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Accrue 01-29-2010 02:36 PM

[Guide] Taric Speed Build
I've played Taric for over a hundred games so far and I've tried multiple builds for him and I have to say, a strong attack speed/movement speed items build has my heart. So lets get right into it.


Imbue/Dazzle(Dazzle if you are being aggressive and aren't in need of health by level 2)
Dazzle/Imbue(Pick up the one you don't have yet)
Radiance(I Don't take Radiance until I have the mana to back it up)

Dazzle winds up doing less damage overall, especially early game, than shatter. Early game a great tactic is to run at an opposing player as if you were going to shatter them and hit their caster creeps with it if they back up(I took this from another Taric guide i don't know who's it was). Early game is all about farming gold, and shatter is a great skill for making waves of creeps die fast. Imbue is the skill that will keep you alive if you pour ranks into it. Dazzle is really just for the stun since when you use it as a ranged stun, you don't gain anything by adding points to the skill(On a side note, at 18 dazzle does 400 flat with a .5 sec stun if your in close combat which is nothing to scoff at).

Late game with the items I'll list in a moment, you should have 420-450 Movement speed which makes you a great lane switcher/ganker, sneaking up on someone at level 11 and popping radiance+ranged stun+shatter has a good chance of stomping a squishy.
Once you have an item after your boots you can gank fairly effectively, I will say, before he has the boots Taric is a little to squishy to be very daring without a good fallback plan.

Essentially Shatter>Imbue>Dazzle
At levels 10+ Radiance>Shatter>Imbue>Dazzle


The items are really what makes this build shine.


On start - Meki Pendant ->Chalice
Boots of Swiftness

Your first 1890 gold should go directly to those two items, as they ensure that you won't ever run out of mana and that you will be able to run people down for harassment shatters.

After those two, you have a few choices,


Last Whisper:
Last Whisper works about 80% of the time, I would only skip this if the other team are all low armor chars.

Zeal is a great item to grab if you aren't doing as well as you'd like to, the speed makes you even faster, it gives a good damage boost with the crit and AS, it doesn't cost much, and it has the potential to become Phantom Dancer/Trinity Force. Honestly, stacking 3 of these after you have cup, boots, and last whisper has won me a few games just because of massive speed and crit.

Fighting alot of fast squishies? Phage takes care of that in a jiffy. Also, there have been a few games where I realize I've bought phage and zeal only to be a thousand some odd gold away from TF.

Malady rocks. Period. It may be ok to get as your fourth or even fifth item, but make sure you have it before 15 or 16. Life steal <3.


Phantom Dancer:
A great late game as long as the other team doesn't have anyone too much faster than you, otherwise spend the gold on a TF or Frozen Hammer

Frozen Hammer:
Again, a late game version of Phage, along with some nice HP. Grab this if your having trouble with casters knocking you down and running off.

Trinity Force:
Only take TF if you've really knocked them down, its great if you have alot of money, but otherwise its too costly. Realizing late game you have 3.5-4k after a nice base push or two would warrent a TF.


Attack Speed. Stack it. I have close to 30% and I'm only level 21.


Id suggest 0/21/9, I'm only working with 0/21/0 right now but the 9 in support snags you some health regen, 5% exp boost, and 15% duration on Lizard/Golem buffs (greed only gives 180 gold in 30 minutes, the buff time is better). As far as the defensive masteries, armor, magic res, dodge, and the 10% move increase after a dodge is my personal choice for maxing out, you will probably have to put a point or two in block to get to the higher tiers. I take improved Fortify and Teleport, which ill talk more about in the summoner spells section. The nice thing about the defensive tree is that you get good early game survivability with some nice attack speed and AP late game.


There are three I usually switch between with Taric

Teleport is the one I take 90% of the time, because being anywhere on the map every 6 min is a huge advantage. Its fairly self explanatory.

I hear negative things about Fortify but I've had great luck with it, stunning someone inside the range of your turret, then blowing (improved) fortify can save towers and even get a few kills on stupid enemies.

I haven't been taking Cleanse as much lately, but if you took Cleanse switch the mastery point from improved Fortify to improved Cleanse. It can keep you alive early game and helps a ton against ganks, especially with the good speed this build has.

That's basically it, try to use shatter as much as you can because the reduced armor debuff it puts on people really helps your fast auto attacks. Any feedback people are willing to give would be great to make the guide better.

Mios 01-29-2010 02:50 PM


Originally Posted by Accrue (Hozzászólás 592042)
Many people say the 1/10 gold isn't worth it because its so small but by 30 minutes its almost an entire zeal. Ill spend a single mastery point for a zeal at 30 min.

I gold every 10 seconds right?
So in 60 seconds, that's 6 gold in one minute.
After 30 minutes, you get that 6 gold 30 times... I didn't know zeal cost 180 gold. :O

The talent is a piece of ****, if you're gonna put 9 into utility, 15% duration on Lizard/Golem buffs is way better than a bonus of probably less than 180gold.

Accrue 01-29-2010 03:10 PM

haha my bad I completely miscalculated that, good thing I'm only 21 so I never even got to try it. :P

Ill add that instead of greed.

Sabotaj 01-29-2010 05:53 PM

Gotta admit, I don't get taric at all. I've tried him a total of 3 times, every time to abysmal results.
Some chars are jacks of all trades, masters of none. He seems to be an absolute nub at everything except healing. Its probably just me, but jesus. With chalice and frozen heart, the guy feels about as squishy as a naked yi. Wtf?

despite a starks to help allies aswell as my farming, the only way he actually farms a wee bit is by spamming shatter. Let's not even talk about his damage output, it makes me want to go cry in a corner.

I definitely need help with this guy.

Accrue 01-29-2010 06:50 PM

Well I just had great luck with a game Ii went 7 4 10 and won after the other two lanes lost a few towers. Me and a Blitzcrank laned really well together. Despite not going mid I hit 18 first even without the 5% xp mastery.

I did:
Boots of Swiftness
Executioners Calling
Last Whisper

Lethok 01-29-2010 07:16 PM

ya ive used this build for about 20 games. some cake guy wrote a guide like it. it does well.

however support taric will always, always do better in competitive games.

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