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Voidgolem 03-05-2010 03:29 AM

AP Tryn?
For the sake of goofing off.

So, fiddling with practice games, this is what occurs to me:

Tryndamere with Soulstealer and Guinsoo's. Probably not what's bought first (I'd still go for Zeal + Boots, at least), but still present.


Anyhow, discuss. Bloodlust gives crazy healing and Spinning Slash hurts, but...I'm not entirely sure about it.


Food for thought.

MaSsan 03-05-2010 03:38 AM

he will be a healer which heals only himself, which suits to be a tank.

However, only thing he can do if he goes for AP is spinning and healing(as well as ulti), which makes him rusher with no hp but good health regen.

This strategy will be useless once team fight start but he will do alright on lanes.

Just my opinion.

Bechermeister 03-05-2010 03:39 AM

bloodlust sux with ap, it heals you for charged guinso for 135 health more, so u heal for
400 (8 * 50 ) + 135 = 535. But it hink it should work 8 * 185 , that would be much better.

Spirit visage is much better chioce then guinso it has CD some MR, bonus regen and buffs your healing around same amount as guinsoo.

guinsoo + ss = 135 + 270 healing power = 400 so it heals u for 800
guinsoo + spriit vissage = 535 * 1.30 = 700.

ss and visage cost same, but visage works whis way allways not just at 20 stacks.

There goes your AP build :D.

spinn is 1:1 but, u are autoatacker with huge critical, so why put all focus in one skill.

in the end with trynd u have 400 dmg thats nearly as good as 220 ap form full mejajah and guinsoo.

Voidgolem 03-05-2010 03:49 AM

As I said, probably not the first items bought. You'd still buy a Zeal and/or Executioner's Calling beforehand.


Higher spinning slash damage certainly helps with farming, and you get more AP (and, for that matter, spinning slash damage) from a tome/rod than the equivalent +damage items.

Guinsoo's gives you attack speed, which Tryn benefits from, and it's not at all hard to cycle it up.

...I'm not exactly keen on doing proper testing, though. Hrm.

Bechermeister 03-05-2010 04:02 AM

k so u rather spinn for 700 once in 9 sec then crit 3 times for 900 in 9 sec?

i explained healing.

I do like guinsso on him also. But ap is waste

Voidgolem 03-05-2010 04:43 AM

You can spin in for 700, crit twice for moderate damage, and then spin again, cooldown's not all too long and goes down by 2 seconds each time you crit, you see. And you'd still be stacking crit chance (as mentioned repeatedly: AP junk would not be your first item)


But also as mentioned...kinda hesitant to do proper testing. Fares well in bot games but...anything would.

So far, main problem is Spin's kinda tricky to aim and doesn't seem to like connecting when it should.

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