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Wrenchman Golin 03-02-2011 08:48 PM

New Player's Guide to League of Legends
Welcome to the League of Legends forums, summoner! It's always great to see fresh blood, and we are here to assist you! You'll see everyone from Emissaries to Wrenchmen to members of all stripes helping out here. We're here to provide you with any assistance you need; feel free to jump right in and start asking questions, but check below for some great guides that have a ton of useful information in them.

If you're just here to say hello, I welcome you to this tremendous community! We have so many people who love to chat, hang out, and play together. Feel free to introduce yourself here!

Basic Game Mechanic Guides
  • Beginner's Phrases and Acronyms in League of Legends - Learn the language used by summoners when they're on the Field of Justice. If you were wondering what an "MIA" was, this guide has everything you need to know.
  • Champion Stats FAQ - This guide introduces you to the champion mechanics. Everything from armor penetration to life steal is covered here.
  • Items and Auras FAQ - The item guide helps new summoners discover everything they need to learn about items and how their statistics benefit them and their champions on the Field off Justice.
  • Movement Speed FAQ - The movement speed guide teaches summoners the mechanics of movement speed--and more importantly--the diminishing returns relating to this stat.
  • Runes FAQ - This guide introduces new summoners to the ins and outs of runes and how they may benefit you. How can you get the, how do you use them, and when can you use them? You'll find everything you need to know here.
  • Gameplay and Matchmaking FAQ - The Gameplay and Matchmaking FAQ contains all the information about how the game works and the Matchmaking system pit two teams against each other.
  • Teamplay in League of Legends - You have to know your role as a summoner in the League of Legends. Remember that you're more likely to win as a team than as a single champion in the Fields of Justice. This guide has all the details you need to know about working as a team: how to play as a team and the types of champions needs to create a well-rounded team.

Advanced Game Mechanics Guides
  • Jungling FAQ - The Jungling FAQ contains all the information you need to know to jungle in League of Legends; it includes information on basic jungling, counter jungling, and protecting one's jungle.

Miscellaneous Guides
  • Help & Support Forum - The Help and Support Forum is where all players can receive help from Wrenchmen with technical issues, user problems, and other questions.
  • Introduction to Using the League of Legend Forum - This thread teaches you how to use the forums: how to create threads, attach files, and what the User Ranks mean.
  • Lore Archives - The Lore Archives contains all the lore of the Champions who have the honor of meeting on the Fields of Justice. If you're wondering which champions come from Damacia or what a Yordle is? You will find all you need to know in the archives.
  • Skin Pricing and Preview Thread - The Skin Pricing and Preview Thread includes a list of champion skin prices and--better yet--a preview of how each skin looks like in-game. Be very sure to check it out before you spend your hard earned money on a skin!

Game Training Threads
  • LoL University - The LoL University is a place where new players can train with Mentors in-game. Last hitting, strategies, and various techniques can be demonstrated and used in-game for practicing and honing a more effective play style on the Fields of Justice. Eggtart Chow runs the thread with his Mentors to help new players.
  • Proving Grounds - The Proving Grounds--named after the tutorial map found in League of Legends--is similar to the LoL University; it helps new and old players get a better grasp of the game and hone their skills. The difference is that there are much stricter terms found here--a list of rules and requirements are available for view in the thread. It is created by R66Y; his team has friendly competitions with Eggtart Chow's team every once in awhile.

In-Game Chats
  • LoL University - This in-game chat is where mentors and students alike meet, greet, and play.

League of Legends Websites
  • League Craft - League Craft is a database website which includes a wide variety of information and resources. It has information for abilities, champions, items, masteries, runes, spells, and even build orders. Furthermore, they have a collection of custom champion and minion skins; please be aware that custom skins may cause the client to become unstable or create other problems.
  • League of Legends Wiki - This website is basically what the title implies, it is a wiki page for League of Legends; players from all over the world are able to contribute new information on various topics relating to League of Legends.
  • MobaFire - MobaFire is a database of over 40,000 League of Legends builds guides. They also have tools which allow players to create guides and plan their build orders, mastery orders, and rune orders.
  • Solo Mid - Solo Mid is a competitive community website for League of Legends and includes a large variety of guides, strategies, and videos. On top of that, Solo Mid members will have live streams available for players and fans alike to watch.

Basic Game Mechanic Videos

Getting Started: How to start the in-game tutorials and your first matches in League of Legends.

Using Your Champion:
New to the MOBA genre? This video will show you how to control champions and use their abilities.

Using the Item Shop: Buying and using items are a major part of League of Legends. Find out how to navigate through the shop and buy the items your champion needs.

Minions: Minions keep the action going and constantly fight for your team all game. Learn how to maximize your minions’ power while harnessing the enemy minions for extra gold.

Turrets: Turrets are extremely powerful and must be destroyed in order to win the game. Learn all about how they function here.

Summoner System: Your decisions outside of individual matches are crucial. This video will teach you about utilizing runes and masteries, which can spell the difference between victory and defeat.

Wrenchman Golin 03-18-2011 01:00 AM


4death4 03-18-2011 08:33 AM


A quick sticky, overnight.

ryzeonline 03-18-2011 01:13 PM

This is fantastic! Definitely a simple, straight-forward start for new players, seeking direction, improvement, and an easier time learning LoL. Rockin'.

I really feel like New Players would benefit greatly from being directed to LoL University and The Proving Grounds (and maybe even MentorBattle.com! )

Stillhart 03-18-2011 01:40 PM

Great work getting this taken care of for us finally! Thanks, Son Golin.

Can I request that you add a link to SomniumProxy's jungle FAQ? http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=269318

Something that's not mentioned in those guides, but asked FREQUENTLY:

Q: Where did all my free champions go?
Riot provides 10 free champions at all times. These champions are selected to give a balanced selection of all roles on a team. Once a week (usually on Monday) these champions are rotated. This is to give you an opportunity to play many different champions. If you find one that you really enjoy playing, you can unlock them using IP (earned free in game) or RP (purchased with real money) and they will be permanently available to you.
EDIT - Oh and please add EncasedShadow's skin thread!

Dreadknot 03-18-2011 03:43 PM

not bad

aviraaaa 03-19-2011 10:48 PM

woah, I thought I posted here already. O_O

anyway, yayyyy!

funj 03-21-2011 02:17 AM

want to know why my screen is dim=|

NiceSPDR 03-21-2011 10:40 AM

Nice thread Golin :) i believe this will help new players quite a bit.

Also if anyone has any questions about the forum, i have posted "A Guide To The Forums" Here is the link :) http://www.leagueoflegends.com/board...d.php?t=600191

KingOfSpartans 03-22-2011 11:24 AM

Can anyone help me out please?
I just downloaded LoL but when i start up the launcher nothing is loading
I waited for 1 hour and it still isnt loading...
Please help!

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