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Tsiphon 04-06-2011 05:32 PM

Best way to harass and last hit
So, i'm not new, but I would like some input on what you guys think the best way to lane is.

Let's talk about 3 situations, mid 1v1, lane 1v2, and lane 2v2. (i'll ignore character comp atm)

So, in mid: letting minions do almost all the damage, focus on casting/auto-attacking other hero, and shoot last hits. That's obvious. And clearly harass less if you are low hp or unable to. And, start attacking minions a bit before turret range?

2v2: Let's say a tank and a carry, or support. attack minions before turret range if pushed, or if pushed, watch river area and try to last hit as minions get out of turret range or are attacking your minions. This brings the question of when to push (for simplicity, only early game, when it's not like you're being dominated). Another thing, would you consider tank getting 1/4 of the creeps and anyone else getting 3/4 a good split, or would you say everyone get what they can, or everyone split even. As in, how would you rank during early laning who is priority for last hits.

1v2, say cho is solo, versus any 2. Use rupture and auto-attack w/ spikes to farm. Try to get enemies w/ rupture, but focus on farming, and not on enemy damage.

I bring this up purely because I find it often the case that someone i'm laning with 2v2 will want to push all the way into their turret, and even if we are safe from ganks, it seems this is a disadvantage. They get full xp, but might lose a few creeps to turret (unless they are farming characters). On the other hand, we might lose chances to last hit if they aren't quick to kill our minions, maybe even lose xp, and are open to ganks.


Kogrek 04-06-2011 05:48 PM

the best way to lane.... DAMACIA! :)

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