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Xocolatl 03-06-2010 02:16 PM

[List] Shutting down your nemeses with proper items
Most people swear by some core items for their builds, while others refuse to even touch anything else that is outside of their buillds. Although the former is very normal, the latter is devastating to your team.
I don't know much about which item to use against who, but I'll start up a small list. And hopefully other people will help complete it for the stubborn people out there.

Champion: Sivir, Jax (and anyone who stacks dodge)
How you can tell: They will pack a Phantom Dancer, or Stark's Fervor. And especially if they get Ninja's Tabi.
Item to use: Sword of the Frikkin Divine.
Comment: Seriously, get the sword if you can't hit the enemies. Apart from being a great DPS boost (lots of AS, and magic damage proc), it will make life a lot easier against these guys. It's good on just about anyone in this game, since the active ability can be casted from far away, meaning you don't even have to put yourself in harm's way. Preferably goes on a DPS though.

Voidgolem 03-06-2010 02:21 PM

...what about a Jax that just settles for doing hideous amounts of damage via Leap Strike/Empower/Lichbane?


MR ruins AP-stacking casters, Don't hold off on a Banshee's Veil/Quicksilver Sash/Plain Negaton cloak if the other team's packing mass magic damage.

...and if you do hold off for some reason, don't complain when Fiddle or Ryze eats your team.

Norak 03-06-2010 07:50 PM

If you are vsing faster firing DPS (I.e. Teemo, Ashe or Twitch) then a really good option is Frozen Heart (especially if they are ranged and/or you are a caster).

This makes them attack 20% slower, gives a sh*tload of armor so those attacks do less, plus gives mana and CDR. =)

wildfire393 03-06-2010 07:59 PM

Executioner's Calling: For Mundo, Soraka, Taric, Jana, and Alistar
Oracle's Elixir: For Evelyn, Twitch, Shaco, and somewhat Teemo
Thornmail: Good defense against Yi/Twitch/other meele carries
Force of Nature: Single highest MR item in the game makes it good against casters
Aegis of the Legion: Counter AOE damage with AOE damage mitigation
Last Whisper: For Armor Stackers
Quicksilver Sash: Get out of Annie's Bear, Ryze/Morgana's Snare, etc.

ObjectiveTruth 03-07-2010 06:43 AM

If you see in the loading screen alot of heavy hitting abilities:

Ryze, TF, annie, blitz, morgana.

Do yourself a favour and grab banshee's veil. It will basically make them not want to waste their ability on you.

MBirk 03-07-2010 07:17 AM

Some champs are built to sort of do their own thing, and not care what others are doing.
You build to maximize their strengths, making reacting to the other side less important. While others have their strengths trivialized by the other team when built well, and thus need to react.

Take Sivir.
Chalice-gives mr and m regen. Purely a sivir buff, and thus can't be countered.
Starks- team buff. Again, this isn't about hurting the other team, as it is buffing you, your team, and npcs around you. There is no real way to counter this. Stacking Armor is the closest you can come. Its a support item, not really a pure offensive one.
Aegis of the legion. mr, ar, and +10 damage aoe. def and off support.

These three items are literally good in every possible situation for sivir. Past these, you can now ask. Do I want to hit harder? inf edge/bloodthrister, or do I need to arm pen, black cleaver. or is the other team hitting me too hard, and I need guardian angel.

Boots should always be reactive.

Tanks on the other hand, should very much be focusing on armor, or mr depending on the other teams makeup.

Cryohazard 03-07-2010 08:02 AM

Sometimes the best defense is a good offense.

To that end, Rylai's is fantastic for upping your burst and giving you extra breathing room. It's even worth getting on nukes that slow already, since it compounds with them (although it is soft-capped, there's a noticeable difference.)

Cooldown reduction is also invaluable for getting your GTFO or gimping spells up for when you need them. Depending on whether you want to go offensive (Nashor's Tooth, Deathfire Grasp, Brutalizer) or defensive (Spirit Visage, Glacial Shroud, Frozen Heart) there's a decent array of options- and with a full set of blue CDR/level runes combined with a few choice masteries, you'll rarely need above 30% in items (25% will cap me out).

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