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Lima Beans 07-18-2009 12:35 PM

What would you like to see in Chat / Buddy Lists?
In the ideal world, how would you like to see the PVP.NET chat and buddy list system work?

BobLoblaw 07-18-2009 05:00 PM

Me, personally, I don't like having to alt + tab or minimize the client to get to the buddy list or chat. I'd like to see them all integrated. Possibly carve out some space somewhere and have it solely dedicated to the buddy list/chat or add it as a tab on the summoner profile (the former ideally).

07-18-2009 05:26 PM

Having it integrated in the main window.
Being able to see notices for it and log of them (has joined/left pvp.net/practice game/normal game/ranked game)
Being able to talk to my buddies at any point if they're online.
Having more than two colors for the status (having status like afk/in a lobby/in a game)
Being able to join a game that has my buddy in it (follow)
Being able to have a groupchat
Better sorting

07-18-2009 05:29 PM


Originally Posted by Lima Beans (Hozzászólás 7892)
In the ideal world, how would you like to see the PVP.NET chat and buddy list system work?

in the ideal world it would work, atm people who I KNOW are online, are not showing up online or ingame.

also, i would love to see in-game messaging so I don't have to alt-tab to communicate without a mic.

Lendari 07-18-2009 05:32 PM

Can you make it so that you can message everyone on your friends list like battle net?

micha 07-18-2009 05:33 PM

Listed due to priorities:

- Having it integrated in the Main Window, instead of 3 Windows
- Beeing able to creat own channels, wich will be always joined at startup
- Channel Administrator Option, Channel Administrator should be able to kick/ban/set password
- Buddylist should show is if peoples wich are on our Buddy List are ingame, maybe how long they are already playing
- Buddylist&Chat should mark afk people specify
- Buddylist&Chat should show a miniversion of the Avatar
- We should be able to join a Practice Game in wich is a buddy, via Buddy List
- Peoples wich are online shouldn't be showing up in the normal Chat Channels, thats just unclearing everything
- We should be able to Chat with eachother, also when one buddy is ingame, and the other one is at PvP.net
- We should be able to invite Peoples so specify Chat Channels
- We should be able to integrate Clans & Clan Chat Channels (Clan/Groups)
- A feature like Battle.nets /f m text wich is whispering to everyone on the Buddy List

Marduke 07-18-2009 07:46 PM



micha 07-18-2009 07:50 PM

Thats cool Marduke, i want exactly something like this thats really awesome.

Zarol 07-18-2009 09:38 PM

Niceeee photoshoping! I like the idea and something along the lines of this would be nice

Symbiant 07-19-2009 04:55 AM

I would love to see a "recently played" list where it shows players we recently played so if we liked playing with them we can add them as friends. I also agree that we need a system in-game friends list so if we see someone we like we can add them then too.

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