have more kills that deaths now, #1 on team minion kills and building crashes. And whether I'm praised or ridiculed always seems to depend on the moral fiber of my teammates and whether my team wins or loses. But though a great yi makes a big difference, all it takes is 1 stun/blindness when cleanse is down against multiple champs and it's over...without making contact via physical damage he's just another low HP target.

Riot aBhorsen 03-18-2010 09:35 AM

Infinity Edge and Phantom dancer. With those two Yi is very potent. Just get Cleanse to avoid some CC.

wildfire393 03-18-2010 10:04 AM

The two most important items are Last Whisper and Infinity Edge.

Do not start with a vamp scepter, for the love of god. You are melee-ranged, meaning that vamp only gives you regen when you're practically humping the creeps, making you incredibly vulnerable to harassment. Start with a Doran's Shield.

Rezialn 03-18-2010 10:39 AM

When I play Yi, I'm adjusting my build to enemy champs, always, so I couldn't give you a standard build. I can give you some tips on good items though.
Beserker Grieves
Infinity Edge
BloodThrister (Yi can max these things like a beast. Sometimes I stack them)
Banshee's Veil is a must.
Last Whisper is good for beating down tanks.
I don't care for the cost of phantom dancer.
Always take cleanse. Always. I don't care who tells you other wise, I don't care if someone QQs about cleanse being nerfed, never, EVER play a game with Yi without taking cleanse. Cleanse will make or break your ganks. It will make or break your survival. If you do not take cleanse, you're going to miss the kills you need to build Yi into a monster.
Exaust is great too.

Pyronymer 03-18-2010 02:04 PM

Successful Yi wants, survival, survival and some survival.

Runes? Can't think of what to get for some portion of them? Nothing good on Yellow? GET DODGE! Nothing good on Blues? GET MR! OK now you are allowed to spend your reds and quints on some Armour Penetration or something for your damage output.

Masteries? MAX OUT DEFENSE TREE. Currently I'm running Yi with ONE RANK in the Offense tree. Just for Exhuast. THAT IS ALL. The rest is climbing defense to the top, with the spare ranks chucked into Utility for some mana buffs.

Summoner spells? Cleanse + Whatever. BUT TAKE CLEANSE. With it (a rank in improving it in the defense tree) and your Ulti, and your OTHER survival you will escape almost any bad situation ever.

Items? Now you can get comfortable and buy some DPS junk.

BUT Your items WILL include at least 1/3 to 1/2 survivability gear. Your build WILL include a Frozen Mallet. Take your time building it, but AT LEAST get the health gem early on, if not as your start item.

DON'T BUY ATTACK OR SPEED BOOTS. You don't need the speed, you have your ulti. You don't need the +25% attack shoes, they suck. You will buy Ninja Tabi or Merc Treads depending on the opposing champion selections.

DO start building something fairly vampiric fairly early. You don't have to complete it NOW but after you've at least started your boots and your mallet you can consider getting the scepter.

If you need even more defense, and you might, build either madreds razor or wits end or something that gives you MR or Armour (depending on opposing champions) while giving you attack boosts as well.

Yi has all the damage in the world just for being Yi and throwing a few daggers or something on top of that. So make him last longer so he can damage more.

Chaudazealan 03-18-2010 06:24 PM

I've been playing Yi for quite a while now and have developed a build that works very well for me. First off, for runes go +crit dmg or +armor pene(trying these out right now to see how they compare with crit). With runes, 4-5 shotting can happen in 25 min if you were to get 5-6 kills(not that difficult) by then. Keep in mind this is a glass cannon build, so it won't make the best iniatiator until late game when all the lifesteal is healing you.

Here's my item build:
Vampiric Scepter
Serker's (upgraded from dagger)
Malady (upgraded from V.S., 2x dagger)
Cloak of Agility
Cloak of Agility (this is where kills come easy)
BF Sword
Inf Edge (Upgraded from Cloak of Agility, BF Sword)
Cloak of Agility
BF Sword
Bloodthirster (Upgraded from BF Sword)
Games don't usually last this long, but I would upgrade the cloaks to phantoms eventually.

Final Items:
Inf Edge

That's about 1.7 aspd, 300 base dmg, 80% crit chance, and 30% lifesteal.
1 v 3 is entirely possible if no one on their team stuns or blinds, and for that reason always go for the stunner first.
Have fun.

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