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ShowMeYourMoves 03-24-2011 11:12 PM

Update - Sexy Taric!
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Riven Fan Art link


And here is a new deviantART account I set up :)

I will post my new work here, so feel free to add me on there

I decided to use Nidalee for my daily practice

I spent more time than I should have. :\

And I am sorry to say that I will probably stop the "sexy" series

I will probably just do small drawings (like this one) as fan art

Update :)

Male Ashe is completed!

Tried out something new this time

I kind of added too much contrast in this one, but whatever

Enjoy :D

Art for Stexe's champion design contest

It was fun to mess around ~ Though I am really not good at designing that sort of character

the thread is here



Spent 2 days and got it done asap :D

I feel like there are a lot of places I forgot to do finishing touch, but I don't remember them all anymore :p

The next one I do I will try something different

all three of the drawing I did used the same design concept

one character, a background and 2 rocks on the side

I will change it up a bit on the next one

maybe more action based poses, or different perspective

anyway! enjoy
Well, here is the link to the model


here is the link for the icon change


Thanks Vespyr for the package :D
sound tutorial above if anyone wants to replace Ezreal's default voice

I did some sloppy recolor for the skin :p
since you'd have to replace all 3 texture, I thought Why not have different color!

I was just messing around, if you don't like it just replace the texture file with the default file (well, my default file)

Thats all :D
Whew... I am finally done with the model!

Took me whole day to figure out the problem I encountered when putting the model into the game itself.

But I finally got it figured out!!

I try to aim for the same style as the League of Legend model

I hope it turn out decent for you all :)

(I rushed on the skinning part, I will probably go back and fix it)
Sorry I took a long time guys :O
It was much more difficult to draw this one.

I took the chinese Taric shield design as a base, since it already looked good and no need to change :)

Anyway! Enjoy!
This idea of an "sexy" Ezreal came to me yesterday.

Since I have some free time on my hand, and so I decided to bring this idea to life.

Enjoy :D

As a request


The poll is here :o

Sexy Taric Poll


grenadier42 03-24-2011 11:12 PM

Whoa whoa whoa, you drew that?

Vespr 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

I like it!

EDIT: Taric..!
Do more please! Maybe make Sivir a little more attractive?

Colonel J 03-24-2011 11:13 PM


Rin 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

I'd hit that with a Mystic Shot

Edit: Looks like she's asking to be Dazzled

Edit Edit: I'd let her feel my Nether Grasp

Troosts 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

Dude that was ****ing amazing!
**** you are really good at this LOL!
Wow you never fail to deliver a beautiful artwork!

Ryumi 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

I'm so confused...Ezreal @~@!

Brohoof 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

Uhhh...who played Stonewalls trap card?

rashok 03-24-2011 11:13 PM

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HunterHagen 03-24-2011 11:14 PM


And that is some AMAZING detail.

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