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Bruster 04-30-2011 03:40 PM

[Help] About High ELO Champs
Hi guys,
I know that alot of people will ask "why are you curious about this if you even are playing ranked games?", but that's why I'm doing this. To know a bit more about playing like the "big players" that surround this whole LoL World.

From the start I was excited about Garen, but along the way I saw that he isn't that good in overall therms, slow build (needs to be feeded) and only 1 CC (if silence can be called that).

After that I tried Ashe (before the update) and didnt have problems, and at the right moment she's one of the most used range AD carry at High ELOs, isn't that right?

Searched for AD melee carries and found Tryndamere, but he's overshadowed by CC champs on teamfights...got a bit of luck on some rounds, but nothing beyond that.

Xin is a good AD too, fast killing movements but not much HP to hold on TF.

My question is...who's more support/babysit independant and have better ability to help the team? Jarvan, Shaco, Xin or Renekton? Survivability on TFs and good gank capabilities?

Silent Reaper 04-30-2011 04:30 PM

Garen is good, but you have to know how to play him, I heard stacking several dorans blades, Sunfire and then straight up going for Atmas, Last Whisper and Youmous is good (supposedly hes an assassin type but I cannot confirm this)

Ashe is okay, but too squishy imo.
Jarvan and Shaco are pretty good choices for solid champs.

My rep: +2300 Games

Advice: Pick a champ you like to play and become good with him/her.

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