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Shadow Blade100 05-03-2011 03:48 PM

!?! why even play kog !?! (not raging, i promise)
ok so AD, corki and tristana better. MagPen = low dmg/survivability unless chewing tanks (the absolute only thing he excels at). his entire setup is low survivability which = wasting 1 or 2 summoner spells so he deosnt feed all game, which kills his early lane and getting himself fed (no exhaust and or ignite/heal) fed. AP got nerfed to ****. what can he do that is not better accomplished by others (except die trying to take the tank, heck, maybe he gets the tank, but he is dead)

he needs a buff.

oh yeah, and on top of all these flaws, he is so focused that it is hard to lay waste on the enemy team due to low atk range the sec his W is fried.

one more thing, i have laned with ezreal and ashe with kog, and with W active ashes auto atk range is almost as good and ezreals is the SAME as his.

LeadStriker 05-03-2011 03:53 PM

that's why macro is important sometimes

Chingmeister 05-03-2011 04:30 PM

You know whats gona mess up your head even more?

That Malz makes a better ranged carry than Koggie since his base W deals 45% AoE HP damage (Kogies base W will do to a 36% to a single person (6%x6 hits)).

Silence > Snare.

Built in dps passive rocks on Malz. So Malz dps > koggies dps.

Overall, base range on Malz > averaged range on Koggie.

R Malz >>>>>>> R Koggie. No question here.

Mana regen built into Visions means that you can go all AS runes, so AS on Malz > AS on Koggie.... leading to DPS Malz > DPS Koggie.

Take your Koggie build, and put it on Malz and tell me what happens.

PS: It does kinda sorta sound like your raging !!!

shubomber 05-03-2011 04:39 PM

When and how did AP Kog get nerfed?

Shadow Blade100 05-03-2011 04:47 PM

so kog is simply op compared to other ranged carries? ALL OF THEM? idk how it doesnt warrant a HUGE buff then

Shadow Blade100 05-03-2011 04:48 PM


Originally Posted by Chingmeister (Hozzászólás 8500009)

PS: It does kinda sorta sound like your raging !!!

i was stating facts, they are just so bad it does sound like raging, you cannot compare this champ to any others and not say "omg he needs a buff he cant do ****"

ZOMGTURTLE 05-03-2011 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by Shadow Blade100 (Hozzászólás 8500724)
i was stating facts, they are just so bad it does sound like raging, you cannot compare this champ to any others and not say "omg he needs a buff he cant do ****"

Ummm... I've seen a lot of very good Kogs that did quite a bit. I'm not overly familiar with playing the character, but I've played with and against him a good number of times. With W up, he does quite a bit of damage to anyone, tanks included, and usually by the time it's down, the fight is either won or lost, and you just continue staying in the back and sniping with ult.

He's very much a "hit and run" character. You blow everything you got, then stay away from people and drop ults. I've been playing quite a bit of Brand lately, and have had to get used to the Annie style of "Blow everything and wait for CDs" playing. At least Koggy with a Bloodrazor is still fairly useful when his W is down, Annie or Brand are USELESS when they're on CD.

Kuryaka 05-03-2011 05:04 PM

Kog's strong earlygame as an AP caster - over 500 base HP at level 1 allows him to take a few hits while he counters with Void Ooze, which is a SLOWING line shot that does not decrease in damage as it penetrates.

Living Artillery is better than Corki's missiles for scouting and just overall harrassing - can reach behind minions, less of a DPS tool than another way to go Kog. It's not especially good, but can help kill enemies from afar, and he can keep doing this even at low HP from afar.

Caustic Spittle is still next to useless. AS boost does very little, and a skilled player can beat Kog'maw easily.

Without items, Kog'maw has the highest base DPS of all DPS champs due to Bio-Arcane. With items, he's pretty balanced - stronger than most, but doesn't have any way to chase or escape. Kiting with Void Ooze helps with escapes as long as the enemy doesn't have dash.

I've seen a magpen hybrid Kog'maw build which seems to work quite well. Bad scaling on Living Artillery. Void Ooze is just a lineshot slow in endgame (once they remove the glitched spellvamp) so AP is not terribly good. He will be able to rain death while Bio-Arcane is on CD. Or use Bio-Arcane once Living Artillery costs too much.

Shadow Blade100 05-03-2011 05:07 PM

kog is dead before he gets to cool downs, one dash is all it takes, then they unload. and normally i find that the other team wont initiate team fights unless i am the one being initiated on. i have gone 4 whole minutes in mid with all ten people present, and they didn't initiate until i was the one they initiated on (wait long ebough and they always find an opening)

Kuryaka 05-03-2011 05:11 PM

I built AS Kog and decided to kite stuff one game with Frozen Mallet. Void Ooze + Ghost should be enough to escape from most situations - about the same strategy as playing Cassiopeia.

He's not bad, but other ranged carries have a lot more utility when people learn to dodge. Only thing he is useful for, besides DPS, is killing nubs or raining death in a teamfight.

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