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DumbGenius 03-09-2011 05:36 PM

Why Do So Many People Say That Mobafire Guides Suck?
I don't understand. The high rated ones are usually very nicely done, great item choices and reasons coupled with constant updates. Why is it that some people in this forum think they are subpar?

kwjnfkjsdg 03-09-2011 06:32 PM

lool. these "top rated" guides are a joke.

1. so many of the builds are so unrealistically expensive its hilarous. "ok so lyk for ash juz get infinity edge bloodthirster 3 phantom dancers and yur gna own juz like me!"
2. half of these guides are written by like level 20's. "uhhh so i played zilean for a few games and i think i got the hang of him so heres like guide." if you look at their match history pictures, you can see that they gain EXP from the matches. fail.
3. even when the writer is level 30, he just plays pubs all day. search up his name. doesn't even have a ranked elo. give me a pair of hands and half a brain. i can get winning streaks in normal games with a trash build too.
4. many of them literally just show you a build and their runes/masteries. nothing else. the point of a guide is to tell new players how to PLAY a champ. strategies. tactics. etc. good playstyle>good build.

leaguecraft is just better. it's updated more often. top rated guide writers are ACTUALLY credible. guides are more well done and generally focus more on strategy/playstyle.

only reason why i'd go on mobafire is because leaguecraft guides load slow as sh*t. oh well. quality comes at a price.

Thinkdealer 03-09-2011 06:53 PM

moba is one sided
because mobafire guides are usually one sided and unimaginative. The very idea of a static build you use every match is not applicable to LoL. You need to adapt your build to the situation. I see so many top rated builds on moba that just build carries glass cannon its not funny :/. A dead carry does no damage.

Also it was sad when i searched up alistar and the top rated one is AP, then under that support, and under that DPS... Sadface.

Also like the above poster said, a build usually has a playstyle associated with it. If you copy the build onto the way you play, the build and your playstyle are not going to mesh. Your going to have to try and try again to find a playstyle that works with the build. When i was a little newer to the game, i didnt really know how to build anyone, so i just used MOBA builds (because reccommended is usually a joke). My win percentage went WAY up after that. After a while though i grew tired of the monotony of having someone else builds my champ, not being able to adapt, etc etc. Building your own champs, expirementing with wierd builds, and then finally finding a winning build that works for you is much more rewarding than just copying other people.

I think its fairly dumb to copy someone elses playstyle and build, everyone has their own style. I think there is a space for guides: new players. New players dont really know how to play at all yet, let alone how they play differently than others. Its really convinient to be able to just focus on learning how to play and the strategies that come with LoL rather than bothering with builds when you most likely dont know why or why not to pick certain items.

Like when i first started i never bought boots. Because it said it gives "enhanced movement".... I was like "wtf is that?" i thought it was immunity to slows or something. Some friends eventually clued me in though lol. They should really just put +50 movespeed or whatever.

also some builds start like this: "With this biuld, all my games, I never die more than six times the entire game, and always have at least 30 takedonws.". IE: I get a favorable score in normals with this build, and if you use it, so will you! *facepalm*

Doriantv 03-09-2011 06:59 PM

Bruiseleet made a Mobafire guide for Urgot...

DumbGenius 03-09-2011 11:00 PM

Pretty convincing reasons from y'all. Thanks and I'll try Leaguecraft.

Cenerae 03-09-2011 11:16 PM


Originally Posted by DumbGenius (Hozzászólás 6849625)
Pretty convincing reasons from y'all. Thanks and I'll try Leaguecraft.

A lot of the Leaguecraft guides are just as bad as the ones on Mobafire.

Don't flat out copy something you get from a guide and take it as the only way to play the champion. It doesn't matter how highly rated the guide is, because that doesn't garuntee it's actually a quality guide. Instead, pay more attention on how the guide writers try and explain the playstyle associated with the champion. If the writers gloss over it without bothering to tell you how they play the champion, and instead just talk about how you deal mad deepz with xyz overpriced items...it's worthless (like any carry build that completely skips defensive items, and will also probably have at least 1 phantom dancer, if not more).

By all means copy the guide builds to begin with, but adapt to your own playstyle. I say this as someone who's written a guide myself. We can only try to explain how we play the champion, and try to outline why we do it and why it works. However, what works well for the guide writer may not work well for the reader.

Even though mobafire and leaguecraft have a lot of poor guides, if you do some checking you can find some that are worth reading. Just don't take them as gospel truth, and do some experimentation.

Hawko0313 03-10-2011 04:16 AM

honestly i look up mobafire builds not necessarily for the builds but how the authors play the character with the strategy they picked.

most of the time items should be bought according to the enemy team. But I still use mobafire to find out what runes I should take and how they affect the characters stats and the damage of thier abilities.

DeClawd 03-10-2011 09:02 AM

If you want to learn a champion, or are just looking for some new tactics for your favorite champion, I think it's best to peruse a few guides from different sites. It's not the site that defines the guide, it's the writer. Mobafire and Leaguecraft both have lists of guides that just about anyone can write, and my new favorite, leaguedb.com, has them as well.

aRchiBole 03-10-2011 09:13 AM

I'm no pro but I at least know that you can only have 6 items, most mobafire builds invilve 9+ finished item recipes, simply not possible.....(get a bloodthirster, a i edge, 3 phantom, a black cleever, a yomuu's, and a last whisper and you will own I guarantee...)

DrDragun 03-10-2011 09:15 AM

Top rated Morde guide both Frozen Mallet and Rylais...

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