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JohnnyThrash 03-31-2011 07:58 AM

Jungle warwick item build
Hullo, as training for eventually entering the ranked field I am now starting to work on my jungle characters and I decided to start with Warwick. I was able to find what runes to use pretty easily, I ran attack speed marks/quints, flat armor seals, and flat magic resist glyphs. I also know a typical item set for starting out, cloth armor+pots * I actually cleared the entire jungle using only one potion also* But after that I come up pretty much clueless. In the game I was in against bots I decided to go greaves for boots, Madred's, and a black cleaver. I'm pretty sure attack speed is a priority but I was just looking for some general ideas of what other stats or items people like to stack on him as a jungler. Thanks for reading.

White Stalker 03-31-2011 08:43 AM

My ww jungle build:
Cloth armor and 3 HP pots
When u get 1050gold get: Boots and Madreds Razors
Razors improve in Lanthern
Berserker graves
Spirit visage
if hey can disable u get Banshees Veil
and 1 Phantom Dancer at end..

I used to build G. Angel or Sunfire instead of Phantom Dancer but WW has greater HP now and i dont need it...

U can easly kill with Only visage boots and lanthern... so in games i go b on 12/13 lvl with 3300 gold and grab bloodthirster..
I never buy Madreds Bloodrazor but its good solution if u wanna sell lanthern in late game...

Kilrathi 03-31-2011 08:46 AM

Wouldn't it be better to build the Razors into a Bloodrazor? Its special ability procs on each hit of WW's ult, meaning you get 5 hits x 4% of maximum health from one ult. I think that's a key piece of Warwick's damage output and outweighs most benefits you'd get from the Lantern.

Does anyone build both the Lantern and Bloodrazor on WW?

White Stalker 03-31-2011 08:49 AM


Yes ur right... but u need alot of time and gold and i allways see that players have only Bloodrazor and boots in 25/30 mins... its hard to get it but when u have it u deal big damage...

Dominoanty 03-31-2011 09:23 AM

Heres my build

Cloth Armor + 5 hp pots ...go to th golems and destroy them with W ...you get to lvl 2 after killing both golems...get your Q
go to the wolves and kill em ...Go to the wraiths and kill em ....Recall

Get madreds i normally dont lose any hp pots during this XD coz of as/ad runes. ..blue golem get it...red lizard get it ... Start ganking ...

Final Build

Madreds Bloodrazors
Berserkers Greaves
Starks Fervor [Love this item , preferred if you have 2-3 dps in your team]\ Another Bloodthirster or a Phantom Dancer
Banshees Veil \ Guardians Angel
Infinity Edge\Black Cleaver

Raksha Jareth 03-31-2011 09:27 AM

this is what i build, and it works well enough for me

cloth armor and 2 hp
upgrade to the claws thing (i can't remember its name but names not important really) and buy boots
upgrade boots to zerker grieves
buy part and pieces of spirit visage
now get madreds mostly in pieces
then get malady which works wonder with madreds either in pieces or all at once
after that I'm experimenting with either Sword of the Divine or Rageblade so you can experiment here too although if things look bad grab veil instead or guardian angel

but that's how i run

Kilrathi 03-31-2011 11:28 AM


Originally Posted by Dominoanty (Hozzászólás 7440289)
Heres my build

Cloth Armor + 5 hp pots ...go to th golems and destroy them with W ...you get to lvl 2 after killing both golems...get your Q
go to the wolves and kill em ...Go to the wraiths and kill em ....Recall

Question: do you recall b/c you need to heal up at that point or just because you want to get both the blue and red in one run? I can typically (at lvl 18) get blue and still have enough hit points left to make a run at red and then ganking without the recall (and/or lifesteal by killing some lane minions then head to red and try to gank). Any particular reason you recall at that point?

lilwisper 03-31-2011 12:19 PM

If they aren't stacking health, Bloodrazors doesn't hit as hard as needed sometimes. Lantern is a great item for its price, and you can get it extremely early. It's better to turn your first razor to a lantern. After that, you will have the chance to observe the opponents' items and build towards a BF or a Bloodrazor.

smellsliketeens 03-31-2011 12:37 PM

My build itemwise:

Cloth+hppots->madreds razors of course
boots--> Sorcerer's boots (Ill explain later)
Daggers>malady, will explain
Recurve-->wits end
Spirit Visage

Of course it depends on whats happening in game, but its a general outline of what I get.
The way I see it, WW is the king of using on hit effects(proc). His ult encourages this and so does his W. Additionally, malady and wits do deal magic dmg, but his Q also deals a large amount of magic damage aswell, so getting Magic pen is quite good. By the time you have malady and wits, your hits start dealing true damage to carries, and a lot of it. If you get all AD, it seems lacking in firepower because armor is easier to stack compared to MR(and Malady lowers MR). Combine Wits+Malady+red Buff+bloodrazor, and your ult goes from pitiful stun to a major damage dealer. If you are in a teamfight and use W and just autoattack everyone, the damage done is amazing, very easy to score pentakills with.(about 500 damage per hit on tanks with a lot of MR)

One last thought, I believe getting Wriggles is a sin as WW in all honesty. He can jungle incredibly well as is, and doesn't really need another heal. You would be buying it for the passive. On the other hand that could be a far better item, such as a later bloodrazor(which is actually made more towards monsters rather than champs) or even a wits end.

JohnnyThrash 03-31-2011 01:54 PM

So far it seems items people like are: Berserker's greaves, Madred's bloodrazer, Bloodthirster, Phantom dancer, Wit's end, Malady, Spirit visage, Wriggle's lantern, Banshee's veil, Stark's fervor, and Guardian angel. Thanks for all the input people, I will be trying variations of these items in some bot games and see what works for me. Anyone else that has a different item build or approach to jungling is welcome to throw their ideas in the ring as well.

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