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Resilga 02-03-2010 08:30 PM

I can't stop losing!! Advice please
I've read lots and LOTS of guides on both my characters and teamwork in general. I've studied up on my enemies, runes, masteries, lots of stuff.

I'm a level 11 summoner right now and for my second day in a row I've lost 90% of my games (having played all day).

I commonly group with my gf (a decent Morgana who pulls her weight) and I myself am either Kassadin, Malphite or Karthus. Twitch too on occasion.

I do rather well with these characters. Every now and then I get off to a **** start or I build my items dumb experimentally and that sucks and my team loses.

Even when I do really well (I'm great with Karthus' Lay Waste and Chasing/ganking with Kassadin and getting 20+ kills a game with Twitch or initiating for my team with Malphite- tank build) my team ALWAYS loses. I always end up with people with no teamwork sense or really thick skulls or who are just really abusive. Or good players who are also abusive.

Anyway, being a rational gamer I've come to the conclusion that the common denominator is me. I must be dragging everyone down so hard that we lose each game. It's not just a pit of bad luck. I can't blame the matchmaking because at least 50% of the people who get into matches win. I can't blame others because I'm sure they've won games more or they would be more open to critique or teamwork.

Starting to babble now but the point is, what do YOU think I could be missing, what can I try or what OTHER guide that I haven't read would you suggest?

I'm sorry if this topic has been done before.

Thanks to those who read.


Edit: I hope those of you that experience similar issues do take the time to read through what all these people have said. There's no particular bit of advice that will make you invincible but there is most likely some piece of information that will round-out your game as there is so much discussed here.

weizur 02-03-2010 08:36 PM

The best advice I can give is to start q dodging obvious failboat captains. I've had about 80% win percentage since I started aggresive q dodging. Also learn and get good with dps carries as they are the ones who can overcome really bad baddies on your team sometimes.

Some people to dodge

Anyone with a taunt in their name
anyone with numbers in their name
anyone with a nonsensical name/non pronouncable
gragas, heimerdinger, eve (at higher levels)
anytime the team make up is really bad like all dps or all tanks or whatever
if someone takes revive or maybe clarity
if someone says something stupid

you get the idea

Resilga 02-03-2010 08:39 PM

How can I know if it will be a total fail game? I try to give everyone a chance and choose a character that accommodates the makeup. I hear that is frowned upon anyway, queue dodging. I guess I'll try it. I'd like to know how to anticipate such things though, do you look at the other players' stats or just character/summoner skill choices?


That seems obvious and makes sense but on the other hand I tend to get rolled by such people. I mean maybe not 100% of them but I do notice on the opposite team there are similar people. I'm open to debate or criticism or perhaps to even talk to someone in-game who knows what the hell they are doing. I try to make friends with people but it seems that this community likes to poison itself with douchy comments or people who just want to be mean-spirited whether they are on your team or not. I know this is the internet but... there is a very high density of this.

Grovel 02-03-2010 08:41 PM

If you're as prepared as you say you are, it's really likely not your fault. Keep playing, keep trucking.

Take a closer look at your team, are you sticking together? Does your composition have a tank/initiator? A Tower/Lane Pushers? Are the carries pulling their weight? Do you have some jungler running around solo the whole game going 1:1 K/D and not helping in team fights? 1 bad player can sink your team easier than it might seem.

I'm nearing 100 games played and I can probably count on 1 hand the amount of games that were actually close and weren't decided by the weakest link.

A Bad Idea 02-03-2010 08:42 PM

The matchmaking in this game isn't perfect. Maybe it really is just horrid luck on your part. I've had bad luck days where I keep getting paired with a team of lvl 30's when I solo queue as a lvl 25.

Although you already addressed it, part of the game is also about cooperation and teamwork, moving together as a group, calling out orders to follow so that the group stays on track, keeping your allies informed about missing enemies and so forth. A team who cooperates well can come back even with the score is 10-42 in the enemy's favor; I can't count the number of times I thought I had a game in the bag, when suddenly one of the enemy champs almost completely mops up one of our lanes and gets to our inhibitor... and I can't even count the number of times where a slipup like that ACTUALLY cost me the game. That's not entirely in your power, of course, but having good communication skills really counts in the long run.

I cannot account for your skill level, so I won't try to teach you what you already know. Just try and stay positive, make the most of your team and work with them no matter what the circumstances (unless your teammates don't speak English. I had a strange encounter with a Teemo player who I could never warn properly because he typed in Russian). If you've got a horrendous player who's feeding nonstop, use him as bait to set up an ambush! If you are failing to make progress pushing a lane, ask to swap with one of your teammates! Be alert, and be vocal!

edit: Oh, also I don't approve of q-dodging. My brother who's lvl 15 plays a rather solid Heimerdinger when we queue up together against lvl 20+ players. Every champion has their strengths; it simply relies on the player to bring them out.

True Bandito 02-03-2010 08:48 PM

1. Try to lead your team. If no one takes charge during the course of the game, then it will all fall apart as soon as your opponents gets organized and form roaming gank squads or push in unison.

2. Get higher level buddies near your location (similar timezone) and prioritize playing with them over any other matches. Gradually you will know their play styles and conform to it. Knowing how aggressive (or lack there of) your teammates can mean the differences between a successful FB/sucessful gank or utter failure.

Grovel 02-03-2010 08:49 PM


Originally Posted by Resilga (Hozzászólás 614196)
How can I know if it will be a total fail game? I try to give everyone a chance and choose a character that accommodates the makeup. I hear that is frowned upon anyway, queue dodging. I guess I'll try it. I'd like to know how to anticipate such things though, do you look at the other players' stats or just character/summoner skill choices?

After a while you'll just start to realize you're looking at a bad team composition. For example, I just played a game where someone went Amumu after someone took Alistar. Red flag.

The majority of Twitches at the lower ELOs are also quite bad. Red Flag. If Teemo is the best carry on your team and everyone else is support or a tank, red flag.

People using Heal. Red flag. Support champs taking ignite. Red flag. Carries not taking summoner spells that help them get early kills. Red flag.

And like the poster above, bad names can also be a red flag. Show me a good player with "ninja" in their name. How about a World of Warcraft reference? People who named themselves after LoL champs. Using a profane word combo, but switching around the first 2 letters. The flags go on and on.

A Bad Idea 02-03-2010 08:54 PM

Oh, here's something someone did to me that I found very flattering, and is also a good idea.

If you were beaten mercilessly by the enemy and you observed that their skill in the game is impressive, friend them after the game! The more people you have on your friends list, the more you can invite to a pre-made, so you can queue up with people you know are reliable and good players. You can also perhaps ask your newfound friend how to improve your game (and he should know how; he fought against you, after all!).

Resilga 02-03-2010 08:57 PM

Thanks for the advice, A Bad Idea, you are really right about one person dragging everyone down.

I had a really long response written but I accidentally hit "Post reply" instead of posting quick reply and it got erased.

I usually ignore someone I see as doing bad or is unreceptive to teamwork. Using them as bait is a great idea though. Never thought of that.

I really get ****ed by bad item loadouts sometime but moreso I think I get ruined by bad matchups. My friends and I (most of us are completely new to DotA style games in general) are sometimes convinced that there are some matchups that are unswayable in advantage:disadvantage. Deep down I know that there is a counter to everything even with a bad matchup (counterpick) but being surrounded by the negativity of people qqing "Op" or something and surrendering early is just bad for morale.

Maybe I just need to play solo games for a while.

Resilga 02-03-2010 09:06 PM

I should start friending more people that roll me, you are right. My problem is this- about 75% of the people that have bested my team have been absolutely vile in conduct. It would just seem like me trying to friend them would be a feather in their cap and I would be feeding their self-serving attitudes. I can't say that for everyone though and will look to meet people I can group with regularly and learn from. I'm extremely eager.

What grovel said about red flags.. I knew of some of them but I suppose things like summoner spells and things I should look closer at. Looking back at my last 4 games I can already see where some began quite poorly.

I admit I've done my share of feeding as Twitch but I persist because of the good games I have had. I hear in the high end he's snuffed immediately so I'm not going to get too comfy using him. I'll stick to people with longevity.

Leading is a good point but having tried that and not quite knowing what to do next is the tough part.

OKAY I've got their attention, now what? Is it always best to immediately oppose anyone you see on the map or is it better to continue in an empty lane as a group? (what if your team is the same level as the opposition?) I never know what's best because in some games, we have just roamed and ganked everyone who showed up on the map (sometimes good ganks sometimes failures) but we never seemed to gain any ground.

Conversely, just pushing an empty lane makes them do the same thing and they seem to just destroy our base faster.

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