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Disparage 04-26-2011 12:05 PM

Quick akali rune ?
What is the ABSOLUTE minimum bonus dmg you need to gain akali's passive?

Right now i have 9.5 bonus dmg from runes and masteries (5 Marks of Strength and a Tier 2 Quint of Strength, obviously with +3 from masteries), and i wondered if i need to save up to change my tier 2 AD quint for a tier 3, or if i can just get 2 more Marks of Strength and change that quint back to flat health. If i get 2 more Marks of Strength and switch the quint back i have a net gain of .2 AD (totaling 9.7 bonus dmg). I read somewhere that 9.5 activated the passive, this is not true, the tooltip says 10, and I want to know if you have to hit that on the dot. I am just trying to spend the least IP now that my rune set is so close to being done.

Disparage 04-26-2011 01:13 PM

So my math was wrong, and with the 2 marks i was at 6.6 from rune page and it DOES activate it, 6.5 does not go figure, but good to know for future reference.

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