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kanacho 04-17-2011 12:59 PM

[Design] Tellis, Acolyte of the Tormented
Thread Closed

Rentaromon 04-17-2011 01:42 PM

ok the idea of a caster that uses a ritual type effect to power his spells is interesting. i like the first power, but it realy dosent need that many effects on it.

the second power is just to much, lots of hp and armor and magical armor, plus u can summon creatures.

the E demon summon is ok

the ultimate is a bit to much in 1. it costs souls and gives souls, deals damage to everything, and gives a permanent on kills.

some of the powers are just 2 complex, but the idea is promising.

PenoMinoouohuaos 07-10-2013 11:05 AM


Originally Posted by kanacho (Hozzászólás 8011006)

passive: Soul bags


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