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Years 02-07-2010 02:54 AM

[Guide]Cho'gath has too much HP =(

Hello, first guide I've ever writen, just giving my advice about cho'gath. I'm pretty succesful with him, getting around 4.5k health midgame and steamrolling the enemy if I get a great start.

Cho'gath shines in the beggining/mid game, and can be a nightmare to the enemy if he gets a great start. He is best used to solo the middle. I'm going to assume you have played cho'gath before, and know the basics.

Rupture- You will use this often, great for harrasing! You must master rupture to be succesful. Best used to poke(and this poke hurts) at your enemy at the beggining, less useful on minions, unless theres a big group just asking for it. You can use this in combo with feral scream later on, and make use of it to get away/get up close to your enemy. Rupture+getting up next to that ashe in the beggining can really hurt her, and deadly with feast.

Feral Scream- More used to piss the enemy off more than anything else, execept the ocasional last damage if someones running away. Oh, dident I mention the silence? Yes, they can't use any skills =)

Vorpal spikes- Every time you attack, spikes come out in front of you and hurt things. Great for bringing down groups of mobs quickly(awesome farming)

Feast- Deadly. At the beggining, if you arent usually up close to an enemy, use it on a minion. 1hit kill, gives you health. Stacks 6 times, giving you about 550-750 health depending on your level. ALSO IT MAKES YOU HUGE! Great for killing any champians that come close to you, it does a ton of damage. Learn to love feast. It is not a sometimes skill, feel free to open up with it to bring that cocky nasus down.

Passive- Killing gives you health/mana back based on level. Killing minions is a good source of health, espescially at the beggining. You will learn to last hit multipul minions with vorpal spikes, young gath.

2-Vorpal spikes
3-Vorpal spikes
5-Vorpal spikes
7-Vorpal spikes
ect, get scream last. No, you WILL get scream last. Shut up.
Spikes help kill lots of minions quickly, and gets heals you up a very good amount. Early rupture levels also hurt your mana even more.

-Regrowth pendant
-Ruby/belt for warmogs
-Mercury treads(needs boots+cape)
Optional 3 suncapes or bloodthirster for the lifesteal and 2 firecapes (highly reccomend the bloodthirster)
You can get a natures force if your heart desires so.
The last slot is up to you, I use it for potions(buy one, use, repeat for others) and then get wards if they have annoying stealth, or mana pots.

Note that the suncape will give you more HP, and perhaps a bit more surviablity, but the lifesteal helps considerbly more considering you will be killing TONS of minions and will always be healing
Go get some cooldown or something, Doesnt really matter.

Again, up to you. Try to focus on being as hard to kill as possible.

Flash- To catch that guy with 5 health whos getting away, or to get away from a guy thats chasing you while you have 5 health.
Teleport- To teleport after you go home to buy stuff
Heal- If you are under level 12 and cannot get flash, heal can be useful in the beggining, and later on for your fail teamate who just reconnected.
Ghost- If you feel heal is for ******s.

You should start soloing the middle. If not, learn to queue dodge ashe and master yi.
Hit the minions, level up, harass with rupture. Rupture, rupture rupture. You will most likely be up against some type of ranged, usually ashe/sivir. Remember, the more you harrass the less last hits they get. Less gold for their carry, the more likely you are to win. Once you get level 6 & feast, keep using it on a minion until you have 6 stacks(or on enemy if they're usually at low health and you can get close to them). Once you have 2750 gold, teleport with B to buy your warmogs, then teleport back.

Mid- You should have almost 2x their health, and perhaps a level or 2 above them. They also are gimped due to not having much gold, and probably have cryed to their team to have you ganked. 4 people hit you and brought you down 10% while you went go get a drink and afk hitting a tower. At level 12-16 if you have not been shut down, you may want to consider ganking the enemys yi whos at the bottem trying to be cute with that triangle thing. Seriously, you are at your prime and if you had a decent start you should focus on running around harassing the enemy.

Late- You are going to rupture+scream then eat them, then run away to his 4 teammates. Stick with a partner, you are sure to be ganked. They should be gimped enough for your semi competent team to slowly bring them down! Also, they will usually run from your giantness that can eat half their health in an instant. Be prepared for ganks.

Well that concludes my guide =)

Q: Why did we lose even though I was level 18 while eveyone else was level 12 at max???1?

A: You had Yi on your team. Learn to queue dodge.

~xegean(years ingame)

PhoenixWright 02-07-2010 03:01 AM

but i do not rly want to get scream last :( this makes me not scary

Years 02-07-2010 03:05 AM

Trust me, scream is definitly NOT worth it until the end. I suppose you can swap out a spikes level if you really must. The problem mostly lies with the mana though, as it should all be used on spikes/feast

Klazzix 02-07-2010 03:08 AM

Isn't Cho useless without the scream? You'd be just there all big, contributing nothing to team fights after your feast.

Years 02-07-2010 03:10 AM

Not at all, you have scream by the time you actually get to mid game fights, and if you rely on scream then you're playing gath wrong. Rupture is the greatest assest to the team, much more than scream.

Viro Melchior 02-07-2010 06:35 AM

Sunfires on Chogath is a sub-optimal choice. Amumu and Nasus both put them to far better use. Chogath doesn't have a Malphite style "get in the middle" initiation, nor a reason to stand directly in the middle. He has far more advantages standing directly below his weaker allies, and blocking the enemy's ability to click while spamming rupture.

The only item I see for most Chogaths for damage bonus is Atma's Impaler, as if you're sporting 4500 hp, it's giving you a massive 90 damage, plus the armor and crit - and with Warmog's and your passive, your regen should be enough to make 25% lifesteal on your weak auto-attack dps trivial.

After that, the point again is that you've got a big ol' stack of hp, but NO armor/magic resist (a measly 60ish MR after boots). Any decent carry will shred through un-armored hp like butter (their carry will thank you for not making them buy a Last Whisper, and instead pick up a Bloodrazor to destroy you), and without any mana regen, you can hardly spam rupture enough to be a good harasser (unless you take care of that with runes, which you didn't mention).

If you are going for a "I'm in your base, feasting on your body" type build, you really should build with at least 100 armor and 50 MR from items. Atma's makes that much easier while still contributing to your damage output. This multiplies your HP significantly, and Atma's plus Guardian Angel is perfect for the role you are taking while giving you the needed defense.

Generally though, AP chogath and raw-tank chogath are both going to contribute more in a fight.

3by6 02-07-2010 08:36 AM

I disagree with getting scream last. Scream is really helpful in last hitting a champion that's low on health and running away from you.

Scream is instant and does not require "start up" time such as rupture.

Ps : promoting people to que dodge is just evil

Ternce 02-07-2010 08:51 AM

This looks like a weaker version of the original MFin' Cho'Gath build.

Also, you're doing it wrong if you think scream doesn't do enough damage. Feast is on a hefty 1 minute CD and it can't be the only ability you use.

Cho'Gath's abilities are meant for running in a chain. Think of it as setting a cheeseburger at one end of the table, slamming your fist down on the other end of it to bounce it into the air, scream at it on it's way down and eat it in one gulp.

That is how you Cho'Gath.

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