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PimpDaddyPayne 03-04-2010 08:56 PM

Poppy build discussion?
Poppy is by far my favorite character, but there aren't many guides for her out there, and I wanted to see what other fellow LoLers use when they play Poppy. For me, typically I use Exhaust/Flash, I have 21 points in the offensive mastery tree, right now I use Crit Dmg/Crit/CD Reduction runes, and during a normal game I run these items: 1. Trinity Force 2. Berserker's Greaves 3. Malady 4. Phantom Dancer, and then from there I grab whatever, game usually ends before I can finish Phantom Dancer or around when I finish it.

I find that Poppy just hits so **** hard when you crit constantly with Devastating Blow mixed in there that take massive chunks of their HP out, and the attack speed is amazing for life steal. When almost every hit crits, I find myself being able to wreck people in team fights when I use my ultimate on a non threatening enemy.

Kendouy 03-05-2010 01:16 AM

I'm actually interested in this too, just discovered how fun Poppy is!

Rachsal 03-05-2010 06:01 AM


as a poppy enthusiast, i'm gonna join this discussion. i play her as a burst carry and use a build lelouch zero suggested with some tips from other players.
all points in offense

boots (movement 3)
BF sword
BF sword
Trinity force
infinity/ bloothirster
infinity/ bloodthirster
whatever is needed

as i mentioned above, i play her as a burst carry. thats why i dont go for AS but for two swords. with them and Trinity your devastating blow gets alot more power.

why boots 3 ? because u want to position yourself good for the charge. and as a hero killer u want to be faster than others. boots coupled with paragon let u run very fast.

btw: Devastating blow cant crit. at least it was that way last time i checked.

your build is a classic attack speed build. nothing wrong there, but you dont buy any damage items. hm, you may crit often, but u dont crit for much.

well, just presenting my strategy

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