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Stope 02-26-2010 08:43 AM

[Guide] Stope's Cool Down Poppy
2 Attachment(s)

1) Rejuv. Bead + Faerie Charm + Health Pot
2) Mercury's Treads
3) Haunting Guise
4) Sapphire Crystal -> Sheen
5) Frozen Heart
6) Banshee’s Veil – Become unstoppable!

Skill Order:

E – does 50 + 75 if terrain collision and stun!
Q – Harass Tool
W – Speed, boost up your armor/attack

After rank 1's: R>Q>W>E


Mandatory Mastery:
Offensive - Archaic Knowledge (15% magic pen and 3% reduced cool downs on the way to it)

Other Masteries:
-21 in defense is nice (this is what I prefer)
-Mana regen and EXP in utility are nice (still good, less preferable than defense if you have adequate mana regen)


Marks - Magic Pen
Quints - Magic pen, HP regen/5, or HP
Seals – Dodge, Armor, and/or Mana Regen/5/L
Glyphs - Cool Down (only need 2%) and Mana Regen/5/L

Summoner Spells:


Using this guide, you will have max cool down reduction and you can DB (by far the most damage for poppy) every 2.4 seconds!

The real strength in this build is being able to take as much damage as you can while getting as many DB's off as you can in a short amount of time.

Stope 03-15-2010 06:29 PM

Update: Simplified, reorganized, and added pictures!

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