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Dullindal 02-26-2010 01:23 AM

Having fun vs Tryhards
Case is,

As of late i'm in love with Kat.
I know, she has some issues.
Point is, i hardly ever win with kat, and tbh i don't care.
I love to play her.

Since i used to play some of the "better" champions, i reached to a decent ELO.
Now i get scolded EVERY game for picking Kat, and for being somewhat useless with her.
And while im not the worst with kat, i understand their frustration.
BUT, my team has a different goal then me when playing this game, and thats where the problems come.

The teams tend to play to win, and win only.
Resulting in either a fast surrender, or a nasty battle with a few people running around in base whining.
Most of the time i have 1 team mate that thinks like me, i play this game to play, win or lose, as long as i enjoy it.

CONCLUSION for those that hate reading

It think it would be nice for those "tryhards" to have some kind of option that keeps them from joining up with the less serious players.

TBH, most of the time i dun care about those tryhards, but i met some last game that actually understood my point of view.

PS: Kat's amazing, even if she's useless!

mOeeOm 02-26-2010 01:24 AM

So basically you're not a team player eh?

Do you ever pick a tank because no one did? :/

If you know a hero is bringing your team down but pick it anyways, then you need to work on your team work.

WarMammoth 02-26-2010 01:25 AM

I'd just advise making a second account to play as Kat, and only picking socially accepted champions if your Elo is actually high enough for people to care.

Dullindal 02-26-2010 01:32 AM

Actually planning on doing that next week, since she's free then.
And yea, i do play tanks, i play Ali and Taric.

And i actually do love teamwork.
I'm just a good loser, if a team fight failed, too bad, up to the next 1.
While others spend their time dead finding somebody to blame other then themselves.

Like i said, i used to play those game winning champions a lot. still do, but kat is just sexy

sesmc 02-26-2010 01:33 AM

think of it this way, this game, after all, is a 5v5 game, in a 5v5, there are 5 people playing against another group of 5 people, when You Yourself choose to play a champion that is slightly nerfed atm in Your elo bracket, obviously the other 4 players on the team arn't gonna be content with Your choice.

this is a 5v5 game, not 1v5, not 4v5, but a 5v5, the other 4 players on your team are also looking to have fun and enjoy the game, current state of the game, Katarina do not synergies well within team fights, if you say you are in a decent elo bracket, chances are, you guys will get in many team fights.

so~it's a 5v5, not 1v5, not 4v5, a 5v5.

Dullindal 02-26-2010 01:39 AM

Thats true.

But having a game with a nice social conversation (be it with my team or the enemy).
Or having a game with a lot of enjoyable acions/moment.
Those are the games i enjoy more then those games where you rape the enemy team and slaughter them 20-2 k/d.

And thats why im coming up with the option to pick the kind of game you want.
Either serious or for fun.

Oh and even while i dont care about winning or losing that much, i do give it my all.

sesmc 02-26-2010 01:41 AM

unfortunately, you are talking about options the game has yet able to provide, so you are stuck at where you are.

even though you have a logic point, but you have to realize, this is the internet, and it's a video game, people come for an escape from reality, there is no real life logic involved.

Dullindal 02-26-2010 02:10 AM

There is only 1 thing i never understand.

How is not surrendering while losing a waste of time?
I always believed you learned more from losing, even in games..

But thats not really the point.
I know we lack the option to choose, and its gonna be atleast a while till they might implent it.
Or maybe the Pub games will become less tryhard when ranked games are open.

Knote 02-26-2010 02:21 AM

I'm exactly where you are atm.

I'm pretty sure I've reached a pretty decent/high elo, but I really don't play that much anymore, maybe 2-3 games a day as it's gotten kind of boring but I still get the urge to play once in a while.

To be honest it's still usually a steamroll one way or the other, usually it's :

My team kinda sucks and their's doesn't, they stomp us.

Their team kinda sucks and mine doesn't, we stomp them.

This is part of why I've gotten a bit bored but anway. I'm kind of sick of this elo because I don't "play to win" I suppose you can say, I just want to have fun and not farm their team or be farmed by their team almost every game.

And really people do take this game so seriously. I'm mostly sick of being pitted against premades that do everything they can to makesure that they win.

Pick the absolute best champs, follow the cookie cutter builds, do ward + TP 5 man ganks with TF, completely coordinated, as if money is on the line. And usually they finish it pretty quickly, other times they take the time to brag in chat and don't finish it and just try to farm as many kills as possible. My team doesn't want to surrender (I assume this because no one brings it up to be honest lol).

I don't think it's going to change until ranked games come and then the "tryhard" can compare ego's, I mean elo's.

What happens alot in some fail games that I find funny (though annoying at the time) :

Start a game, lane pretty successfully, but then : An Ally has been Slain, An Ally has been Slain, DOUBLE KILL!............

An Ally has been Slain, An Enemy has been Slain, An Ally has been Slain, DOUBLE KILL!...

Then we try to recover, team fights start, I get blamed for sucking because of my K/D.

Like one game : Shaco and Nid 4/4 each, "ATLST WE DID SUMTHINGH!!"..... Ya, they gank/chase someone into enemy territory, and then die 4v1 multiple times, or they try to initiate a teamfight when our team isn't even totally together yet (we come running to the area from different sides) and they die and blame us. God these people..

But anyway, even my premades just play casually (AFAIK what casual is). And the whole "trying really hard to win!" thing can just be stressful and not really that fun, like Ward wars.

OMG they placed wards here! Ok oracles I'll get them! Now I'll lay mine down! OMG they bought invis wards to counter our regular wards! Meh, I hate wards just because of this lol.

AeonMax 02-26-2010 04:26 AM


Originally Posted by Dullindal (Hozzászólás 736044)
It think it would be nice for those "tryhards" to have some kind of option that keeps them from joining up with the less serious players.

It already exists. It's called a Normal Game. You know, it has the (broken) ranking system behind it to try and generate balanced and competitive games.

The problem is, all the casual players use it as well instead of going into a Practice Game where they can mess around all they like.

It might work better if Riot just did a little renaming...

Normal Game -> Competitive or Ranked Game
Practice Game -> Casual Game

...and made some desperately needed improvements to the Practice Game lobby.

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