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DraganT 01-27-2010 01:14 PM

Kassadin - Bringer of Kotzreiz
Oh man, what a disappointment...

I bought Kassadin a while ago, and boy is this guy a *****...
At the beginning, I really liked the concept of Kassadin.
A melee caster, that can slow, teleport + damage, steal mana etc...

however, his skills are IMHO way too weak...
His ULT is a Joke...
Nether Blade completely Useless...
Force Pull + Null Sphere is ok, but only if you go max AP

What is he good for anyway ?
Melee ? Doesnt do any damage + doesnt survive
DPS ? His Skills just dont do enough damage, his Ult SUCKS
Support ? ... now thats just ridiculous..

I read most of the Guide for Kassadin and i have to disagree with most of them..
some say he's a ganker, a Nuker..
However, he just doesnt deal enough damage, his Ult is only good for hunting/escaping/killstealing, but doesn't even scratch the enemy... unless you build it up in your base and then port to the enemy, which is
1. completely dumb
2. only available every 5 minutes..
It is true that you can use him as a nuker, but let me tell you, if the enemy isnt half dead already, you're ****ed, because after the nuke, Kassadin does NOTHING... If another challenger appears you have to run or you'll die

Never before did i have the urge to ragequit likle with this champion... :(

Any oppinions about him ? Should i switch to Morgana ? Am i the biggest n00b ever ?

Zhonya 01-27-2010 01:48 PM

If you think his ult is a joke you aren't using him right at all. You are supposed to blow your load and use your ult to get out of there asap. And yes, AP is really the only viable way to build him right now. I generally get Catalyst, Boots, Rod, and then I either go Rylai's or Coedex -> Deathfire. It all depends on the game, really. Soul Shroud can be viable too if you really need CDR or health. Building him this way generally gives you solid AP and still pretty good survivability. Going with Deathfire is more bursty (active, CDR), while Rylai's is more tanky. (If you're wondering about Lichbane, in my experience it's more fun than viable).

In any case, it's important that you get him near max CDR. You mention that he is useless after he nukes, but with 40% reduction, you can blow your load very frequently (lol). I do this usually with 8-9% from runes, a few percent from masteries, and then either Golem or Codex and an Elixir. This is extremely important.

Force Pull should take priority over Null Sphere for the most damage possible. I don't even put a point in Nether Blade until I have to.

Building Kassadin like this should net you some kills and keep you alive if you know what you're doing. With his flash, slow, and silence you have a lot of control, and when properly used you can take almost any carry. Kassadin is a "carry killer." Also, though, in team fights, these spells don't have to be used to blow up someone. They can be used for CC, and often should be used that way. For example, Silence Fiddles, slow the melee, exhaust Twitch, blink out. I prefer to build him 9/21/0 as far as masteries go, as he is so squishy.

I'm not trying to say that Kassadin is great or OP; he does need to be fixed in ways. But I've had a lot of success building him this way. Last night, I was stuck in a 4 against 5 and went 27/2/17 (but alas lost). I just finished a game where I was 18/5/18. So you can play successfully with him.

Jaarx 01-27-2010 02:01 PM

Quick question: what in hell is "kotzreiz"? It sure as hell ain't proper German, and I'm largely sure that most people wouldn't know the band, disregarding the overall disjunction between what it is and that Kassadin is apparently the bringer of it.

DraganT 01-27-2010 02:04 PM

oh yes it is proper german..
it means urge to vomit... something you'll encounter everytime you play with kassadin

Infiniteri 01-27-2010 02:06 PM

What you said about the fact that if he can't kill someone after the initial wave if spike DPS is true. He is screwed. However, he is a squishy and should be played like one. Get in, get all your skills off, and get out. In large team fights, his AOE slow + silence accompanied by his uncanny ability to get out of ridiculous situations and insane juking ability makes him pretty annoying. His ult, with enough AP, is one of the most versatile skills in the game.
I'm not sure about anything above mid elo, but Kassadin can be pretty viable when played in the right hands (though that can be said about practically any champ).
I recommend trying him some more, and reading several guides.
Best of luck!

Merakon 01-27-2010 04:50 PM

Kassadin is a great hero. I actually felt the same way you did when I first bought him. Couldn't kill anything, lost all the games I played with him so I gave up. Then couple months later when I learned how to play him properly I own it up, just went 15-1-15 an hour ago with Kass.

Couple of tips. If you are playing AP burst Kass Mejais is probably your key item. You need to gank and get kills with Kass, you cant stay laning until 11 or whatever. Also ignite helps add some extra damage to champions that you couldn't burst down enough.

Check my profile for Kass AP item build.

x mentat x 01-27-2010 04:54 PM

he is a killer. You may be having a weak early game, which is why when it's time to face off against enemy champs you do little damage.

But say you get your ap to even a respectable 100 early game, he can do a good bit of burst dmg.

You approach from the side, E, Q, and R to safety if necessary. Even if you can't do major damage, being silenced or slowed is a pain in the butt for casters. I'm not just saying that. They let me know in all chat that's it's a pain.

I like using a new strategy which is to rush mejai's and make a frozen heart afterward. Getting magic penetration items with him like sorc boots and haunting guise makes his spells hit much harder.

He's also great support because he is actually around to help your teammates. When you're at low life and the rest of your team has already run back for fear of getting killed if they're spotted, I'll be there riftwalking to where you are. I will silence that veigar who is about to one shot you, or slowing that udyr who's about to stun you in bear form, and I will escape just fine should they want to chase me.

AND after you're in base healing, and the rest of our team is healed and heading back, I will be running from them with 200 hp, leading them to our vengeful team. Kassadin is fantastic bait.

Kassadin may not be popular, but he can own. When that melee carry is around, Kass will be the one to bring his hp to half in an instant.

And if he gets fed? You can two shot everyone. One game I went 41/2/12.... though they were terrible...

Klazzix 01-27-2010 05:26 PM

I'll try out Kassadin sometime later when he's available. I believe he'll be free this week. When I started playing this game, I tried him out and did pretty bad. But we'll see, later.

AIM7Sparrow 01-28-2010 01:43 AM

Stop bashing my most played character! >:O

Nah he's fine. Definitely not top tier or anything but he can hold his own once the game gets rolling. You just need to kite like no other with Kassadin. Blow your combo, riftwalk around the enemy, wait for force pulse and null sphere to reset, rinse and repeat. Once your riftwalks are stacked high enough you can start using that offensively too. A good beginners item build I would suggest is the following:

Sapphire Crystal +2 HP Pots
Sapphire Crystal -> Tear of Goddess
Boots 1
Catalyst the Protector
-> Sorc Shoes/Merc Treads (Whichever is needed more)
Catalyst -> Rod of Ages
Blasting Wand
-> Rod of Ages/Rylai's Scepter (Decide which one you need)

When you start getting better at surviving, you can go straight for the Meja's after boots 1 and then get a Banshee's veil to preserve your stacks. If you're REALLY good at not dieing you can do Mejas and then Zhonya's ring, but you'll be squishier than a soggy twitch so be careful.

Klazzix 01-28-2010 03:49 AM

Haven't tried the AP build yet, but I did an attack speed build.

Doran's Shield
Zerk Greaves
3 Recurve Bows
Then upgraded the bows to Madred's Bloodrazor, Stark's Fervor and Last Whisper. Last item I was able to get previous game was a Giant's Belt for Frozen Mallet.

For the skills, I only had one point in Silence for interrupting channels, maxed Force Pulse and Nether Blade.

*With Nether Blade and fast attack speed, I had decent mana regen and was able to rift walk from time to time. Going physical doesn't have much burst. Gonna try out an AP type later on if I have time.

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