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Euant 04-09-2011 12:59 AM

Fan-Made Kog'Maw's League Judgment
The blue creature waddles into the chamber having been led there by Malzahar, a recent edition to the League. Its alien form does not reveal its gender but the way it looks about the hall seems to be very inquisitive and curious. It’s quite possible that this horror, likely another by-product of the Void, is in the childhood stage of development.

Most prospective champions that come carry some sort of weapon or magical tome, but Kog’Maw has no such device upon first glance. Observing the splatter of green goo flowing endlessly from its mouth however reveals how it will fight. Wherever the spit lands the stone immediately dissolves away. Surely this is a powerful tool in combat.
Taking its time moving through the corridor, Kog’Maw finally comes upon the large doors blocking its way. Reading the line above, “The Truest Opponent Lies Within,” seems to rekindle its inherent curiosity.

“Good! Must eat soon!”

Kog’Maw’s deeper voice reveals that he is likely male and may in fact be a child voidling, although you couldn’t tell that from its size alone. It has a strange effect to it, very similar to Cho’Gath’s. Another harbinger of evil has come.

The creature approaches the doors as they open, revealing perpetual shadow within. Kog’Maw seems disappointed as he walks in, possibly unhappy with the lack of visible food.

The darkness Kog’Maw enters into is completed as the doors close behind him. As he waits for something to happen he feels at home. The pitch black room was reminiscent of his own realm. All the sunlight on Runeterra had begun to bother his eyes.


Suddenly aware that he wasn’t alone, the voidling began searching for the source of the loud voice. Seeing nothing he took a few cautious steps forward.


Now he realized who was calling to him. It had sounded familiar but now he was sure.
“Daddy? Where are you? Miss you!” Like a lost child, the voidling was calling out for his parent’s embrace. Even though he had only been gone for a few hours, Kog’Maw genuinely wanted his creator with him.

“I am still in the Void, waiting for the opportune moment. Your remember your task, do you not?”

This answer saddened Kog’Maw; he had hoped that his daddy calling to him meant he was on his way. There was also a strange tone in his voice, as if his daddy was unsure of something.

“Yes but miss Void! Want to-“

“Do NOT disappoint me, Kog’Maw! The way MUST be cleared!”

With the final command from the inky abyss the voice was gone. Kog’Maw’s desire to be home wasn’t great enough to evoke his father’s wrath. He just wished he could’ve talked with him longer.

Before he had much time to think about it though, the room was filled with an intense light. Once his four eyes re-adjusted Kog’Maw could see he was no longer in the League’s halls. Instead he was on a rocky cliff overlooking a desolate valley filled with fighting. Although he couldn’t remember having seen this particular place before, he felt it had a similar resemblance to his new home-planet.

The two armies locked in combat were very opposite; humans of all kinds were fighting tooth and nail against hordes of voidlings. It was clear that his cousins had the advantage due to their sheer numbers. The humans were fighting on two fronts as well. One battalion fought under a blue banner and fought with large blades and carried bulky and shining armor. The others were under a purple banner and were much further away. That group was fighting more with knives and cannons that launched barrels of explosives. Despite not having his daddy’s mind for strategy, Kog’Maw knew the humans wouldn’t be losing so much ground if they were to combine forces. The voidling’s triumph was solidified by their refusal to fight side by side.

Amongst the frontline were a few notable combatants, the largest being a powerful fellow voidling named Cho’Gath. Having clearly had his fill of humans, the crimson beast had virtually no equal to stop his destructive path. The other two Kog’Maw could identify were locked in a duel of explosive magic. Malzahar, surrounded by voidlings of his own, was throwing what spells he could at a mysterious blue-skinned man wearing some type of machinery. All of the dark prophet’s attacks missed at the last second as his enemy teleported about, shooting what power he could when the chance arose. Neither seemed to have the upper-hand though and the duel continued for a while as others fought around them.

Having been watching the duel exclusively, Kog’Maw was startled by a very loud war cry. In-between the two human armies, a third and much larger force arrived. Unlike the others, these fighters had no unified banner, instead multiple banners of various colors and designs were spread out amongst the troops. With their rallying call and sizeable legion now in the fray the voidling army was quickly on the defensive.

Using his superior range Kog’Maw used his acidic spit to disintegrate many of the human footmen and archers alike. It simply was enough though. Along with his remaining cousins, Kog’Maw began retreating as best he could. A quick look back revealed both Cho’Gath’s and Malzahar’s grim fates. Turning back he saw a handful of humans blocking his bath, all wearing very distinguished armor, wielding different, and mostly large, weapons, and none looking too happy. He would soon recognize these faces for who they were but not yet.

Just as he began to turn around to run for his life the scene changed back to that of the pitch black room. For a few moments he believed he had died on the battlefield. The thought changed when a familiar face stepped fourth from the shadows. It was Malazahar, illuminated by a light with no source.

“Kog’Maw, the master has sent you here with a purpose. We have forseen the destruction of this world and its inhabitants.”

The voidling remained silent but weary of his surroundings, He was trying to figure out what just happened and what may yet come. Kog’Maw was especially afraid that the battle he witnessed was real and that his daddy would punish him for the Void army’s defeat.

Undeterred, Malazhar continued. “Why do you want to join the League, Kog’Maw?”

Wanting to avoid another traumatic battle scene, the child decided it best to be truthful. Even if it had all been a trick played on him by some cruel magicians he didn’t want to resist with a chance that it had been real still there.

“Daddy sent me to make room! He very hungry!”

“Kog’Maw, why do you want to join the League?”

Surprised that his first answer wasn’t good enough, Kog’Maw thought about the question. Was there really some other reason for him coming to Runettera? Some secret motive he hadn’t acknowledged when his daddy gave him the opportunity?

“…to make Daddy love me!”

In an instant the darkness, and Malzahar, melted away. The light flooding from the open doors before him was intense.

Adjusting his vision, Kog’Maw walked forward through the doors and into the League. Now he was smiling, although it would look gruesome and menacing to a foreigner to the Void. He knew that he would be fed soon and that the League had made the wrong decision.

[If you have any comments/concerns/critiques feel free to share them! Thanks a ton for reading!]

Earthly 04-09-2011 01:02 AM

Awesome. =]

EVO Crystalis 04-09-2011 09:43 PM

gj this is awesome!
kog's part is good and realistic :D
write more :D

Euant 04-10-2011 02:49 AM


Originally Posted by GrimaldusTemplar (Hozzászólás 7721415)
gj this is awesome!
kog's part is good and realistic :D
write more :D

Write more eh? What would you like me to write?

Bow To The Void 05-18-2011 07:04 PM

Daddy issues huh? T_T.. explains why like playing him i guess :l

belthazor3457 05-18-2011 10:35 PM



Kog'maw entered the reflection room


Kog'maw ate the summoner


Cidem1324 05-19-2011 02:59 PM

I think Kog'Maw and Cassiopeia would get along nicely. =)

Blunts at Brunch 05-19-2011 04:05 PM


Originally Posted by Euant (Hozzászólás 7725928)
Write more eh? What would you like me to write?

Olaf, Sion, Pantheon or Amumu :D?

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