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Hoboqueen 03-31-2011 04:52 PM

@Morello, healing, sustainability, and why I have been converted to hating it.

I previously doubted the balance teams decisions about champions like Soraka's healing and why she should never be a top tier hero. I thought that while too much healing is annoying there was a happy medium in between the current state of dedicated healers and Overpowered.

Then I got back into Guild wars PVP last night. The monks (dedicated healer class) in that game are absolutely ridiculous. Sure there are counters but more often than not in unorganized pub games the healers hold far too much power. It takes up to 3 people to take out the decent ones. And god help you if there is more than one per team, you might as well give up. I was playing a Attack/defend style map and at one point the game was literally brought to a standstill because we were not able to progress due to 3 monks all healing one NPC. After playing league of legends for 6 months and being used to actually being able to kill people, It was one of the most profoundly frustrating experiences of my gaming lifetime.

I now understand why the hero balance team at Riot dislikes sustainability. And I thank you for playing the **** out of your game and other games to find out what works and is fun for your game.

So Morello, I know that you use to play Guild Wars and I kinda just wanted to hear you thoughts, or anyone elses, on the PvP in that game.

Edit: dammit posted in wrong board, every since they switched general discussion with guides and strategy i always click on it. Is there any way to delete the thread?

Tyroie 03-31-2011 05:28 PM

Agree completely - I've played more than one game where I said to myself, "This would be incredibly fun if there were no healers / weaker healers." And I'm somebody who loves to play healers almost exclusively in every game. Guild Wars in particular was very bad, I had found an Elementalist / Monk build with Ether Prodigy and some rock armor spell that seemed to both heal and tank even better than all the monk builds I tried. It was absurd. It's actually one of the main reasons I never bought any expansion packs, and I played it quite a lot.

League of Legends has it just right, IMO. Soraka is my favorite healer, and it's very rewarding to play her, but not game-ruiningly rewarding. It works best in certain types of teams, and when your team buys certain items and uses certain tactics - it's very involved, and I like that.

That said, Guild Wars 2 sounds like it has awesome potential.

Biraru 03-31-2011 05:41 PM

League of the Legends is the most balanced game I have ever played after Starcraft (first game).

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