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HighwayOne 03-29-2011 09:34 AM

Any veteran junglers out there?
Hey Guys.

I was playing a normal 5 the other day and got totally dominated by an Jungling Olaf. I've always liked Olaf in lane but have never really over taken the team like I've seen others do when they jungle. The only thing is, I'm not very good at jungling but I've always WANTED to get good. I guess my question is, how did YOU get extremely good at jungling? Of course, practice games only get you so far and LoL is a highly situational game, but when you first started out and needed to get good at jungling, did you just put your head down and head into a normal game and prepare to take the worst of "OMG NOOB OLAF. JUNGLING NOOB QQ. FAIL" or did you have a different way to prepare? Any tips would be appriciated. Thanks!


Avelice 03-29-2011 09:41 AM

Although I am not a master jungler, my quick suggestions are these:

1) Take a look at guides for the character you want to jungle with
2) In particular try to plan a route before you begin a game (You should practice in custom games by yourself a couple times first)
3) Be very careful at the start of the game: I've seen all too often where a team gets first blood by because they know where to go into the jungle and gank the jungler.
4) If the enemy team has a jungler, try and set up a ward at their blue buff. You can sometimes steal it/gank them when they go for it (By the same token, try to be aware of the enemy jungler going into your jungle with wards)
5) Always know what's going on in lanes. This will help know when might be good times to gank and/or cover a lane for a teammate who needs to return to base.
6) Try to do dragon as quick/often as you can. Just pay attention to lanes like usual, so that you don't get ganked while at dragon.

Sorry I don't have the proper resources to tell you where to find the guides but a little searching should be able to find them!

PJ Barber 03-29-2011 09:42 AM

Whenever I'm practicing with a new jungler (like when nocturne came out), I have to play a bunch of custom games with him. Literally, I'll go into the jungle, mess around with his jungle path trying different runes and masteries until I'm comfortable going from blue to golems and then getting ready to gank.

After that, you just have to have a lot of game sense. The really hard part about jungling is the whole
When should I gank?
Which lane is the easiest gank?
Top's kind of low, but they have flash. Should I gank them or the duo bot without flash?

Also, when they have a jungler, you have to make sure you know where he is when you can. Make sure they don't steal your jungle with their smites, etc.

It really just takes a lot of practice and experience. You'll get better as you go along.

Pemmin 03-29-2011 09:47 AM

Different hero's use different jungling techniques, so first I would choose which champ you want to work on first. Since you seem to be new to Jungling, I recommend starting with a champ that is easy and safe to start.

I recommend Warwick or Nunu. They are both, easy, fast, safe, and highly effective. But ultimately you will probably do best with a champ you enjoy playing.

After selecting the hero you're going to jungle with, I would read some guides on the subject, and read the comments of said guide to see the counterpoints as well. What you're wanting to learn here is proper rune and mastery set up, starting items, effective jungle paths, and ganking techniques for your champ.

Next, take your champ in a practice game and run your route until you are comfortable with it. Every time you make a tweak or a change I would rerun it in a practice game to make sure it is effective.

Once you have your route down, it's time to play some normal games. Also, start paying attention to what other Junglers do and learn from them.

P.S. As a jungler, buff control is paramount. Make sure you and/or your team keep wards on the creeps that give buffs, as well as dragon and baron. Always run smite, even if you don't "need" it. It will speed you up considerably and help you steal buffs from the enemy jungler.

HighwayOne 03-29-2011 06:02 PM

Wow! Thanks for all of your help guys. I hope your tips prove successful! I hope this is something I can enjoy doing and add it to my bag of tricks.

Thanks again!

Legendary Jason 03-29-2011 06:21 PM

i watch videos and do some practice games then in real . jungle every game is different becus sometimes you get countered jungle and need to take a different route

malphismia 03-29-2011 08:04 PM

Jungling is all about map awareness. Don't look at yourself the whole time (you can still press your spells, and your champ will automatically autoattack), look at the lanes for possible ganks, look over fog of war to hear/gank enemy junglers (for example, you can hear Xin Zhao jungling because he makes sounds over fog of war), and check to see which lanes need help/cover.

You also need to stay on par with levels (compare with sidelanes), because a lot of junglers don't know that jungling exclusively past level 5-6 will be an uphill struggle to level.

ZXPrototype 03-29-2011 08:11 PM

I am no jungling master, but 90% of my games I prefer to jungle.

Jungling has many components to it, each jungler excelling in certain parts. My first ever "main" (a good player has a diverse portfolio and never plays the same one over and over again for sake of not getting stale) was nunu and that has affected the way I play other champions, (ironically normally to the detriment since I feel like I always need to be standing next to my enemies which nunu requires, most champs do not.)

While I have a tendency to rape early game (which Is why I do very well with nunu), and my midgame dueling (1v1) is extraordinarily phenomanal (to count the times I've assesed that I can kill at critical hp and live makes me happy), but what I lack is mid game teamfighting as a jungler.

The thing is junglers are inherently more 1v1 ganking type characters. I've recently picked up olaf (multi stun's are the bane of my WW and nunu play) and I feel want to try to learn the damage output of his play and how to effectively gank (it is tougher i have to say with olaf).)

Tl;dr many many games clocked as jungling, thats how you become knowledgeable. Refinement and practice is how you become a master.

Kroghar 03-29-2011 08:26 PM

Everyones already given a ton of good tips. Jungling well is probably the hardest aspect of the game to master. It's also the most rewarding though if you get truly good at it. A solid jungler can win a game as much for his team as a really good carry.

Not only do you want to be able to clear your jungle quickly and efficiently, but you want to be able to mess up the other teams jungler so he's less effective, you want to cover your teammates lanes, you want to gank enemy carries, you want to get Dragon to help your whole team, later on you want to hook up your carry with the buffs he needs. A good jungler can really control the entire game.

It's going to take a ton of practice though, definitely watch a lot of Stonewalls vids on youtube as an intro, watch streams with high elo players who jungle, and get tons of practice.

Also a tip, Olaf is relatively easy to jungle, and a late game carry, but he's tricky to gank effectively with. You might want to start your first normal matches jungling with Nunu or Warwick who are a little more full proof so you don't get discouraged early. If you're already really comfortable with Olaf though, by all means go for it.

tigerllama 03-29-2011 09:48 PM


Originally Posted by HighwayOne (Hozzászólás 7384481)

As long as you're already decent with Olaf, very few things can actually happen to get those comments.
1 - Dying to neutrals.
The obvious one. A single practice game is enough to prevent this. You should generally know how much Health/Mana is required to deal with each camp.
2 - No ganks.
While Olaf is a relatively weak ganker, it doesn't mean he can't. If you can flank an enemy during laning, you should do it. Remember, ganking isn't always about getting the kill; several benefits exist even during a "failed" gank.
*Note* - you will sometimes get that "NOOB JUNGLER" comment for not ganking when you obviously can't (your team is overextended). Simply ignore those comments.
3 - No lane coverage.
If a lane's being hard pressured, DO NOT GO "one sec, need to get red." If your team needs you and you can help, GO.

As for how I got good at jungling... I just started jungling with everyone. I essentially learned what everyone could do and just go "If I was them, what would I do and what would I hate have happen?"
With this, I have been told by opponents that I'm amazing. But personally, I know I'm horrid; I'm just better than the bads that try to imitate "pro" jungling (which is a good majority of "junglers").

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