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Azghyn Nite 02-26-2010 05:27 PM

Sion Help
OK I really am not 100% sure what I'm doing wrong.. My item build is
Doran's Ring+health pot
Lich bane
Boots(depending on the other team)
Rod of Ages(get this first next time?)
Deathfire Grasp
Zhonya's Ring(Almost never get here)
Skill would be-

Azghyn Nite 02-26-2010 05:41 PM

Seriously, no help?

Killamoocow 02-26-2010 05:45 PM

Mind telling us your problem? Are you dying too fast? Not dealing enough damage?

Azghyn Nite 02-26-2010 05:52 PM

I find myself doing about average, and I wish to do better than that, mostly because i want to make up for atleast one horrible player on our team.

Fbsunny 02-26-2010 05:55 PM

Get soulstealer, no real point in getting lichbane when you have no other AP since it won't do any more damage then Sheen does. Also you should get at least one level of R early, it really helps to heal yourself on creeps, win early 1v1 fights, and push towers since it heals the minions and champions around you. Other then that your build looks fine to me.

Killamoocow 02-26-2010 05:58 PM

That's not telling much, but I guess I could lend a hand.

For one, in my opinion, opening with Doran's ring isn't all that great. The +120 hp is all I find useful on that item for Sion. the 5 mp per 5 seconds is second to nothing(seeing how all your spells take out half of your mana pool anyways), same goes for the very small AP boost. When I play AP Sion I also leave enrage out until I have maxed everything else out, mainly because the health/damage boost will hardly help you any when going for all AP.

I'd consider rushing Rod of Ages or going for Nashor's Tooth first. Whatever fits your playing style best.

I don't know how good my build will do for you, but that's what I normally go for as Sion, and it works just fine.

Polka Dot Robot 02-26-2010 11:16 PM

The extra hp with Doran's is nice, but you've got a shield for that. Getting a Chalice first will let you keep you shield up non-stop. Grab boots and head for Mejai if the other team is giving you openings, Rod if not. Once built, upgrade boots (merc treads, usually) and go for the other. You should be set after that. Lichbane, Abyssal and Frozen Heart will make you almost unstoppable.

Judah the Lion 02-27-2010 12:14 AM

DPS Sion is better than AP after mid game by at least two fold, but if you do go AP, I'd pick up RoA, Berserk boots, Guinsoo's (you're probably 14ish here, and you're going to want to transition into more of a damage element due to how poorly AP scales late game, yet your abilities set you up for DPS well enough regardless), I.E., maybe a def. item, and the game won't go past that.

Hybrid AP is the only viable AP build that can survive late game, but it still has a lot of steam left at 18 compared to flat AP.

h3w0 02-27-2010 12:15 AM

If you're playing AP sion,

First item Doran's Ring + 1 Health pot.

Work towards boots + sheen as your first items. After sheen is finished, make your boots into boots of mobility. The extra speed really helps sion gank around and get to waves to farm with his bubble.

Make soulstealer next, and then work on lich bane. Buy wards if nobody on your team is doing it because that makes you cool. Buy AP elixers if you need some extra kick. After that tailor it to the other team. Maybe a bveil if they disable heavy, void staff if they stacking resist, or if everything you touch turns to gold go for zhonya.

Doran's Ring is more than enough mana regen at the start unless you go into the lane expecting to spam all your spells at level 1. Also coupled with hp runes, you can go out the gate with 800hp, very tanky.

And PLEASE GET RANK 1 STUN FIRST. I don't know how many sions I see get rank 1 bubble first, and either die or miss a kill cause they didn't get their freaking disable as the first ability. Or even worse they get E at level 1 for last hitting, and then dont have bubble and stun where they should be until level 4.

h3w0 02-27-2010 12:17 AM


Originally Posted by Judah the Lion (Hozzászólás 742993)
Hybrid AP is the only viable AP build that can survive late game, but it still has a lot of steam left at 18 compared to flat AP.

Judging a build by how viable it is at 45-50 minutes in isn't fair. What share of games last that long, and on top of that, how many of those are still competitive that far in? AP sion can be deadly throughout the whole game easily unless you get shut down.

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