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TrojanHorse 02-04-2010 03:15 PM

Help dealing with Blitzcrank in laning phase?
Most champions I've developed different ways of dealing with during a laning phase, some of which require to be more careful than others. When I'm laning against blitzcrank though, it feels like I'm constantly hiding behind ranged minions, not getting many last-hits (especially as melee), and I can't even really get close to blitz to hit him because he'll just knock me up, with much the same results as getting grabbed in the first place. Even when I play ranged heroes, it's difficult to get clear shots on blitz to harass him enough to actually get him to low health. Usually, I deem a lane phase against blitz a success if I don't die, but often that comes at the cost of a lot of potential farming.

Can anyone offer me some advice on how to deal with blitz in the laning phase?


roninsm 02-04-2010 03:19 PM

Stay behind your creeps. Only run up to last hit. Don't bother harrassing.

Kadzin 02-04-2010 11:59 PM


Originally Posted by roninsm (Hozzászólás 618039)
Stay behind your creeps. Only run up to last hit. Don't bother harrassing.

If you are a ranged hero especially with a dot (Teemo or Twitch)
run up and shoot him once, the retreat back to your rasnged mobs, this will cause
the enemy meleemobs to chase you and come closer to you allowing you to last hit them :)
Also this pisses blitz off since when he follows your melee mobs that followed the melee mobs that followed you he gets in range of another attack and MOAR DOTS
lol does that make sence?
you mob pull enemy mobs closer to your ranged ones, which causes your melee mobs to come closer to you, allowing you to harrass blitz who tries to last hit your mobs.
Also if their blitz spends a lot of time in the bush I recomend staying further away from the bush and a bit to the side behind you ranged mobs.
When ur melee you can just play pirate, and parrley him all the time
since it applies a dot now it'll piss him off he would use all his pots and would have to go heal xD. However if their blitz has HP regen try to Juke him to use his rocket grabs
then he would be oom and essentially useless.
Be careful though take notice if blitz or his ally got clarity
they I would advice switching a lane xD
lol i kid, just continue to mob pull

Holypope 02-05-2010 06:29 AM

The trick to laning against blitz is to not push. Just last hit mobs, you'll get plenty of gold. If he pushes, he'll be setting himself up for a gank. Wait it out, that's all there is to it!

TerisCartung 02-05-2010 09:03 AM

Also don't forget that if circumstances allow, initiating isn't much more dangerous against Blitz than anyone else early game, as long as you're coordinated. If you see a chance to attack and know you'll come out on top, let your lane partner know and go for it. Pull+punch hurts an awful lot less than a lot of other champions could dish out, in terms of damage, so if closing the distance was your goal anyway, it's not going to stop a well thought out offensive. Just keep in mind, if Blitz doesn't pull when you attack, and things go wrong, he'll almost certainly be able to keep you there if you try to retreat - make sure you have the upper hand before diving in.

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