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Guamunist 04-08-2011 06:35 PM

If brand is 6300 IP
Sumbissions Closed! Taking last pages of names and GOOD LUCK ALL!!!!!

Randomization process commencing..... mix mix swirl mix... Picking numbers.... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling... Fling...

Son Golin
Mr Jose

I will give away Riot singed codes I have acquired and are just sitting here unloved.

Edit: OK so here is what I will do. Everyone that posts and wants a skin I will go through this forum and pick out the names. Then do a random lottery on who gets the skins (yes plural). So make sure to say you want it. otherwise I will just take your post as a comment.

Deadline is Monday April, 11 at 7pm Pacific Daylight Time. I'll post the cut off line in the thread and people after that line are put in at my discretion..
Please only people that are going to use it.
Only one entry counts toward the drawing.

I will post the winners and then add you to my friends List in game if you win. I wish there was Private Messaging but thats the way the forum goes.

As I am copying down all the names... so far 675( Current:2051 ).. the hell I am going to let this list not be used.. Codes will be given out regardless.


Originally Posted by ninjapandas (Hozzászólás 7686332)
i want it
and heres a concept of my super singed!


Ninjapandas: check your friend Req. and add me.
I enjoy this very much.. must make this happen.


Originally Posted by Haddow (Hozzászólás 7687080)
Oh...I would like one!!
PS: how is it that you have so many?

Was at the riot booth and they said help yourself. so I did.. thinking some of my friends would want them... well they got some too sooo... COMMUNITY WINZ YEAAAAAAAAAH!


Originally Posted by Norwazy (Hozzászólás 7687129)
Do want

On a side note, do we have to accept summoner's code to be part of raffle? I will abandon my aesthetic values for this chance.

oooooo... that is a good question. As of now I would say that I would hope you accept the code but I am not requiring it to enter. Now if a RED says otherwise... let their will be done.


Originally Posted by Hextech Singed (Hozzászólás 7688631)
Page 44. Yeah, mine won't get read. This is my favorite champion btw.

Oh I am going through them all sir... I dug my grave and we are going full bore... I might have to put a page limit on this for my sanity but so far I am taking one for the team.


Originally Posted by BDARemote (Hozzászólás 7692947)
could i buy 1 off you? o.o

Sorry as these are free give away by Riot I could not sell these. They are a special treat that they give to you when you meet them. I know they go on sell at the store, but these codes were given to me in the spirit of being a LoL fan and shall be passed on as such.


Originally Posted by DR3N (Hozzászólás 7688025)
I want it, give me the skin you won't regret it!

wait blues are not thrown a skin? wow... what do you get? Phenomenal cosmic powers.... itty bitty living space?


Originally Posted by Neptune (Hozzászólás 7698026)
Oh Riot Singed, I wish for you
No boring normal skin will do

I've longed for your awesome plastic shield
That huge black flask you deftly wield

Could this drawing be my chance?
Excitement's made me pee my pants

Shall Brand cost lots? It's guaranteed
Some solid luck is what I'll need

As I hit reply, my hopes take flight
Oh generous Gods, choose me tonight!

EDIT: No way you're taking down all these names...

Nice!.... yes I brought this on myself... and I am doing this... GO GO EXCEL SPREADSHEET!


Originally Posted by Project Panda (Hozzászólás 7721687)
A Singed Cat for you, sir. ;D

Make sure to check out my League of lolcats forum here! :3

Good luck all!

I LoL'd


Originally Posted by Draguole (Hozzászólás 7722738)
So many pages....I wonder if the OP stopped taking down names..because I would REALLY like a singed code! I don't own any skins :(

Still going... and going.. and going.


Originally Posted by AlastorRise (Hozzászólás 7734611)
since you dont accept $$ for the skins....how about boobs?

GAHHHHHH..... oooooo sandwich.... mmmm sandwich


Originally Posted by Tyrant Mouth (Hozzászólás 7740533)
OP! Here is a bear! (My drawing skills are poop but I enjoyed drawing this :()

inb4hedoesn'tevenseethis :(

I am honored sir :D Annie is my favorite champ. Bring on the Mr. Tibs


Originally Posted by TiKD (Hozzászólás 7776164)
Please good sir, I'd appreciate a skin to further my cause of... The Singed Guild!

#2000? :D :D :D :D

Yes you are :)

Lex Domino 04-08-2011 06:36 PM


KevinPJH 04-08-2011 06:36 PM

Whys that?

Mr Fehr 04-08-2011 06:36 PM

k give'em to me



TheEvilCouncil 04-08-2011 06:37 PM

Do it

Asaph 04-08-2011 06:37 PM


The Doctor 04-08-2011 06:38 PM

I'd love one.

UberZord 04-08-2011 06:38 PM

Pass one this way :D

IndecisiveBadger 04-08-2011 06:39 PM

and my way :D

kthnxbai 04-08-2011 06:39 PM

can i have one now since he's definitely 6300?

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